Eternal Reverence

Chapter 46: Splitting the Ore

Chapter 46: Splitting the Ore

Putting down the basket, Li Fuchen jumped onto the cliff. With suction pads like a lizard, he traversed on the steep sides of the cliff.

Before coming to the Cang Lan Sect, Li Fuchen conveniently memorized the Li Clan’s high-tier, yellow class martial art, Red Jade Palm. After dedicating some time to practice it, the Red Jade Palm was at the sub-completion stage.

Both the Red Jade Palm and Sword Style had the same name for its first move, Touch of Red Jade, which had the suction effect.

The higher one’s cultivation or palm arts level was, the stronger the suction.

Li Fuchen could lock up a few hundred kg worth of items with ease.

Using the suction force to ascend the cliffs was a simple task.

Li Fuchen reached the fresh spot on the cliff with swiftness.

This spot was obviously cracked open during the collapses previously and was most likely how the Snow Silver ore fell into the gorge. Taking in a deep breath, Li Fuchen pressed his right hand on the crack and allowed his qi to sip in.

Li Fuchen’s soul spirit was now 80% green in color and as his perception heightened, Li Fuchen could attach his cohesive consciousness onto his qi and project it.

When fishing for treasure fish, Li Fuchen used this ability to catch all those treasure fish.

With his qi within the cliff, Li Fuchen’s consciousness could see everything inside of the cliff.

Suddenly a ray of silver light was reflected into his consciousness.

With a grin, Li Fuchen gathered strength in his arms and gave a heavy palm strike on the surface of the cliff.

With the tremendous strength of the palm strike, a circle shaped crevice appeared on the cliff. The shards and pieces of rocks began to drop in profusion, exposing the dark silver ore within.

“Sure enough.” Li Fuchen’s eyes resonated.

He wasn’t entirely sure that there would be Snow Silver ore inside, but he didn’t want to let go of any sort of opportunities. Who knew he had such great luck and had discovered a vast amount of Snow Silver ore.

Equipped with a steel shovel, Li Fuchen started to unearth this piece of Snow Silver ore.

The steel shovel weighed dozens of kg, and with Li Fuchen channelling his 1500 kg of physical strength, it became just like a divine weapon. Like scooping tofu, Li Fuchen effortlessly dug a pit in the cliff. Within the pit, was a large jar sized Snow Silver ore displayed right in front of him.

“This is at least 3000 kg” Li Fuchen breathed erratically.

The Snow Silver ore was valued at 20 contribution points per kg, 3000 kg would be equivalent to 60,000 points!

“Such a big amount of Snow Silver ore is too eye-catching, along the way there will definitely be people who will kill for it. Got to split it apart and carry it back on separate trips.”

With immediate action, Li Fuchen first expanded the pit to around 2 meters in height and width. He then took his steel sword and hacked off around 20% of the ore.

Lifting it up, its weight seemed to be around 700 kg.

“Hopefully it won’t be found out.”

After pushing the portioned ore out of the pit, Li Fuchen slid down cliff.

Tilting his head up to take a look, a jut was blocking the pit and camouflaged it. Someone would notice a small hole only by examining it closely.

“This fated encounter is really too amazing!”

Storing the Snow Silver ore in his basket, Li Fuchen felt grateful.

It was true that finding the large Snow Silver ore was partly due to his luck, but it was mainly due to his unbelievable fate.

Luck, by being able to find the small Snow Silver ore that fell off.

Fate, for his golden amulet that helped evolve his soul spirit. He wouldn’t be that shrewd to think of whether it came from a bigger piece of ore on the cliffs.

And other than that, without the golden amulet, he wouldn’t be able to reach sub-completion in the Red Jade Palm and naturally couldn’t ascend the cliffs.

Fate is just like the source of all power, a slight change will bring about a butterfly effect and completely change your destiny.

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Carrying the Snow Silver ore, Li Fuchen followed the tracks back out of Keng Qiang Mountain.

Along the way, many outer sect disciples casted curious views at him.

Looking at the deep feet impressions he left, they knew Li Fuchen carrying something heavy in his basket.

“It seems like you had a great harvest. Would you mind letting me see what’s in it?” An outer sect senior disciple who had a strong qi presence came over with a raised eyebrow.

Li Fuchen stopped, “Take a look? Sure.”

Without any hesitation, Li Fuchen removed a thick cloth covering the basket.

The outer sect disciple peeked over the and saw that it was filled with Raw Iron ores. Some the size of eggs, some the size of fists, stacking high.

“Raw Iron ores, nice…”

A flash of disappointment could be seen on the outer sect disciple’s face.

Raw Iron ores were worth 1 point per kg, even 1000 kg would only be 1000 points.

If he had to provoke an outer sect disciple that doesn’t seem easy to push around for just 1000 points, it would be extremely unworth it. Who knew what kind of consequences it may have.

Just like this, Li Fuchen went through a daunting experience without mishap and arrived at the task hall of the Cang Lan Sect.


“Snow Silver ore?”

The task elder took a long time to size up Li Fuchen and knew he wasn’t anyone simple. The last time was 16,000 points of treasure fish, now there was another 10+ thousand points worth of Snow Silver ore. He didn’t think it was purely luck.

Checking the inventory, the task elder said, “Raw Iron ore, 100 kg, worth 100 points. Snow Silver ore, 780 kg, worth 15,600 points. A total of 15,700 contribution points.”

Even though Li Fuchen long knew he would receive around 15,000 points, but seeing the 15,700 contribution points recorded under his name, he couldn’t help feel excited.

To finish off what he started, Li Fuchen left the task hall and headed back to Keng Qiang Mountain once again. A few days later, he came back with nearly a thousand kilos of Snow Silver ore.

But this time, Li Fuchen met some trouble.

Two eighth level Qi Realm outer sect disciples suspected Li Fuchen’s basket contained other ores and wanted to rob his harvest.

With no other choice, Li Fuchen instantly struck down both of them.

With his physical strength having increased from 500 kg to 1500 kg, it improved Li Fuchen’s combat ability. He was confident he wouldn’t be defeated in a single move by Zhou Huailong this time.

Had he met Luo Kai again, Li Fuchen could completely subdue him.

“Raw Iron ore, 50 kg. Snow Silver ore, 950 kg. A total of 19,050 contribution points.”

The task elder was flabbergasted, as he suspected, that Li Fuchen found a large pile of Snow Silver ore and brought it back little by little.

“Li Fuchen, tell me honestly. Did you discover a large amount of Snow Silver ore?” The task elder queried.

Li Fuchen gave a strange look and shook his head, “I did find quite a bit, but they are all here now.”

“Really?” The task elder looked closely at Li Fuchen, trying to spot whether Li Fuchen was telling the truth or not.

Li Fuchen was unperturbed, and didn’t expose any peculiar signs.

“Alright, off you go!” The task elder had this wooden expression.

Leaving the task hall, Li Fuchen relaxed, “It seems during this period of time, it would be unwise to visit Keng Qiang Mountain again. I need to stay low for awhile.”

With 34,750 contribution points, Li Fuchen had a surge confidence. Without any hesitation, he spent it all, redeeming a total 139 body tempering pills.

Next, Li Fuchen dedicated a majority of his efforts on the cultivation of the Crimson Battle Frame.

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