Eternal Melody

Chapter 44 - Angel Voice Part 1

Three and a half years ago -XX Town - Karaoke

After she witnessed such a beautiful and dreamlike concert, Sumire knew that she could not control herself from singing too. Unfortunately, the person she came to see the live with did not want to cooperate. He was one of her classmates who asked her out on a date two weeks back. Due to her busy lifestyle, Sumire did not agree immediately.

But after she saw how persistent he was, she invited him here. However, that jerk left her alone! What was wrong with her complimenting Yuhi? Yuhi is a celebrity, her reaction as his fan is normal. That jerk got jealous for no reason.

A deep sigh escaped her lips as she finished paying for a room. She thanked the worker at the counter, got her keys, and walked down the hallway. Sumire went to karaoke often to blow off steam. It was difficult for her to sing at home, her parents did not like that kind of thing. Her aunt did not let her sing either. So the only time she could sing was when she found a quiet area at school.

Sumire would choose a karaoke place that was further away to avoid people seeing her. But due to the heavy snow outside, she had no choice but to pick someplace near. It ought to be okay, right? She doubts anybody would drop by here during this time. It did not take long before she reached her room, and she dumped her bags on the side. Sumire picked up the mic and quickly chose one of Yuhis songs.

(Terashima Yuhi - Angel Voice)

It was one of her favourite songs from him. Unlike the rest of his songs, there was something different about this one. It felt like Yuhi wrote this while thinking of somebody important. Yuhi is the same age as her, so she wonders if he has someone already. How else can he sing such a beautiful love song? Thirteen years old, and has a special someone? It must have been love at first sight.

For her, the word love felt foreign and unknown. Her parents arranged a fiance for her recently, and she does not know what to think. Apparently, he is four years older than her, and from a prestigious family, Sumire felt very conflicted when she heard those details.

What would a seventeen-year-old guy want with a thirteen-year-old? Surely that is not legal. Her parents, however, told her that they would not meet unless she comes of age. In the meantime, they were exchanging letters, but Sumire disliked the situation.

How is it possible for her to get engaged to somebody she has not met before?

Her thoughts broke off when she heard clapping. Sumire glanced over and saw somebody familiar standing at the doorway. She ended up dropping her mic.

"Your singing is amazing."

Eh--? Her singing is….

The person who just complimented her was none other than her idol Terashima Yuhi. He walked over and picked up the mic she just dropped. When he started to sing, she felt the tears well up in her eyes. Whenever she listens to this person's voice, she ends up feeling very emotional. How could somebody's voice move her to the point of tears? Sumire listened to many songs before, and yet nobody's voice has made her feel this way.

Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi extended the spare mic toward her. Her eyes widened when she realized what he wanted. Uh? Uh? Is it okay? Sumire did not have the time to debate about this since the next verse started. Sumire clumsily sang the next line, and Yuhi laughed. He stood beside her and gave her shoulders a reassuring pat. She sang the next line smoothly due to this small encouragement, but the entire time she was very nervous.

Sumire could not miss the sound of her beating heart when their shoulders briefly touched.

After singing a few songs together, Sumire slumped down on the chair.

"Good work."

To think she just did something outrageous like that...

"Terashima Yuhi?" Sumire said in a daze after they finished.

His lips curve to a smile. "Yeah." He trailed off and blinked. "Wait, you're the girl who gave me that drink after the concert.."

Uhhh, what is this situation? To think she would meet her idol again.

Yuhi closed the door, and Sumire blinked. Wait, why is he staying? After meeting a fan more than once, usually wouldn't the other person say something like your stalking me? Why is he calmly sitting down like that? Yuhi picked up the menu.

"Hey, do you mind if I order something? I haven't eaten.""Uh, y--yes, of course." She stammered.

She only came here to blow off some steam. How did she end up having a duet with her idol of all people? The concert ended two hours ago, but he has not eaten yet?

"I was busy with interviews; the press did not want to let me go after my little stunt."

His little stunt, huh? She did not have time to ask him earlier, but she wants to know why he did not put the dome around himself. Sumire still felt slightly nervous, but she asked him.

Yuhi blinked but chuckled. "I'm trying to save money."

"Save money?" Sumire repeated. That was not the answer she expected. Terashima Yuhi debuted when he was eight years old, as a child singer. Since then, he has taken the entire music world for a ride. Six years have passed since his debut, so shouldn't he have a lot of money? Sumire found his reply strange.

Yuhi clearly understood what she thought since he said. "Living the life of a celebrity is extravagant. I have to keep up my image for the strangest things, accommodation, clothes, transport, and even what I eat. Though I bend the rules a little for the last part."

"Bend the rules?"

"Mm." Yuhi nodded. "I cook my own meals."

He cooks? Sumire raised her eyebrow at this, it was hard to imagine this person cooking. Terashima Yuhi is apparently the same age as her. But with his appearance, he could pass on as a seventeen-year-old boy.

She must look childish next to him. Sumire played with her hair and the hem of her dress. Her hairstyle and this dress, Sumire thought it looked nice before. But now that she looks closely, everything looks childish to her.

What's more, Sumire did not expect him to reply so honestly to her. "Is--Is it okay to be telling me all this?" Sumire asked.

Yuhi laughed. "Well, you don't look like the type to blab. But if you do, it will make for an interesting article."

This person is a bit more laid back than she thought. Sumire assumed that a child genius would be more strict and cold-hearted. But his smile is so bright, and he is easier to talk to.

"So, you're singing." Yuhi brought up.


"Relax I won't evaluate you. Your agency must be preparing for your big debut, with a voice like that, the event will be grand."

Sumire blinked when she heard his words. Agency? Debut? Could it be, Yuhi thinks she is also a member of the entertainment industry? If it is that reason, then it explains why he is so casual around her.

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