Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 19 - You Are the One Courting Death!

Chapter 19: You Are the One Courting Death!

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The sky gradually darkened. It was almost evening.

It was extremely dangerous to tread in Cang Lang Mountain Range at this hour. Even Su Zimo could not guarantee his own safety. If he were to encounter spirit demons, the odds would not be in his favor.

However, Su Zimo still decided to look for the spirit monkey.

The spirit monkey had not only saved his life but also was deeply bonded to him. After six months’ of interaction and numerous sparrings, a man and a monkey had gradually forged a close relationship.

Getting along with the spirit monkey was much easier than getting along with humans.

Mutual sincerity was the only requirement.

Although the spirit monkey loved to fight and poke fun at Su Zimo, it would not lie to or make use of him. There was neither mutual deceit and distrust nor plotting against each other.

It was easy to identify the spirit monkey through it’s awful body odor. After getting a few whiffs outside the cave, Su Zimo decided to dash towards a certain direction.

It was only later on did Su Zimo realize that this monkey had a special preference for its own poop. Hence, the fact that it was willing to smear it’s poop on Su Zimo meant that it had treated him as one of its own.

Along the way, Su Zimo encountered many spirit beasts.

However, Su Zimo did not engage in any fights with them. Instead, he detoured and continued to search for the spirit monkey via the latter’s body odor.

Most of these spirit beasts recognized Su Zimo. Hence, they would not court trouble by looking for him on their own accord.

Not long after, Su Zimo halted his steps. Both his ears wriggled and captured the faint sounds of weapons clashing against one another.


Su Zimo narrowed his eyes.

Why would there be sounds of weapons clashing in Cang Lang Mountain Range?

Even Connate Experts dared not venture deep into Cang Lang Mountain Range, especially when night was nearing.


This word flashed across Su Zimo’s mind. His expression was as capricious as the weather.

If it were one year ago, like an aggressive and ignorant rookie, Su Zimo would be very eager and thrilled to fight them on.

However, having gone through a year of solid training, Su Zimo was not as immature and impetuous as before.

Most importantly, cultivators who dared to remain at Cang Lang Mountain Range in the evening were definitely at advanced realms. They could not possibly be Level 1 or 2 Qi Refinement Warriors!

Most of the spirit beasts in Cang Lang Mountain Range were not threats to the spirit monkey. However, the situation would be different if the spirit monkey were to encounter a cultivator.

At the thought of this, Su Zimo crawled on the ground with both his hands and legs. He was twisting and turning like an anaconda slithering across the forest without a single sound.

Anaconda Swath!

The first style of Tendons Transformation was to approach the opponent without a sound.

The sound of weapons clashing ahead were becoming increasingly clearer and intensive. In between the clashes, he could even hear the sounds of some men taunting and a woman snarling.

Under the dark and misty sky, Su Zimo lay in the grass and observed the battle that was occurring about ten feet from him.

The trees and plants surrounding the battle had already been cut by the weapons. A relatively wide and spacious open space could be seen. Five men dressed in taoist robes were surrounding and attacking a lady in yellow robe.

Each of the five men was controlling a flying sword and brandishing both hands. It was as if an invisible force was connecting the flying sword to the individual.

The yellow-robed lady was also controlling a flying sword. There was a layer of frost on the sword. Apparently, this sword was more superior than those in the hands of the five men.

The flying sword seemed very light and agile under the control of the yellow-robed lady.

The yellow-robed lady seemed to have some treasure with her. When she was occasionally pierced by the other party’s flying sword, a glowing shield would light up around her body. However, the shine of the shield got dimmer and dimmer as time passed.

The yellow-robed lady was fighting against five people. Her strides looked clumsy; it seemed that she could not hold up any longer. She was obviously disadvantaged now.

At the sight of the fighting and killing between the cultivators, Su Zimo felt that he had widened his horizons.

Su Zimo retracted his gaze and looked at the other side.

Beside the battlefield, two men were watching the fight. Their attires were completely the same as those five men on the battlefield. Obviously, they belonged to the same group.

There was a spirit monkey standing in between the two men. It was covered with injuries but looked arrogant and indignant; it’s eyes shining with a murderous aura.

Su Zimo focused his gaze. Both the fore and hind limbs of the spirit monkey had been cuffed tightly by two iron hoops. The sharp spikes inside the rim of the hoops had already pierced into it’s flesh.

The spirit monkey had completely lost its freedom. It was hard for it to move an inch!

Su Zimo had never fought with the cultivators and did not know their tactics. He was further unaware of the realms that these few cultivators were at.

However, a murderous intent rose in Su Zimo’s heart at the thought that the spirit monkey was in trouble. His gaze was cold and sinister.

Su Zimo pondered for a moment. He did not strike immediately. Instead, he lowered his body and hid himself more.

This was because he knew that once he strikes, he must kill his enemies at once. He could not give the opponent any time to react!

