Eternal Melody

Chapter 686 Futari No Monogram Part 2

Chapter 686 Futari No Monogram Part 2

It took a few minutes before Sumire stopped crying, and they returned to eating the food. At least he and Yuhi were eating. Sumire was busy applying medication and wrapping a makeshift bandage she tore from her cloak around Yuhi's arm.

"But honestly, Yuhi, knowing you, you probably provoked them."

Yuhi averted his gaze confirming the girl's words. Sumire sighed and turned to him.

"Jun-kun, they haven't been bothering you recently, have they?"

"No, because Hino-san has been around, and Ran doesn't give them a chance either."

Ran is the name of another member of their group and the closest one with whom he is closest. He sees Ran as an 'older brother.' He knew Ran considered him a younger sibling too.

But due to the situation with the ability classes, there are times when he is left alone with the bullies. His abilities just happen to be the same type as theirs. The reason why those people pick on him is simply because his abilities surpassed theirs, and they do not like it.

'Even though I am stronger, due to the limitations on their abilities because of their ages. I cannot use my full strength.'

The hierarchy system is everything in the facility. A limiter is placed on each child when they enter this place regardless of how strong their ability is. The child cannot use a large amount until they are much older. The limiter gradually chips away as they grow older and thus being able to use more of their abilities.

No matter how old he gets, as long as there is a large age difference of four years, he cannot beat those people. He can only choose to rely on his companions.

The smaller the age gap, the higher the chances of winning. Jun's gaze fell on the artificial sky; despite it being fake, it was a beautiful shade of blue, and right in the center was the scorching hot sun.

His thoughts broke off when Sumire reached over and wiped his sweat with a handkerchief.

"Assigning a job like this during this time of year, aren't they picking on you two?"

"Originally, this job was mine. Yuhi-sab interfered."

"That's even worse! It's okay to make this lazy guy work, but how could they give it to you?"

"Hey, you do realize I am still here, right?"

"This is why I am saying this." Sumire finished wiping his face. But continued to lean forward. "You really do look pale, Jun-kun; why don't you take a nap for a while? Yuhi-san can cut the rest of the tree."

"A nap? But where-"

Sumire sat down and pointed to her lap. "Here."

Jun looked at her dumbfounded, but he didn't get a chance to voice out his concerns since she practically dragged him over.

He glanced over and saw Yuhi looking over with a troubled gaze. "Hey, I thought that was reserved for me."

"Tough luck, Jun-kun needs to rest. This heat isn't good for him." Sumire turned to him. "Close your eyes for a bit, Jun-kun; when Yuhi-san finishes, the three of us can get back together."

Jun closed his eyes and heard a familiar melody escape her lips the moment he did. It did not take long before she started to sing. Sumire-san comes from a prestigious family, so she isn't one of those child superstars, and yet there is no doubt that she has an amazing voice.

Even if they are locked away in a place like this and far from regular civilization, they can still have peaceful moments like this.

"Gently closing my eyes, I hold onto one wish,

Never put it into words... but surely, I still believe.

I can always feel the up and down of your chest;

I'll never forget this time spent deep in each others' eyes.

Whenever this feeling seems about to spill out, (this feeling)

I suddenly feel like crying... every time. (every time)

Please don't let this piece of destiny slip away...

God Bless You

Having met amid the shining winds,

We'll never lose our way again - our hearts burning with passion, right here and now!

Could you have known this would happen all along? Thank you...

Thank you for those days you spent looking after me!" Sumire sang.

Listening to the lyrics, it was clearly a love song. They may only be children, but that doesn't mean they are unable to love. Jun briefly opened his eyes and saw Sumire staring at Yuhi with an affectionate gaze in her eyes. Ever since they started to split off into ability groups, Sumire-san and Yuhi have spent more time together since their powers are the same.

In that short time, Jun noticed whenever they returned to the dorms how closely they stick together.


Facility, east kitchen.

After Yuhi-san finished the job, and they finished reporting to the adults. They managed to persuade the adults to let them use the east kitchen. Jun watched as Sumire busily cut some ingredients up and placed them inside a pot.

"When do you plan on telling him?" Jun decided to ask her straight up.

"Tell him?" Sumire feigned ignorance.

"Your feelings of love towards Yuhi-san."

At those words, he watched as her entire face reddened. "T-that-h-how-how?" Sumire stammered in disbelief.

Sumire-san is not the type who can lie if someone directly confronts her. For a long time, he has held back from asking this question due to the other guys. He knew how his companions felt towards her as the only female in their group, this sort of scenario where they all fall for her isn't unusual.

"It's written all over your face."

Sumire plays with a strand of her hair and averts her gaze. "F-for awhile now. I don't know exactly when, but I realized that I like him more than I do anybody else."

Jun could only stare at her; he didn't know exactly what to say. They are only children, after all. Moreover, with the training the facility makes them do, they are practically informed on a daily basis which emotions they must discard. Romance being one of those.

Sumire placed her fingers on her lips. "A-anyhow, you must keep this a secret! I don't want to cause the group any trouble by committing a taboo."

Right, this is one of the taboos of the facility. There are certain rules they cannot break; otherwise, they will be punished. But this rule normally applies to the older children. Certainly, the adults would never think that of the scenario of the younger children harboring such feelings. However, his gaze fell on the girl whose cheeks had turned red and how she was fumbling with her speech. There is no doubt about it.

"I promise. But you should keep it under control in front of the adults." Jun trailed off. "Am I the only other person who knows?"

"No, Hino noticed."

At those words, a complicated expression appeared on his face. Of course, Hino noticed. When they get older, this situation will get out of hand. If they all 'like' her in the same way, it will eventually cause friction in this group. But until that day comes, he wants everybody to stay together.

"Do you need any help?"

Sumire blinked. "Jun-kun, you know how to cook?"

"I can start learning."

Besides, it doesn't feel right that she has to make their meals all the time.

"Then, I will be counting on you."

Seeing her bright smile lightened the heavy feeling in his heart. For now, this is enough; this is all he needs.

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