Eternal Reverence

Chapter 48: Beating Down Zhou Huailong

Chapter 48: Beating Down Zhou Huailong

Back at Cang Lan Sect, Li Fuchen headed straight to the task hall.

The task elder took a long look at Li Fuchen but didn’t say much.

Even though he was an outer sect elder and was the head of the task hall, it didn’t mean he could disregard any of the outer sect disciples.

The last time when he inquired whether Li Fuchen discovered a large amount of Snow Silver ore, was already considered a minor violation. If he persisted on asking why Li Fuchen cheated him, he would only be finding fault with himself.

Without fully grasping the opposition’s potential, he didn’t desire any vengeance from Li Fuchen.

Stepping out of the task hall, Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief. He was worried that the task elder would seek trouble with him, but who knew, everything went smoothly.

“36,800 contribution points… It may be insufficient for me to attain the third rank in the Crimson Battle Form.”

The pace at which Li Fuchen cultivated the Crimson Battle Form was too fast, it also meant that the usage of resources would be fast too. It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that if another disciple who had the same perceptive sense as Li Fuchen were to cultivate at the same time, the other disciple still wouldn’t be as fast as him.

Cultivation of body refinement techniques required not only perception but willpower as well.

Precisely because of his soul spirit dissipation last year, that made his willpower stronger than ever, it now allowed him to endure what normal people couldn’t

“You little b*****d. Elder Chen was around the last time to stop me from teaching you a lesson. This time around no one is around to save you.”

On the road back, a tyrannical figure stood in the way of Li Fuchen.

If it wasn’t Zhou Huailong, who else could it be?

He heard news that Li Fuchen didn’t go back to the Cang Lan Lake, but seemed to have discovered a large quantity of high grade ores and was very prosperous and well off.

“Since you came on your own accords, it saves me time in seeking you out.”

‘One who doesn’t take revenge isn’t a man’, Li Fuchen wasn’t a saint either. Zhou Huailong broke one of his arm, how could it treat it as if nothing happened.

“You wish to die?” Zhou Huailong couldn’t believe what he heard. His eyes brewing with anger, hand forming a fist with a layer of black qi wrapping around it.

Zhou Huailong was at ninth level of the Qi Realm and his sect’s entry technique, the Iron Shell Technique was already at the seventh rank. Revolving his qi at full force allowed qi to manifest at his fist.

Do not underestimate a seventh rank entry technique, although the rules stated that luxurious rewards were given if any disciple could attain the seventh, eighth or ninth rank within a year. Even if one cultivated the technique to ninth rank in the second year, there would still be rewards too.

But these rewards were for the true prodigies. Average outer sect disciples who could cultivate the entry technique to the seventh rank in two years were still considered quite good.

Zhou Huailong who was 18 years of age, took two and a half years to bring the Iron Shell Technique to the seventh rank.

“Quickly! It is Senior Zhou Huailong and Li Fuchen.”

“Last time Senior Zhou broke one of Li Fuchen’s arms. I think this time, he will most probably cripple Li Fuchen for good.”

The Cang Lan outer sect disciples were numbered at 30,000, no matter where you went, there would definitely be a crowd. Now a group of disciples were observing from afar and pointing out at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen kept his silence and revolved his Red Jade Technique, with his eyes locking on to Zhou Huailong.

“Little b*****d, I am going to cripple you and let you lick my shoes.” Zhou Huailong felt offended by Li Fuchen’s attitude. With a bounce, he shot out like an arrow towards Li Fuchen and was accompanied with a electrifying punch.

The punch was so quick that the air resonated with the sound of cloth tearing.

But, today’s Li Fuchen wasn’t the same as the Li Fuchen two months ago.

With his left hand lifted, Li Fuchen caught Zhou Huailong’s fist with no effort.

“How is this possible!?” Zhou Huailong tried hard to break free, but was instead clamped down by an imaginary pincer and couldn’t even move an inch.

“Go to hell!” Zhou Huailong launched another punch with his left fist, which was covered in pale black qi like an iron fist.


Raising his right hand, Li Fuchen caught Zhou Huailong’s left fist.

