Eternal Melody

Chapter 700: How is it possible?

Chapter 700: How is it possible?

A few days later FNS J Festival Day 3

Ran's 'be proud' song surpassed the total sale number of the other three in just a few days. It was an impressive record considering the sales figures of the others. The members of the public opinion regarding her was starting to shift as they commented on her talent as a composer. Kou's original plan of shitting the public's attention worked far too well.

Sumire was looking around for Yuhi with two drinks and a small picnic basket in her hands. She was barely balancing the drinks on the top of the basket. Where did he say they would meet again? Or maybe she arrived here too early? Just as she planned on retreating she hears a large group of people exclaiming.

"Yuhi, you have to try these pies."

"Right, right they are so good."

Her gaze dimmed when she spotted a woman with light brown coloured hair tied in two pony tails. The large group was composed of festival staff and some famous artists. That is certainly a group she cannot approach. However, she could see Yuhi exiting the stage area and heading to the table.

"Did you cook something?" Yuhi asked the girl.

"O--only if -if you're hungry." Cassie stammered nervously.

Sumire had to hold herself back from marching over. 'I can't show my jealous girlfriend side in a place like this that is crawling with the media.'

Thanks to the efforts of the guys in M5, nobody is saying bad stuff about her anymore. But, she understood that it isn't easy to get rid of all the hate and malice regarding her. She has to lay low and avoid situations that would cause issues.

She found a quiet spot and leaned against the tree. It's not like she doesn't understand. Even before she became a member of the entertainment industry, people just naturally disliked her. When she was younger, she tried to search for the reason why. But eventually she concluded it was her fault, it's because she is a terrible person.

Sumire took several deep breaths, but it was hard to calm down. 'Should I leave before I have a panic attack?' She glanced over at Yuhi and realised that he was looking around.

Yuhi however looked past the pies. Eventually his gaze met hers and he laughed, "There you are."

At those words everybody turned their way and she walked over. Yuhi took the basket from her hands, and leaned forward. He lightly kissed her lips.

"We are eating together right?"

"Mm." She kept her composure. She didn't want to look like she was clinging to him. Or rather, she could feel everybody's piercing gazes.

Yuhi-san probably has no idea, but the people in this little group have a strong dislike towards her. Now she understands why she didn't get an invitation to the festival. She simply assumed it was due to her long absence, but it wasn't like that at all.

It's because the staff is composed of people who do not like her, and the influential artists that she doesn't get along with. It is only natural for the members of staff here to listen to these influential people. Her standing in the entertainment world is still far lower than the people here.

"Well you heard that."

"Can't she eat by herself?" One of the female artists mumbled.

"Right, right she is destroying all the fun."

Sumire moved away from yuhi's hold and was about to tell him that something came up. But, Yuhi spoke first.

"I know you're all jealous that you don't have a wife that cooks for you, but I'm not letting you have any." Yuhi said proudly.

Sumire could only stare at Yuhi speechless. This man's level of shamelessness, where does he get it from? But wife? Wife huh, she likes the sounds of that.

The hostility immediately turned into jeers from the single guys shooing Yuhi away. After walking for a few minutes, Sumire immediately pounced on her dearest. She assaulted his face with kisses causing him to laugh.

"It's cute that you are trying to hold back, but you should know better."

"I didn't want them to label me as a crazy woman."

"So you admit that you're being crazy?"

Sumire pouted. "This is your fault, why did you arrange the meeting spot where there are so many people?"

"It's obvious so I don't end up attacking you." Yuhi said seriously.

She rolled her eyes at those words and clung to his arm. "You can attack Yuhi-san, but we have to do so in private."

"I see, my wife, you gave me permission just now didn't you?"

Sumire's gaze softened. He is truly a fool, it feels like all the anxiety she felt a few minutes ago has vanished already. Yuhi-san is the best medicine for her.

They found a quiet spot on the edge of the festival. Sumire set a purple coloured cloth down on the ground and Yuhi places the basket down.

"Even though I'm not singing today, I still had to attend." Yuhi sighed. "I hope they pay me extra for this."

"If you don't work Yuhi, then me and the children will go hungry."

"Wife, I don't want to work anymore. You do it." He rested his head on her lap and she sighed.

"Don't be so lazy, I can't work a lot in my state." Sumire caressed his cheeks. "But I do admit that you need to rest. What time did you reach here?"


That means he would have woken up at three, since it takes two hours to reach the venue.

Her thoughts break off seeing the way he was looking at her and Sumire averted her gaze.

"Did you put on makeup?"

"A little."

"And perfume too?"

Sumire nodded.

"You even curled your hair." Yuhi trailed off. "If I didn't know any better, I would think you were trying to impress someone."

"Um, considering how I am wearing the earrings you gave me, you should know who I am trying to impress."

Yuhi laughed. "Well, I don't know about that. You could be wearing those to impress somebody else."

Sumire pouted. "Who?"

"Maybe you're trying to impress those reporters who are after you."

She sighed and rolled her eyes. What nonsense is he saying? No, since this is Yuhi, she already understands.

"I am fully aware that San is sponsoring this event."

"You should have asked him for a spot."

His jealousy is too much today, those words are too cruel. The best way to appease the husband who is suddenly showing his jealous side today. Sumire paused for a moment before leaning down and kissing his lips.

"This treatment from the wife is the best."

"Mmm, be quiet. I need to kiss you more." Sumire mumbled and Yuhi easily complied with her wishes.

After kissing for a few minutes, she stopped and asked. "Yuhi, why do I love you so much?"

"She asks me why after everything-"

"It's just, I find it weird." Sumire mumbled.

How is it possible for someone like her to have something special like this?


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