Eternal Melody

Chapter 768 Intentions

Toh reluctantly returned to the company and headed for his ‘office.’ This was the first time he was coming here since returning, but he did send some people over to rearrange the place to his liking. He will ask Eli for the details of what happened after.

When he entered the room, Toh realized that somebody else was there. It was a man with long black hair wearing a black cloak.

“Welcome back.”

Toh sighed, seeing the man. Lucifer was the boss of this ‘entertainment industry and head of the Black Alice organization.

“Aren’t these supposed to be my private quarters?” Toh questioned.

Lucifer laughed as he held up his wine glass. “You know me.”

Indeed, he knew this person a little too well. Unlike Lucifer’s other subordinates, for some reason, Lucifer kept him closer than the rest. This is the reason why he decided to be braver instead of blindly following his orders.

“I just returned. Do you need me to do something already?”

“Not at all. I just wanted to inform you that some recent strays are going against my orders.”

Strays huh? Toh recalled what he had seen earlier. The people who attacked Sumire must be those strays.

“Also about Sumire.”

Toh immediately glared, and Lucifer laughed.

“Relax, I have no plans yet, so you can flirt or seduce her or whatever.”

“If I succeed. I will take her away; you do know that, right?” Toth didn’t hesitate to voice his intentions. He had already decided to take her away a year ago.

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“I understand, and I told you already that you are free to do as you please. Because eventually, she will come to me on her own.”

Toh frowned. Why is he so confident? Last he heard from Sumire; she was doing her very best to avoid Lucifer. He sighed deeply.

“Thank you for coming to my aid.”

He may hate Lucifer’s plans for Sumire. But, the reality is he owes this man a far greater debt than most. It’s not like he dislikes him too.

“Not at all. I came here to discuss other matters.”

“So you have a job for me after all.”

So much for relaxing, but well, Toh picks up the documents in front of him. The moment he read the details, he recalled the talk from earlier. Now that he thinks about it, is this what Sumire was talking about? If this is the same job, then they could work together.

“I will accept this,” Toh mumbled.

“Good, and about Jennifer.”

Toh flinched hearing that name. “What, do you still need her?”

“No, her purpose was only to keep you away from Sumire for a year. She has done more than enough.”

Right, that was the reason why Jennifer even came. Her grandmother indeed made plans to come to Japan, but initially, Jennifer wasn’t included in that.

“So, what about her?”

“I was thinking of cutting her grandmother off. She is causing more problems and the clients aren’t very happy.”

“So why are you asking me?”

“Do you mind?”

At those words, images flashed through his mind. Images of the abuse and torture he endured appeared.

“Not at all, do your worst.”

After Lucifer left, Toh didn’t stay long and decided to head home instead. Staying in that place is more stifling, he would rather return to an empty house than stay in a place filled with fakes. The apartment building was guarded by security, who immediately recognized him and allowed him insideā€”a high-end apartment building in the most expensive district in Tokyo.

He bought a room in this place instead of an actual house because he wanted his privacy. If it’s in a place like this, the media will not be able to get to him. In the past, he didn’t mind all the attention, but now all he wants is a peaceful life.

When he arrived at his apartment on the second to the top floor, he spotted a man with maroon-coloured hair slouched at the front.

Toh sighed deeply. He only just returned to Japan yesterday and is already meeting many people. However, the reason why he headed over to the company was to meet this person.

He shakes him awake. “Mamoru, wake up. You will catch a cold out here.”


He pauses, hearing the name that escaped his lips. Good grief, this guy is just as stubborn as she is. If they want to see each other so badly, why don’t they just meet? They’ve always made their lives unnecessarily complicated.

Eventually, Mamoru wakes up, and he takes one glance at him. “You should paint the corridors before you meet Ki again. This place is too dark.”

Toh sighed deeply. “What makes you think she will be coming over here?”

“More like, if she is going to live here, it ought to look brighter,”

Huh? Toh blinked, puzzled, as he entered the numbers into the door and stepped inside. Mamoru follows after him.

“Yeah, that’s the reason I came here. I want Ki to live with you until Yuhi returns.”

He thought he heard things. But listening to Mamoru talk, it seems that he is serious. Toh leads him to the living room, and Mamoru explains how he has been watching over Sumire recently.

“She keeps having panic attacks, and Narasaki can’t always stay with her.”

“How do you even know this?” Toh paused. “Wait, by watching over, have you been spying on her?”

“Not spying,” Mamoru exclaimed. “A large tree overlooks her bedroom, and I happen to go by that area.”

“You sound just like a professional stalker.” Toh sighed. “Well? Is her condition that bad?”

“Yeah. The area she lives in is very nice, but its too secluded. Moreover, the house is too large for her.”

“So you want her to live with me to decrease her panic attacks? That’s fine; we did something similar before when her mental state wasn’t good. But are you forgetting something?”

“Huh? Oh, you mean the children?”

“Yes, doofus. Sumire definitely won’t agree to come without them.”

“Can you-“

Toh sighed. “Honestly, I am not as understanding as Terashima. I don’t know how he managed to raise your child.”

Moreover, raising Mamoru’s child is fine with him. But the children she just had with Terashima Yuhi? He doesn’t know if he can do that.

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