Eternal Melody

Chapter 917 My Beautiful Monster Part 18

Chapter 917 My Beautiful Monster Part 18


'I ought to refute her claims. I ought to reassure her that her powers aren't ones tailored towards destruction. However, while she can summon flames that heal. She also has a destructive flame. I don't even need to start on her blood ability.'

Sumire must have taken his silence as he agreeing since she sighed again. But snuggled against him.

"I may be a beast. But, if you picked me. There must be something good, somewhere."

Lucifer didn't answer those words and simply tucked her closer to him. It did not take long before Sumire fell asleep. She must be exhausted. He doesn't know her current state of mind. This life is very different than the rest. While their connection in the last two life times got weaker because of their separation. It was still there. He could still sense her emotions, still sense her fear, pain and enjoy. But, in this life? The thread has become so weak. He cannot see her thoughts properly.

'If she accepts the bond between us, perhaps I can read her thoughts again. But in her current state, it would feel like I am manipulating her. I want her to have a choice if possible.'


The following day, he cancelled his work to accompany her to one of the spare training barracks. Although he promised her that she would be able to spar with his men. However, he doesn't know how much of her powers she can control without her memories. While it is easy for him to dispose of his men in the black alice organisation. The ones he intended to train with Sumire are part of a separate force.

Lucifer stood closely behind her, his left hand over her left hand which held the bow, while his other hand covered her right hand firmly as he applied a little of his strength to pull the arrow. His chin brushed her temple as he spoke up near her.

"Your arm must be relaxed when holding an arrow. But firm enough as not to let this fling off the string prematurely." Lucifer paused to glance at her.

Out of all the weapons they have here, the last one he expected her to pick was a bow. In their previous lives together. He does not recall her taking an interest in archery. From what little knowledge he has of her in this life. She has more of a fondness towards guns.

Sumire nodded and he tried not to react to the sensation of her hair brushing against his cheek.

"Your posture is important. Don't shift your weight onto one leg, you must have a balance."

After a few more instructions, Lucifer moved away from her and it didn't take long before Sumire flung the arrow.

She hit the target.

"Another." Lucifer instructed.

She continued to hit the targets, not missing a single one. Each time she hit one. An image of her past self flashed through his mind. Even though she wasn't good at it before. She often practiced.

'Even if I am not good at it, it's better to have knowledge of all weapons. You never know when it will come in handy. As your wife Lex, I must be able to help you. I must never hinder you.'

'It seems your gaze doesn't stray when I wear clothes like this. Have I discovered a new fetish of yours?'

Lucifer's thoughts break off when he saw that she used up all the arrows.

"I did it!" Sumire beamed happily.

"Good job, next we practice on living targets."

Sumire looked at him horrified. "That-"

"There are plenty you can practice on in the dungeon."

How he would enjoy seeing Sumire pierce Narasaki with an arrow. Lucifer shakes his head. Even with no memories, Sumire would not be able to do it. He hates to admit it, but she shares a deep connection with Narasaki. A bond that he doesn't understand.

'That is the second reason why I am keeping him alive. I don't understand what type of bond they formed, what if he ends Narasaki's life and end up harming her too? I do not want to risk it.'

It was a joke, but a flash of pain flickered through the girls eyes causing him to sigh deeply.

"I am only joking my heart. I won't ask you to do anything that cruel."

Sumire paused and for a moment Lucifer thought she would continue being upset. But she suddenly placed the bow down.

"I want to work on hand to hand combat next, will you spar with me?"

Lucifer blinked, surprised at her request and sudden change of topic. But nodded. At first he held back with her. Of course he did, she is his heart, his other half. He has never truly been able to hurt her even when they became enemies in this life. Even when fate has put them on opposite sides. Hurting her has never been an option.

After a few minutes of Sumire landing rather serious blows at him. Lucifer decided to release some of his true strength. But even with this, Sumire was doing a good job at pushing him back. It seems even without her memories, she still has her strength. Even if she doesn't remember her training, her body naturally knows how many fights she has been in, how many times her life has been in danger.

Lucifer frowned at the thought and a single name flashed through his head. Aki. It's Aki's fault that even without memories she can remember how to fight. How much suffering did she have to endure? Perhaps it was because he was distracted, but before he knew it Sumire had flung him across the room and he landed on the ground with a thud.

She rushed over to him horrified and he shook his head. "You did a good job."

If she can use her skills regardless of her memory loss then that is a bonus. He doesn't have to worry about her getting hurt by the men from the organisation who live here.

"It seems, I'm stronger than I thought." Sumire said warily.

Lucifer nodded. He felt embarrassed that she managed to knock him down. But, he felt more pride than shame. It truly is a waste for her to be on Aki's side. She can do so many great things by his side, with that power of hers. They can change this corrupted world. They can turn it into a Kingdom similar to their first life. A place of peace. However, even then corruption found it's way onto the lands.

"Lucifer? Err, I will continue on my own for a bit." Sumire said, breaking his thoughts.

Lucifer nodded and simply sat down on the steps and watched to steady his breathing. Quite some time has passed since he last broke a sweat like this. There is nobody in this realm who can truly challenge him.

It was the same in his other lives too, vast amounts of power, and corruption. Are they doomed to repeat the same fate over and over? Is there nothing he can do to change that?


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