Eternal Reverence

Chapter 970: Hand of Calamity

Chapter 970: Hand of Calamity

On the glowing ship that was constantly shifting…

“We have underestimated him.”

On the bow of the ship, Zhu Guangming and the Black Lotus Heaven Lord looked at each other with serious expressions.

At the beginning, Zhu Guangming thought that Li Fuchen was just a grade 5 heaven lord or just an ungraded heaven lord. The two of them were more than sufficient to kill such heaven lords.

Even if Li Fuchen was a grade 3 or grade 2 heaven lord, it wouldn’t be hard for them to kill him either.

However, they never would have expected Li Fuchen to be a grade 1 heaven lord and he was superior even among the grade 1 heaven lords.

Not even regular city lord-level heaven lords would be able to kill him.

“What should we do? We cannot possibly invite a clan elder for help right?” The Black Lotus Heaven Lord looked at Zhu Guangming.

All of the Zhu Clan elders were at least city lord-level heaven lords.

“If we request for a clan elder’s help, we will probably get a minority of the profits.” Zhu Guangming hesitated.

He didn’t know why no one was targeting the Deep Blue Plane, but how could he just give up on rewards that were already in his grasp.

“It is still better than getting nothing!” The Black Lotus Heaven Lord had a different opinion.

“Alright, but which elder should we invite?”

Among the Zhu Clan elders, some were greedy, some were tyrannical, some were indifferent, therefore, they had to choose a suitable elder.

The Black Lotus Heaven Lord said, “Purple Flame Elder is rather close with my lineage. He doesn’t accept opinions from others, but he is rather impartial. Most importantly, his Purple Flame Great Technique is extremely powerful. Regular city lord-level heaven lords aren’t able to resist it.”

“Purple Flame Elder huh?” Zhu Guangming nodded.

The Purple Flame Elder was indeed formidable. A single hand of purple flames could incinerate everything. It was several times stronger than the Black Lotus Heaven Lord’s black lotus flames.

Observing the destruction of stars was a shortcut for Li Fuchen to comprehend the Hand of Calamity.

But the condition was for the stars to collapse naturally and not by external forces.

Therefore, for this period of time, Li Fuchen had been searching for stars in the universe that were naturally collapsing.

It was very rare for there to be any stars that were naturally ailing. After spending half a month, Li Fuchen finally found a second collapsing star.

“Soon.” Li Fuchen could feel a trace of calamity truth engraved in the depths of his spirit soul.

He wasn’t afraid of spirit soul calamity.

His powerful spirit soul allowed him to comprehend the calamity truth without any fear.

Zhu City, Purple Flame Cave Residence.

There were purple flames floating in the sky.

The purple flames formed their own world. Zhu Guangming could see life within the purple flames, there were mythical beings that were born.

“Incredible!” Zhu Guangming had a premonition that any of the purple flames here could deal severe injuries to him. A few more would turn him into ashes.

“What request do the two of you have?” 

A massive amount of purple flames gathered into a figure.

After comprehending more calamity truth, Li Fuchen’s spirit soul had a shallow calamity mark.

“I finally comprehended the Hand of Calamity state. Next is to cultivate my body refinement to also reach the Hand of Calamity.”

Seated in the pitch-black universe, Li Fuchen took a deep breath and opened his arms.

Immediately after, unending calamity power was gathering from all directions and surging into Li Fuchen’s body.

Li Fuchen’s body was appearing with calamity marks and these marks were emitting qi presence that could shatter stars.

As the calamity power increased, Li Fuchen had more calamity marks. Each calamity mark was a calamity for a heaven lord. It was enough to cause the fall of a heaven lord. It was fortunate that Li Fuchen had already comprehended the Hand of Calamity state and wouldn’t be affected for now.

However, it was only temporary. If this state continued, and Li Fuchen had yet to control the calamity power flawlessly, the calamity power would explode. As a result, his body and spirit soul would be turned into ashes, he would vanish from this world forever.


The region around Li Fuchen was beginning to disintegrate. The calamity power was so concentrated that it produced the phenomenon of calamity.

It was said that the universe would also experience calamity. When the time came, everything would be turned into void.

“It is almost at the limits.” Li Fuchen didn’t continue to absorb the calamity power from the universe. He attempted to circulate the calamity power in his body according to the circulation method in the Hand of Calamity.


There was a fearsome wolf howl that shattered countless stars.

A few light years away, a giant wolf was affected by Li Fuchen and woke up from its slumber.

“Who is disturbing me?”

The giant wolf’s eyes were even bigger than a star and its fur was fluttering into a dance.

“Over there!” The giant wolf started sprinting towards Li Fuchen.

From far away, the giant wolf suddenly stopped. He could feel a terrifying energy brewing ahead of him.

It was unprecedented for him to have a trace of apprehension because of some energy.

“It doesn’t matter who he is. Anyone who disturbs Aguero’s slumber deserves to die.p”

With a wolf howl, a black pillar of light was blasted at Li Fuchen’s direction.

Bang Boom!

The spatial zone that didn’t have anything surged up with a black tide.

“Void Colossus Wolf!” Li Fuchen immediately identified the giant wolf.

This giant wolf was a famous astral colossal beast, the Void Colossus Wolf. It innately possessed the strength of a heaven lord and as they grew older, their strength would be constantly enhanced.

“It just so happens I can utilize the excessive calamity power.”

Li Fuchen had absorbed too much calamity power and it was extremely difficult to control them.

Calamity power wasn’t like other energy that could be released casually.

With lesser calamity marks, Li Fuchen stood up and walked out from the black tide.

“Human, time to die.” The Void Colossus Wolf opened its jaw and chomped down.

“Get lost!”

With an enlarged body, Li Fuchen’s fist struck at the lower jaw of the Void Colossus Wolf, sending the wolf flying.

“What is this?” The Void Colossus Wolf realized his lower jaw was disintegrating and it was truly unbelievable.

As astral colossal beasts, all of them had heaven-defying vitality and were nearly immortal. It was extremely difficult to destroy a part of their bodies.

Seeing that the disintegration was reaching his brain, the Void Colossus Wolf frenziedly circulated vitality towards his brain.

“Disintegrate!” Li Fuchen blasted another fist on the Void Colossus Wolf’s chest.


The Void Colossus Wolf’s head had completely recovered, but when he saw his chest disintegrating, he involuntarily let out a howl of anger. The terrifying sound wave blasted Li Fuchen away.


Without any hesitation, the Void Colossus Wolf turned around to escape.

He didn’t have low intelligence like those low-tier astral colossal beasts. As a high-tier astral colossal beast, his intelligence wasn’t much lower than those intelligent races.

“He ran rather quickly!” Li Fuchen laughed and continued to cultivate the Hand of Calamity.

With each passing day, the calamity marks on Li Fuchen’s body were slowly vanishing and getting faint.

This meant that he was gradually gaining control of the calamity power.

At the same moment, the calamity mark in the depths of his spirit soul was getting deeper and was even emitting faint radiance.

“Calamity power, truly mystical.”

On this day, Li Fuchen’s eyes opened and his face was filled with a warm smile that was like the sun.

He never would have expected for the calamity power to contain karma. He was able to sense everyone that was associated with him. He was able to anticipate any danger in advance and it was truly implausible.

“The Hand of God is insanely powerful. I wonder how the creator of the Hand of God got killed back then?” Li Fuchen was lamenting.

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