Eternal Melody

Chapter 694 Be Proud Part 2

Chapter 694 Be Proud Part 2

"Which one of you is right?"

"That would depend on the situation. There were times when Shin would be right and times where I would be, and vice versa. In the end, there is no right or wrong. Both of us fought for what we believed in. After I saved him, we started to speak a bit more. He also confided in me his decision to leave the underworld and pursue his career. I was the one who introduced him to Atsuro too."

Listening to this, it seems like they have known each other for a long time. This is frustrating.

"Now it's my time to ask questions." Sumire trailed off. "The reason you're asking, Ran, is because you'rere jealous of Shin, right?"

"Who is jealous about that bastard-" Ran paused in mid-sentence, but Sumire had heard him already.

"I see."

"Uh." Ran awkwardly averted his gaze. This is bad; if she finds out he is being petty again, she will get angry. Just when they finally started talking properly again. Seconds turned into minutes, and as each minute went by, he felt his face break out into cold sweat. After two or three minutes had gone by; however, Sumire burst into laughter.

Ran looked at her, surprised, not understanding her reaction.

"Sorry, sorry. It's really fun to tease you, Ran. Since I don't have many opportunities to do so, I figured I'd take advantage of this moment."

At those words, he sighed deeply. "It seems that bad habit of yours hasn't changed. I thought dating Yuhi would make you cuter, but that's not the case here."

"I should be offended, but what you think doesn't matter. As long as my dearest thinks I'm cute, adorable, and loveable, then it doesn't matter."

"The first one aside, your ego must have gotten larger for you to add the other stuff."

"But it's true, Yuhi won't be able to find anybody as perfect as me."

This girl is completely head over heels, Terashima Yuhi. He can't even feel disgusted by how obviously she displayed her feelings.

"So me disliking Nakara Shin is okay for you?"

"As long as it isn't my dearest," Sumire said firmly.

'I almost forgot how cold she can be. Since me and the others came here, we have silently observed her. It almost seemed like she was a different person, but I see, she hasn't changed at all.'

He would pity Nakara Shin if it wasn't for the bracelet Sumire always wore. It was just a coincidence, but he happened to see what happened during Christmas. He didn't think that bracelet she always wore was a gift from Nakara. It irked him, considering how she is the type not to wear presents from other guys when she has a boyfriend.

Ran took a deep breath. "I know it's a bit late to say this, but I will apologize for my behavior since I came here."

"Right, you were acting like such a huge jerk that I personally wanted nothing to do with you."

"That hurts more than you think, but I deserve that."

"Now that we have gotten that out of the way." Sumire trailed off. "Ran, you have been investigating those people as well, right?"


"What do you think?"

"Ever since this year started, it feels like they are not only acting more openly, but I feel like their control in this city is stronger than we think." Ran admitted.


"They have connections everywhere. I was following one of their members the other day, and imagine my surprise when I saw them meeting with a famous politician."

"Hino told me about his father, so it shouldn't surprise me. But, if this is truly the case, then every member of the underworld is in danger. If Lucifer openly declares war, there is a high chance that every single person involved in the underworld could get arrested before the fight even happens."

Ran nodded. "This is why I suggest we plant our own spies within the government."

"It's not like we don't, but they are more low-key. I would never have thought the day would come when we would have to use them. But, it seems like there is no choice." Sumire paused. "Still, it's rare for you to do spy work; what brought this on?"

Ran wanted to end the topic there, but Sumire's question prevented him otherwise. "Ummm."

He knew he couldn't hide anything from Sumire; she was too sharp. But, considering his behavior so far, it still feels awkward for him to admit this. Ran took a deep breath.

"Right now, M5 is doing very well, so I don't want to cause a scene and do something that will damage our reputation."

While he has been assisting, his jobs so far are limited to following people instead of participating in actual combat.

At those words, he suddenly felt Sumire's hand on his head. She was patting his hair and wore a gentle smile on her face.

"Good boy."


"As I thought, Ran, you are a very kind person, you may have a short temper, but there is no doubt that you are a good person."

Ran felt his entire face burn the more Sumire patted his hair. 'Is she treating me like a little kid again?' But, there is something nice about her patting his head like this.

"I see you two are getting close without me." A familiar voice said.

He looked over and spotted Yuhi. Sumire patted his head a bit more before removing her hands.

"Isn't it your fault for leaving me alone?"

Yuhi gently kissed Sumire's forehead and squeezed her hands. "Sorry about that; they swarmed me before I knew it."

"Then again. Jun-kun shouldn't have called our names so loudly. I managed to escape, but Yuhi-san, your escaping skills have gotten worse."

So, it seems like they would have surrounded Sumire too. Ran sighed in relief. It seems like her gradual return to the entertainment industry is working. Although people are still hostile, she is regaining the fame she ought to have.

Yuhi stretched her cheeks. "But what is all this food? What did I tell you?"

"Eep, Ran quick, hide the evidence."

"Nice try, but I have already seen it." Yuhi sighed. "Well, forget it; it won't be bad to spoil you occasionally."

"You say that, but Ran was the one who paid for my food." Sumire pouted. "If you buy me something on the way home, however, I will forgive you."

Ran could only sigh, watching her behavior. Indeed, if he entered a relationship with Sumire, it probably wouldn't work very well. He would end up over spoiling her or neglecting her too much. On the other hand, Yuhi is different; he finds the perfect balance.

Watching the two of them like this, he doesn't feel as bitter as he does anymore.

'I can't say that I am not envious or that I have gotten over her; there is no doubt that I still love her. But, I do not want to get in the way anymore.'

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