Eternal Melody

Chapter 698: Be Proud Part 6

Chapter 698: Be Proud Part 6

August 20XX

After overhearing what those bullies said, Ran immediately headed to the dorms. He was in a hurry. ‘Is Jun alright? Did they hit him again? How could I let that happen! How careless of me.’ By the time he reached the room they all shared, he found Sumire hunched by Jun’s bed. She had just finished tucking him in.

Ran peered over cautiously and sighed a breath of relief. There doesn’t seem to be any physical injuries. But, the mental strain it would have caused him.

‘When I get my hands on those guys, I will let them have it,’

“It’s alright, he didn’t get hurt.” Sumire reassured him.

He would sigh in relief but Ran understood very well. If they didn’t hurt Jun but still behaved the way they did, then it would mean-



At those words Ran clenched his fist. Damn it, that stupid hiearchy system. Even though they have people in this group who are clearly stronger. Why do their powers end up being restricted? What is the use of having power, if they cannot use it to protect?

His thoughts break off when Sumire grabs hold of his arm.

The moment she did he felt a familiar painful sensation. She rolled it up revealing a dark coloured bruise. It was from the gas explosion.

“-and this is why, I told you guys before. There is a reason why there are instructions. What were you thinking not following the rules?” Sumire exclaimed.

Ran sighed deeply. “Your nagging.”

“I have to nag, it’s my role.” Sumire dragged him over to the couch and took the med kit out of the drawer.

It did not take long before she was putting ointment on his arm. Ran flinched but Sumire continued.

“Honestly, why do I have to treat injuries twice today? Did Kou get hurt too?”

“Uh yeah, but I think he went to see Hino-san.”

“If Hino is back, then he can lecture you guys. I can’t handle it alone.”


Ran could only stare at her. If he were to be perfectly honest, right now the last thing on his mind was the lecture to be or even her nagging. Currently he was focusing on Sumire.

Large amethyst coloured eyes, smooth looking skin, and gorgeous flowing brown hair.

She is easily the prettiest girl in the facility. Then again he hasn’t had much experience with members of the opposite gender.

‘At first when I heard I’d be placed in a group with a girl, I thought they were underestimating me. But it turns out she is quite powerful, moreover she is very pretty.’

Even a child like him knew when to appreciate beauty. Moreover the girl was kind and knew how to cook.

“Say Ran, recently you’ve been hunting more beasts right?”

“Uh yeah.”

He is getting a bad feeling from this.

“Then take me with you, it’s been awhile since we paired together.”

“It’s too dangerous-“

Right at that moment, he sees a streak of silver and the next second there is a knife pointed inches away from his nose.

So fast, he didn’t even see it.

Ran nodded quickly and Sumire raised her hand and said ‘I did it’ happily. She is way too happy about this. But well it wouldn’t be bad spending time with her. They haven’t seen much of each other lately due to the ability classes.

‘If only I had the same ability as her, but unfortunately that is not how these things work out.’

Was it a coincidence that Sumire and Yuhi have similar abilities? Ran sighed deeply. Whenever he ended up thinking about his friend, he would end up having mixed emotions.

‘I know I shouldn’t be jealous but it is a bit hard not to.’ It’s clear to anybody who watches them, how fond Sumire and Yuhi are off each other. Before he can even make these emotions official, somebody has already taken her away.

Sometimes he thinks if he was the first one to meet her, then perhaps the current situation would be different? No, he is only deluding himself. Sumire and Yuhi were destined to be together from the moment they were born. It was something he overheard the adults discussing.

“I really hope this doesn’t happen again.” Sumire suddenly brought up.

“Until we get older, the power balance won’t shift.” Ran muttered frustrated.

He truly disliked this system that was oppressing them. It is clear to anybody that their group is the strongest in the institute right now. But due to the limitations they have placed on their abilities, right now their group is near the bottom.

“If something like this happens again, no if it’s gets worse. It seems like I will have no choice.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Sumire laughed. “For now that is a secret, anyhow don’t be late tomorrow okay?”



Institute, Southern Gate – 6:00am

Ran had arranged to meet her at the southern gate at 6:30am. He planned to get a head start and clear the path slightly. But, she had already arrived before him. Despite the artificial sky, the scorching heat that came from the ‘sun’ made him sweat. The dungeon they were heading to should be a lot cooler, otherwise he wouldn’t have come today.

At least two years had passed since he came to the facility, and an extra six months for Sumire. But, this was the first time he was getting to see her in actual combat. As children there are restrictions placed on their ‘abilities.’ However, it’s different with physical strength. They cannot restrict that.

Sumire’s physical strength far surpassed anybody in the facility. Because of that whenever she uses a weapon, she can use it with ease. Today the girl was using a sword, a rapier.

It’s the first time he is seeing her use this weapon. But she wields it very well. It did not take long before there were no more beasts in the area.

“Few, that should do it for now.” Sumire trailed off and paused. “I don’t think there will be any more coming for awhile, so maybe we should find a spot and eat lunch.”

“You made us food?” Ran exclaimed eagerly, causing Sumire to chuckle.

“That’s right, but unfortunately I could only prepare sandwiches.”

“That’s more than enough.”

Sumire muttered some words and in a flash a picnic basket appeared out of the air. The ‘sacred arts’ huh? When he first learned the term for activating modern day magic he cringed. Why are they trying to make it seem like a religion?

They find a quiet spot and sit down as Sumire opens the basket and a lovely aroma fills the air. There were several sandwiches filled with meat. Ran immediately took a bite and then several.

Sumire chuckles. “Slow down,there is plenty.”

Her being kind, beautiful and strong aside. The fact that she is a good cook at such a young age makes her the perfect wife material- Ran pauses in mid-thought and shakes his head.

What is he thinking? They are only children. It’s already taboo to have crushes. Ran sighed, recently he is thinking more about the restrictions in this place. Why do the adults here want to suppress the children so much? It doesn’t make much sense to him.

“Say Ran, there is more to this dungeon right?”

“Yeah, there are several floors.” Ran paused, noticing her strange demeanour. She seemed oddly fidgety.

“D–do you think Yuhi, is here today too?” Sumire asked nervously.

Hearing her question, he almost dropped the second sandwich. But, he managed to catch it on time.

So that’s why she asked him and why she seems strangely dressed up. Ran sighed deeply. ‘I should have known.’

Recently Sumire and Yuhi have become very close to one another. To the point that anybody would mistake them as a couple.

Ran reached over and lightly knocked her forehead. “Hurry up and tell him how you feel already.”


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