This was not a one-to-one combat.

He faced a total of seven cultivators!

A Qi Refinement Warrior with a gaunt and thin face smiled and said lustfully, “Young lady, your Augmentation Talisman won’t be able to hold out long. I advise you to surrender. Otherwise, you will suffer!”

“That’s right. Swords and daggers don’t have eyes. If they cut your little face accidentally, it will be such a pity.”

“Haha, you have been poisoned with our Pisces Aqua Powder. You can’t hang on for too long, even if you are a Foundation Establishment cultivator!”

The yellow-robed lady arched her brows in anger, her expression chilly and aloof. She said coldly, “The few of you are courting death. You’re just Qi Refinement Warriors. I’m a cultivator from Azure Frost Sect. If you know what is good for you, quickly surrender!”

Su Zimo was stunned.

He did not expect the yellow-robed lady to be a Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

The frightening thing was that she was seemingly poisoned by the Pisces Aqua Powder. Hence, she would not be a match for these five Qi Refinement Warriors!

As to the Augmentation Talisman mentioned by that Qi Refinement Warrior, Su Zimo had heard about it.

One of the Qi Refinement Warriors, who had a large face, sneered. “Hey, since we know that you are a cultivator of Azure Frost Sect, the more we can’t let you off. You have fallen into the Joyful Seven’s hands. We’ll make you feel so ecstatic that you will crave for death. Be obedient!”

Seemingly distracted by these words, the flying sword controlled by the yellow-robed lady halted for a moment. As a result, she was pierced by two other flying swords.

Clang! Clang!

A shield with a golden glow appeared around the yellow-robed lady and blocked the two flying swords. However, upon the impact of the blow, the shield was filled with cracks and looked like it would break at any point in time!

The yellow-robed lady pursed her red lips without saying a word. She defended with all her might and refused to concede defeat.

On the other hand, the bald-headed Qi Refinement Warrior beside the spirit monkey looked relaxed. He said smilingly, “We have gained a lot in this trip to Cang Lang Mountain Range. This lady definitely has a lot of treasures with her. Most importantly, be it face or figure, this lady is of supreme-grade. She will be a delight for the seven of us. Haha.”

“That said, if we don’t have the Beast Trapping Hoop that master passed down to us, we really won’t be able to take down this monkey,” said another Qi Refinement Warrior who was carrying a long rod. There was a lingering fear in his heart.

The bald-headed Qi Refinement Warrior sneered and said, “After we return, let’s torture this monkey and force it to pledge a blood oath. I don’t believe that we can’t subdue a beast!”

When the two saw that the outcome was quite certain, they could not help relaxing a little and chatting casually.

At this moment, there was a bloody shine in the spirit monkey’s eyes. Initially rooted to the ground, it suddenly turned its body and opened its mouth wide, revealing it’s sharp teeth as it bit the neck of the Qi Refinement Warrior beside him!

The spirit monkey’s limbs could not move as they had been bound. However, biting was an innate skill of it since the day it was born.

If it could successfully bite the Qi Refinement Warrior, the latter would not have any chance of surviving!

The spirit monkey was tall and big. It had to lower it’s head to bite the Qi Refinement Warrior who was relatively shorter. In addition, it’s body was restrained. As such, it’s action was slightly delayed and that person reacted in time.

The countenance of the Qi Refinement Warrior holding the rod changed. He quickly dodged.


Although he had avoided being bitten on the vital point of his neck, a big piece of flesh on his shoulder tip had been torn off by the spirit monkey. Fresh blood was spilling out from it!


The Qi Refinement Warrior cried in pain, looking ghastly pale. He touched the small cloth bag below his waist and a porcelain bottle appeared in his palm.

He opened the bottle and took out a tuft of powder-like substance before applying it on his wound. This stopped the fresh blood from dripping. It was very amazing.

After the Qi Refinement Warrior managed his wound, he lifted his steel rod furiously. There was a flash of light and the rod landed hard on the knees of the spirit monkey. He scolded, “Bastard, kneel down!”

There was a loud thud on the ground.

The spirit monkey trembled. Flashes of pain could be seen in its eyes.

However, this hit by the rod did not make the spirit monkey kneel down. On the contrary, it provoked it’s murderous instinct!

The spirit monkey chewed the piece of torn flesh rampantly, revealing a ferocious and menacing glare. It then swallowed it in one gulp. Thereafter, it turned to face the Qi Refinement Warrior and laughed ‘gaga’ loudly with a mocking look in its eyes. He was untamed, obstinate and unyielding.

“Bastard, you’re courting death!”

At the sight of the spirit monkey’s behavior, the Qi Refinement Warrior’s fury intensified. He did not care whether his wound would burst open. He lifted the steel rod again and smash it towards the top of the spirit monkey’s head!

At this very moment, a cold voice rang in his ears.

“You’re the one courting death!”

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