Eternal Reverence

Chapter 42: Death by Red Jade

Chapter 42: Death by Red Jade

“His physical strength is nearly twice of mine, fighting force with force, it will surely be my loss.”

If this was any average eighth level Qi Stage practitioner, Li Fuchen would have easily defeated him. But which Cang Lan Sect disciple at the eighth level of the Qi Stage wasn’t a genius blessed by heavens? All of them were either phoenixes or dragons.

Wanting to surpass levels and defeat them wasn’t that simple, don’t even talk about a difference of two levels. A single level’s difference was like having to cross a moat to reach the castle.

Even though Luo Kai was a tough opponent, Li Fuchen was confident in his own combat skills, and asking for him to wait and be captured was an impossible task.

“You have some skills, no wonder you dare show arrogance in front of me, Luo Kai. Seeing that you are a newcomer, I will let bygones be bygones as long as you hand over all the fish. We can even be friends.”

Luo Kai’s brows were slightly wrinkled. He didn’t put the current Li Fuchen in his sight now, but he knew that in the future Li Fuchen would become a formidable foe.

He had only entered the sect two years ago and Li Fuchen was only here for a month or so. If it was possible, he would rather not make an enemy out of him.

But the treasure fish was a must get.

“You want to plunder my fish and have me as a friend? Who do you think you are to make this offer?” Li Fuchen sneered.

“This means you aren’t going to give me any face?”

Luo Kai didn’t want to be verbose with Li Fuchen, with a jolt of the body, he launched an attack.

He knew all new disciples had the same attitude of pride and arrogance when they just entered the sect. If no one teached them a lesson, they wouldn’t know that there was always someone better than them.

Luo Kai ripped the air apart with a leg sweep toward Li Fuchen, the ferocious force from the kick seemed like it could split mountains.

Air Ripping Kick Style, the Luo Clan’s mid-tier, yellow class kick art. With Luo Kai’s eighth level Qi Realm cultivation, a single kick was enough to break giant boulders.


Li Fuchen treated the attack as if it was nothing and avoided Luo Kai’s kick with a flip.

What continued was Luo Kai attacking madly with ferocity.

Li Fuchen resorted to guerilla tactics instead.

For a martial art, completion stage wasn’t the final mark.

Completion stage also had differences. First state after completion is sub-perfection, followed by perfection, then finally trance.

Li Fuchen had brought the Cyclone Kick Style to the perfection stage, with the speed of a shooting star, average martial artists wouldn’t even have the chance to bite the dust.

Using his absolute speed to circle Luo Kai, he launched attacks at unpredictable timings, startling the opponent every time he made a move.

Not being able to land any attacks, Luo Kai got impatient.

“Take my blade!”

Drawing the sect’s provided sword, with a swing, a row of sword shadows cloaked Li Fuchen.

Cloud Shifting Sword Style, a high-tier, yellow class sword style.


Li Fuchen drew his sword and thrusted at Luo Kai.


As the swords collided, Luo Kai paused for a moment and brought about a small mistake.

With lighting in Li Fuchen’s eyes, he slashed at Luo Kai’s chest.

“Get lost!” With a spin and twirl of the sword, Luo Kai repelled Li Fuchen’s blade.

“Good skills.”

What Li Fuchen attempted wasn’t to use force to meet Luo Kai’s force, but instead to use suction and cling onto Luo Kai’s blade for an instant, creating an opening to defeat Luo Kai. But he didn’t expect Luo Kai to react so quickly and neutralize this crisis.

“Drifting Cloud, Flowing Water.” (TL note: A sword move of Cloud Shifting Sword Style)

Luo Kai who was at the eighth level of the Qi Realm had already cultivated the Cloud Shifting Sword Style to the sub-completion stage. With this Drifting Cloud, Flowing Water move executed, sword shadows were produced continuously.

“I can’t resist…”

It was the first time Li Fuchen felt strained. Even though he had exceptional combat skills, he still couldn’t defeat his opponent in a single attack.

