Eternal Melody

Chapter 245 - Why?

The following morning when she just finished getting changed she received a surprising visit from Atushi. He looked worn out and tired and Sumire immediately understood that something happened. She pulled out a chair for him and he slumped down.


"Quatro light are coming here."

At that comment Sumire blinked puzzled before she exclaimed. "Kou and the others?!!"

"They will be attending school with you."

But-- they are older--- Sumire paused realizing something. Her eyes twitched annoyed. "Don't tell me they chose to repeat a year?"

"Jun claimed that they did not have enough attendance to finish their year."

Sumire could tell that Atushi tried his best to negotiate with them. A deep sigh passed her lips. Its not like she doesnt want to see them. Quatro Light was a male idol group made up of the four most popular stars in the entertainment industry. Last year she met the four of them and each encounter with each member led to them becoming close.

What are they thinking coming here? She told Kou specifically not to follow her.

Then again she recalled their last conversation in her head and a troubled look appeared on her face. She ought to have known better than to trust him, now look at this situation.

"It should be okay, but I don't know how they will react towards me and Yuhi."

Indeed that was probably Atushis concern as well. Those four can get overprotective of her. She is nobody's property and they cant force her to separate from him. But she is worried they will cause problems for Yuhi.

"You seem dressed up today, are you going out?" Atushi looked at her suspiciously.

Her sweat fell when she saw his intense gaze. "Uh."

"Sumire." Atushi said sharply. "Sano is dangerous."

"I know."

"Remember what he did to you?"

Its not like she forgot. But she was genuinely interested in seeing that place Sano mentioned. She needed some time away from the hospital and just accepted the offer. Its not like she is getting closer with him.

"If you dont care why are you dressed like this?"

Today she wore an off shoulder lace flower print dress and hairclip.

"Well." Sumire trailed off. "If he is tricking me, I can trick him too." She knew this kind of appearance would trigger Sano. If he oversteps his boundaries she will show him how vicious she could be.

Atushi sighed deeply. "Forget it, you don't make it easy for people to worry about you."

From: Yuhi

I heard about Quatro Light.

But relax, all I have to do is show your friends I am sincere.

Ah her dearest! Sumire beamed happily when she saw the message from her darling and immediately showed it to Atushi.

Atushi's eyes twitched annoyed. "I shouldn't have come."

"My dear is so kind. But ah, I wonder how long he will be gone for? I suddenly have this urge to mess with him."

"...." Atushi looked at her dumbfounded and yet continued. "I heard that the idol association wants Yuhi to join a group."

A group? But won't he overshadow his group members? Unless he joins a highly trained group. In the current entertainment industry there were seldom any groups like that. Is this why he was taking so long to come back?

From: Yuhi

You're so pretty, don't let Sano take advantage of you.

If he does, then all I have to do is take even bigger advantage.

Sumire laughed when she saw the next message. Since when did he learn how to flirt?

Her thoughts broke off when she heard a knock on the door. Moments later the door opened revealing Sano. "Are you read---" He paused in mid-sentence when he saw atushi. "Sorry you have a guest."

"No, we are done."

Atushi looked very disturbed but did not say anything hostile. He stood up and passed her an envelope from his bag. "From Nakara."

Ah- it seems he must be too busy to hand this over to her personally. Since Atsuro came back she could hardly meet with him.

"Thank you for coming."

Atushi nodded and extended his hand out. He briefly patted her hair before drawing his hand back. "Take care, call if you need anything."

With those words said she watched as Atushi left. Her gaze fell on Sano who was looking at her intently. It seems his tastes havent changed. With her current appearance she resembled her former self. A naive and innocent girl.


At the garden center, Sumire was very impressed. It looked like an entire glass palace of different flowers. However despite her admiring of the beautiful flowers she kept her guard up.

".." Sumire carefully glanced over at him. He did not look any different than usual, and still wore his doctors gown but his hair style seemed a bit different.

Sano extended his hand out and he was hugging her again before she knew it. "Sorry I came dressed like this. I had an operation all morning, it was difficult."

From the sound of his voice it must have been a difficult one. "You saved the patient right?"

Sano nodded. "I seldom fail operations. Of course even the most talented surgeon fails but my success rate is high."

It seems like he isnt just a doctor for show. But it still impressed her. He worked very hard back then.

"You look tired." Sumire commented. "Should we go back?" He needs to sleep.

Sano shook his head. "It is rare that you would agree to go on a date with me. I am making the most of it."

What date? Didnt he say he wanted to take her out for some fresh air? But now that she thought about it she hardly saw anybody around since they came. Sumire suddenly looked at him with caution. Is he planning on jumping on her here? Maybe she ought to call for back up.

She knew spending all those days in the hospital was a bad idea. This is what she gets for being lazy. To her surprise however Sano suddenly hugged her tightly. "Are you...that exhausted?" Sumire muttered.

No matter what tricks he had on his sleeve he still treated her with kindness. Taking care of her even though he has a lot of work to do. She isnt an ungrateful person. Sumire looked around and saw a seating area beside the huge fountain in the center surrounded by statues.

She dragged him over and he immediately rested his head on her shoulders. For a moment Sumire was about to protest when she saw him close his eyes.

She supposes it can't be helped.

Why does it feel like she is getting tricked here?

She shook her head. It should be fine as long as she keeps her guard up. But Sumire wondered why this person would go this far?

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