Eternal Melody

Chapter 774 Like A Dream Part 2

Sumire buried her face in her hands, she didn’t want Ru to see that she was blushing. Why did he suddenly get so close to her? Or rather, doesn’t it make more sense to give her the scarf instead of sharing it? She tried to focus on something other than Ru’s face and their close proximity. Her attention turned to the scarf, and recognition filled her eyes immediately. Oh, this is the scarf she bought for him.

Ru caught her staring, and he coughed awkwardly. “I mean, you know I’m not good at choosing clothes for myself, and well, this was the only thing I had on me after the accident.”

“It looks brand new, did you get it cleaned?”

“I used my powers to uh fix it. It got battered up.”

He didn’t have to do that, she could have bought him another one. This truly feels strange to have Ru by her side again. She thought it would be awkward after what happened in the facility, but they were speaking to each other like normal.

“So, I will say this now, so you’re not surprised. But Toh has returned.”

“Ah, I know. He helped me the other day.” Sumire explains how she got attacked after meeting with Eli, and Ru frowns.

“The people in D entertainment are not exactly loyal to Lucifer. They joined him because they wanted to use his power and connections to get back at you. Lucifer claims you’re the enemy, but he has not harmed you directly or confronted you. There are people too who know that Lucifer wants to make you his uh wife.”

Sumire sighed at that last part. “I don’t understand what that psycho wants at all. Why me? Or rather.” Sumire thinks about the blurred memories of what happened after her parent’s accident.

They must have met in that forest. But why does it feel like he may have had something to do with the accident?

“I’ve been staying close to him, but I still don’t understand what he wants with you,” Mamoru grumbled, frustrated. “That guy doesn’t let his guard down in front of anybody.”

“Of course, he wouldn’t. Maybe Toh will do better spying?”

“You still trust Toh?”

“Of course I do, don’t you?”

Mamoru nodded. “Yeah, he was the one who went looking for me after all. When he found me, he called me an idiot and all sorts of names. But afterward, he advised me how to get my powers back. When I returned to the facility, I already felt my powers gradually returning. So, I knew if I spent more time there, I would get it back. I didn’t have to participate in any experiments, just being there was enough. However, those people would never let me stay there for free, so I agreed to be experimented on.”

Recalling his pained cries, Sumire cried again, and Mamoru hugged her.

“Ki, it’s okay.”

“It’s not okay,” Sumire exclaimed. “It’s not okay for you to suffer. Your such a good person Ru, why did you have to experience something like that? It’s not fair at all.”

“Losing my powers was painful for me, knowing that times would only continue getting more dangerous. Knowing that you would be in harm, I did everything I could so I could have the strength to protect you.”

“I’m strong.”

“I know.” Mamoru nodded. “You’re so strong, bright, and cool, Ki. You’re an amazing girl.”

Sumire felt herself getting embarrassed, and she quickly pulled away from him and removed the scarf. “D-do you want to see Huan?” She quickly changed the subject.

At those words, Mamoru’s eyes brightened. “I can see him?”

She blinks, surprised at his reaction. “Of course, you can, he is your son.”

Sumire leads him inside the room and points to the bed where a young boy is sleeping. She watched Mamoru stiffen and grab hold of his hand to bring him over. Eventually, they reached the bed, and she nervously watched Mamoru’s expression.

How does he feel about Huan? He was the one who noticed that she was pregnant first and made sure she got those tests done in the hospital. But Ru probably never thought that the situation would end up like this. Now that she is dating Yuhi, how does he feel about having a child with her when they are no longer together?

A few months ago, when they were in the facility together, she never got a chance to ask him. But now that she has this opportunity. Sumire was about to break the silence, yet Ru beat her to it.

“He-He is so tiny! He looks like a mochi.” Mamoru exclaimed.

Sumire burst into laughter, and Mamoru’s cheeks flushed red. All the nerves she felt the past few months, no since Huan’s birth dispelled immediately.

“Uh-like, I don’t really know what to say. He is so small and looks cute, like a mochi. Are you feeding him too much? With a mother like you, he must eat a lot.”

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At that comment, she hits him. “How rude! Are you calling me fat?”

“Ouch, ouch.” Mamoru winced in pain. “Ki, don’t you know how painful your punches are?”

“I don’t.” Sumire cracked her knuckles. “But I am sure you can give me a detailed report later.”

Mamoru backed away. “H-hey, do you really want to do this? It’s our first time seeing each other in months.”

For a moment, she clenches her fists before realizing. “Whose fault is that?”

“It’s mine. I’m sorry.” Mamoru quickly apologizes, and she sighs.

It’s truly strange; the two of them are talking and behaving like they used to. It is almost like nothing has changed when so many things are different now.

Due to all the noise, they were making, Huan stirred awake.

“Mom? Is somebody there with you-” Huan stared at Mamoru, and Mamoru was looking back at him with an uncomfortable expression.

Huan extended his hand out, and there were tears in his eyes. “Dad, are you my Dad?”

Mamoru also had tears in his eyes as he nodded and hugged Huan.

“Yeah, I am. Sorry for being so late.”

Sumire felt very emotional seeing the two together. How long has she wanted to see them this way? Huan is truly an intelligent child, he knew Ru was his father immediately. No, they are the spitting image of each other.

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