In order to defeat his opponent in a single strike, he needed insight and speed. He already had insight, but the body’s physique and cultivation level determined the speed, and he was inferior in both.

Not being able to defeat Luo Kai in one blow, meant he had to make contact with Luo Kai’s sword. And colliding with Luo Kai’s sword made him lose his sword force due to the power difference.

Even if he was able to skillfully deal with the sword blow, Li Fuchen’s right arm started to feel numb as the battle was dragged on.

“This cannot continue.” With a deep breath, Li Fuchen instantly whirled to the left side of Luo Kai.

“Clear Breeze First Blade.” Li Fuchen stabbed at Luo Kai.

This stab was with matchless speed and grace, just like the wind, formless and phaseless, piercing every open gap.


To deal with this blade, Luo Kai clenched his left fist and punched at the incoming sword.

Luo Kai cultivated the White Wave Technique, with it already at sixth rank, it was much stronger than Li Fuchen’s Red Jade Technique. With a single punch, he forcefully sent away the sword along with Li Fuchen.

Not giving the time for Li Fuchen to land, Luo Kai rushed forward with his sword brandishing.

“Killing of Red Jade.”

As Li Fuchen’s body stagnated in mid air, the sword in his hands shedded blades with extreme speed.

This blade contained an unspeakable horror within that made the air felt like it stood still, as an invisible surge dispersed.

Red Jade Sword Style second sword move – Killing of Red Jade.

“I will destroy you!”

With the Purple Qi Technique revolving at the limits, Luo Kai cleaved horizontally with a gigantic force.


Li Fuchen once again got sent flying and spurted a small mouthful of fresh blood.

Luo Kai wasn’t doing well either, taking a hit on his chest, he staggered backwards with blood excreting from the corner of his mouth.

“Luo Kai got hurt?”

“This new junior disciple who is only at the sixth level Qi Realm is too dauntless. Once he breaks through to the seventh, eighth or ninth level, how dreadful would he be? Best not to provoke him.”

The crowd inhaled a breath of cold air and looked at each other.

They initially had some plans, but now all of it was scratched off.

Not because they fear Li Fuchen’s ability, but his potential.

Within the sect, revenges often happened.

Some of the disciple, were made to suffer the bullying when their cultivation was at a low level. But once their cultivation caught up, they would take revenge on the people that bullied them, and the payback was many times worse.

In the sect, there was a saying, ‘The river that flows east for thirty years, may flow west thirty years later, do not take advantage of the weak’.

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(TL note: This saying is to say that fortune rises and falls, times will change. Do not bully someone just because he is weak now, who knows when he might be stronger than yourself?)

“Not bad… Not bad at all. You actually managed to wound me. But I will not be giving you any more chances.”

Revolving the White Wave Technique to the extreme, the qi aura surrounding Luo Kai began to surge. Thinking it was an illusion at first, but Li Fuchen then realized Luo Kai’s sword was covered in some streaks of pale blue qi.

“Qi Manifestation.” Li Fuchen’s pupil shrank.

Luo Kai who was just at the eighth level Qi Realm, shouldn’t be able to manifest qi. Perhaps due to his sixth rank White Wave Technique being pushed to the extreme, he coincidentally managed to manifest streaks of qi.

But would these streaks of manifested qi being of any huge impact, is another question.


As Luo Kai cleaved, thunderous bursts could be heard.


Once Li Fuchen’s sword made contact with Luo Kai’s sword, a domineering ying energy was transmitted to his body. This made Li Fuchen feel as though he was struck by lighting, that caused him to once again spurt another mouthful of blood.

“Since this is the case, don’t blame me now.”

Li Fuchen’s eye gave a brutal glare. As he revolved the seventh rank Red Jade Technique, a huge amount of qi gushed into the wooden sword. He then abruptly thrusted at Luo Kai!


Midway through the thrust, the blade suddenly vanished, as though passing into another dimension.

Red Jade Sword Style third move – Death by Red Jade.

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