Not waiting for Zhou Huailong to react, Li Fuchen sent a lightning kick to Zhou Huailong’s abdomen, which caused him to bend over, vomiting fresh blood.

“Didn’t you like hitting people? Today, I will let you have a taste of your own medicine.”

Again and again, Li Fuchen kicked Zhou Huailong’s abdomen.

“I want you dead!”

Zhou Huailong shouted out in resentment. He revolved his Iron Shell Technique to its limits, using the sudden burst of energy, he broke out of Li Fuchen’s grasp.


A punch homed in on Zhou Huailong’s lower jaw, which resulted in him flying backwards and falling flat on his face with the posture of a dog digging into his own poop.

“This is how being beat up feels like. Great isn’t it!”

Li Fuchen walked over and trampled on the head of his defeated opponent. As his head dug into the mud, Zhou Huailong couldn’t do anything but struggle, trying to stand up.

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All the bystanders gasped one after another in bewildered expressions.

“Is this really Senior Zhou Huailong? How was Li Fuchen able to oppress him?”

“Did you notice? Li Fuchen’s speed was so fast, my eyes couldn’t even keep up with his moves.”

“Was it because in just two months, Li Fuchen had such a drastic leap in ability. So he didn’t back out from Senior Zhou’s challenge?”

“The tide has turned… It seems we have all underestimated Li Fuchen.”

Among all the observers, many of them felt sorrow in their hearts. At least 10,000 of the sect’s disciples were bullied on a daily basis, and there was seldom anyone like Li Fuchen who had such absurd growth and took revenge on their bullies. Even if they did have the chance to take revenge, it never happened so quickly.

“This junior, I think you have overdid it!”

In a not too distant place, Luo Kai and a youth with straight brows came over.

Li Fuchen raised his head. Once he saw Luo Kai, his eyes flashed of vengeance.

“Its Luo Kai, and beside him is Senior Luo Zhongtian who is even stronger than Zhou Huailong. He too is at the ninth level of the Qi Realm.” Someone had recognized the identity of the straight browed youth.

“How does it matter to you?” Li Fuchen didn’t loosen the strength on his feet at all.

Luo Zhongtian laughed haughtily, “Zhou Huailong’s reputation shouldn’t have been done in by you. The way you ridiculed him is already a huge offense, how can I not take this matter into my own hands?”

Li Fuchen gave a sarcastic laugh, “I think you should put your attention on yourself instead.”

“Presumptuous! How dare you speak to my brother in this tone. Li Fuchen, you better kneel and beg for forgiveness.” Luo Kai shouted at Li Fuchen in fury.

Luo Zhongtian was his patrilineal elder cousin. It was a very common sight to have younger generations in the sects. Those thriving clans would have many brothers and sisters in the sect, patrilineal and matrilineal cousins all came and went in bunches.

“Kneel? Luo Kai, I didn’t intend to find any fault with you. But since you came knocking, then don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Releasing his leg, Li Fuchen walked towards Luo Kai.

“Are all newcomers these days so defiant?”

Luo Zhongtian cracked his neck and suddenly punched at Li Fuchen.

Without any change in Li Fuchen’s expression, he too punched at Luo Zhongtian.


As if two giant boulders colliding, Luo Zhongtian and Li Fuchen each took three steps back.

“Your fist is quite hard.”

Li Fuchen was slightly surprised, from the results of the punch, he knew that Luo Zhongtian cultivated in a body refinement technique. It wasn’t just the strength of his qi force.

In fact, when comparing the total strength from each side, Luo Zhongtian was somewhat better.

Luckily, Li Fuchen was better in physical strength. Although his offense wasn’t better than his opponent, but his defense was. The final result was that both of them weren’t that different in strength.

“What body refinement technique did you cultivate?”

Luo Zhongtian’s face went dark. With his qi and physical strength combined, he surpassed Li Fuchen. But at times, a stronger attack strength meant nothing, and now it was because Li Fuchen’s fist was too tough.

Take for example, under the condition of equal strength. One is a piece of log and the other is a piece of steel, when both of them collided, the log would be damaged. Which was the perfect explanation to why his fist was feeling sore.

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