Eternal Reverence

Chapter 890: Wolf Shadow

Chapter 890: Wolf Shadow

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Just as Li Fuchen was preparing to explore the Ancient Stone Garden, in Arris Light Star Domain, Li Fuchen’s incarnation, Werewolf Li Fuchen was also beginning his own life.

Glimmer City.

“Look, it is Elder Guile, he isn’t dead yet!”

“What is going on? Didn’t they say that he was killed in combat?”

“He probably lucked out!”

“To be honest, Elder Guile is truly pitiful. During his early days, his childhood sweetheart dumped him and chose the Wolf Lord. After painstakingly going through the emotional obstacle, he married and had a child. No one would have expected his wife and child to die in an accident. Afterwards, his brother, Margut had died too. This time, he nearly died outside. In my opinion, he must have caught some curse. Didn’t they say that the Ancient Stone Star Domain has many places filled with curses?”

“It can’t be so exaggerated right?”

On the streets, two werewolf saints saw Werewolf Li Fuchen and were rather shocked.

Seeing their expressions, Li Fuchen sneered.

Guile didn’t die in combat, he was betrayed. If he didn’t have an apex teleportation talisman, and managed to teleport at the brink of death, he probably wouldn’t have any corpse left.

“Elder Guile, everyone thought that you were dead. If the Wolf Lord knows that you are still alive, he will definitely be very happy.”

Guile was an elder of the Wolf Shadow, and they only had a total of 15 elders. After the two werewolf saints were shocked, they quickly welcomed Werewolf Li Fuchen.

“Are Elder Guise and Elder Solot in Glimmer City?” Werewolf Li Fuchen asked.

“Elder Guise and Elder Solot recently left Glimmer City. It will probably be some time before they return.” One of the werewolf saints replied.

“Alright then, bring me to see the Wolf Lord.” Werewolf Li Fuchen nodded.

“Understood.” The two werewolf saints led the way.

Shortly after, the trio arrived in front of a giant black castle. It was situated at the west part of the city and took up a huge land space.

This black castle was the Wolf Shadow’s headquarters.

Wolf Shadow was the largest werewolf faction in Glimmer City.

“Elder Guile, welcome back.”

Once they entered the castle, a man with a majestic aura and an absolute beauty gave a warm welcome.

Wolf Lord, Drizzt. Leader of the Wolf Shadow and had the strength of a peak level saint lord. Felli, the Wolf Lord’s wife and also Guile’s once childhood sweetheart.

“Wolf Lord.” Werewolf Li Fuchen had a cold expression as he cupped his fist. Drizzt didn’t care and welcomed Werewolf Li Fuchen into the castle hall.

Apart from Wolf Lord Drizzt and Felli, there were eight other Wolf Shadow elders here too.

It was obvious that everyone already found out the news.

“Guile, didn’t Guise and Solot say that you died in combat?” A Wolf Shadow elder asked with doubts.

Li Fuchen explained, “Many years back, I found an apex teleportation talisman in a ruin and used it in order to survive.”

“Strange, why didn’t Guise and Solot explain about this?” Another Wolf Shadow elder was confused.

Li Fuchen said, “Back then, my source was severely injured and after forcefully activating the apex teleportation talisman, Guise and Solot probably thought that I would not survive.”

“Haha, why bother so much, it is definitely a great thing that Elder Guile can return. The rest isn’t important.” Wolf Lord Drizzt laughed and said.

“That is true.”

“The Wolf Lord is correct.”

All the Wolf Shadow elders nodded.

The Wolf Shadow only had a total of 15 elders and each of them had the strength of a saint lord. Having one more or one less elder would make a huge difference.

Guile’s residence wasn’t too far away from the Wolf Shadow’s headquarters. It was a rather beautiful manor.

“I can go into a good seclusion now.”

During the travel, Li Fuchen had been absorbing the spirit qi within the peak-grade spirit stones and feeding energy into the werewolf bloodline. It allowed the black runes within the werewolf bloodline to increase from the original few hundred thousand to few ten millions.

As the black runes increased within the bloodline, Li Fuchen had a vague feeling that a fearsome power was developing within the bloodline As of now, the power couldn’t be activated, but as more black runes were possessed, the power would sooner or later be activated.

As time elapsed, the black runes within Li Fuchen’s bloodlines split from millions to billions.

“Not enough peak-grade spirit stones.”

Li Fuchen might have given Werewolf Li Fuchen plenty of peak-grade spirit stones and cultivation resources, but the black runes were like bottomless holes. They required a huge amount of energy. Werewolf Li Fuchen estimated that one million peak-grade spirit stones still wouldn’t be enough to evolve into the darkness werewolf. Of course, if Werewolf Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry, he could spend hundreds of thousands of years slowly evolving.


Letting out a breath, Werewolf Li Fuchen stood up and walked outside the manor.。

The streets were filled with members of other-races and it was rather lively.

“Guile, why did you return?” Felli’s voice entered the ears of Werewolf Li Fuchen.

“Why can’t I return?” Li Fuchen asked in return.

“Wolf Shadow isn’t suitable for you. You are not ruthless and hard working enough. If you are diligent you would be the one holding the Wolf Lord’s position.”

“Is that so?” Werewolf Li Fuchen didn’t deny.

The original owner of this body was indeed not hard working. With the noble bloodline, if he was diligent, he should have been a golden werewolf a long time ago. Once he became a golden werewolf, his cultivation speed would be ten times faster than before.

As compared to increasing strength diligently, the original owner preferred a peaceful life. It was also the main reason why Felli left Guile.

“Just leave! You should know in your heart that there are many things that aren’t so simple. Without strength, it is hard to find the truth.” Felli’s voice gradually faded.

“At least there is still someone helping you.” Werewolf Li Fuchen mumbled to himself.

The fastest method to earn peak-grade spirit stones was naturally to trade resources.

Li Fuchen had given Werewolf Li Fuchen plenty of resources. After trading away a portion, Werewolf Li Fuchen now had tens of thousands of peak-grade spirit stones again.

With these peak-grade spirit stones, the number of black runes within the bloodline had finally reached above ten billion.

“Such terrifying power!”

Inside the manor, Werewolf Li Fuchen was gathering power at full strength and there was an extreme burst of golden qi wave.

Within the golden qi wave, there were traces of black lightning. Gradually, a layer of black color spread outside the golden qi wave. It caused Werewolf Li Fuchen’s qi presence to increase by at least 100 times.

“I wonder what the exact level of my current strength is.”

Werewolf Li Fuchen was rather muddled about his own strength.

Golden werewolves would have a huge strength difference between one who became a golden werewolf a long time ago and another who recently became a golden werewolf.

Using the golden werewolf Aaron for example, his strength might be a peak level saint, but if he was given time, his future limits would be immeasurable.

In comparison, Werewolf Li Fuchen only evolved into a golden werewolf at the saint lord level, making it rather late.

But Werewolf Li Fuchen was certain that he wasn’t a match for the Wolf Lord Drizzt in the golden werewolf form. After all, Drizzt was already a golden werewolf for a very long time and accumulated so much more experiences.

“Mm? Guise and Solot are back!” Werewolf Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with harsh radiance.

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