Eternal Melody

Chapter 21 - Like An Equation Part 2

Shin's gaze fell on the girl who was busy and concentrating on her test. Now that he thought about it, he saw her transfer papers. Shin wondered if Yuhi knew about that. 'A young genius girl.' Not only is she gifted and talented in the art department. But she is highly intelligent too.

"Hey," Yuhi whispered.


"Sneak in a university paper. Don't you carry those around with you?"

Shin blinked when he heard those words. 'So he knew about that after all?' He supposes this would be the best time to test her. Shin quickly made his mind up and opened a drawer out. He pulled out a random paper and walked over.

"Ibuki, do this extra test."

"Ah? Geez," Sumire sighed as she accepted the paper. Shin watched as she scanned it and paused. "You want me to do this?"

"Uh, yeah," Shin replied awkwardly.


Shin walked back over to his seat. 'Did she notice?' Maybe he should have checked which paper he gave her. Shin shook his head, 'no use overthinking it.'


An hour later - Second Floor Meeting Room

He was in a meeting.

Shin always disliked these things a great deal. Rather than call these things a meeting, it's just where his coworkers gather and label which children they find problematic, right?

The black-haired older teacher had somehow dragged him away and brought him here. Shusei nudges him, causing him to sigh. Geez, he was listening. The black-haired older man shook his head. Before Shin could question what was going on, he held up a sheet of paper so only he could see it.

('If your that bored, just look outside.)

Outside? His gaze fell on the window, only to spot a certain brown hair girl alongside a girl with snowy white hair chatting away.

Hayami Momo, huh? This is the first time he saw the girl smile like that. Once again, the source is Ibuki, eh? Hayami Momo is one student in his class that makes him worry. She is always alone and eating by herself outside.

That person is quite something. He quietly chuckled to himself.

In the end, Sumire will remain that kind of person, even if many people reprimand her for it. She will never once waver or let it get to her. She really is an amazing person.

Two hours later - Physics prep room -

Having two hours full of meetings can get to a person. School ends in two hours, and he didn't have any more classes to teach. Going home, yeah, going home should be an option. But he was in the middle of grading those papers when that man dragged him off. Guess he should finish them before he goes anywhere. It will become a real hassle later on after all.

Shin opened the door to his office only to find it was half-open. Shin stared at the doorknob, puzzled? Did he leave it open?

Shin made his way inside only to spot a certain brown hair girl sat down on the ground reading a book. "Ibuki, what are you doing?" Shin questioned.

The girl seemed rather flustered. "I'm not curious about the books or anything."

Shin sighed. 'So it was like that.'

Gee, she doesn't have to go to such lengths to hide it. He walked over. "Since you're here, I have a few questions. You're not interested in me like all the other girls and the research materials here. Why are you here?"


He took this opportunity to snatch the books from the girl's hands. Shin scanned the cover; she is interested, huh? His lips curve into a smile. Won't things be more interesting from now on?

"Greiners book, huh?" Shin mumbled.

Sumire doesn't respond to him and merely focused on trying to get the book back from him. Shin used his height to his advantage; he keeps lifting it higher, away from the girl's reach. Wow, what a height difference. Then again, people say he is unusually tall. This is fun.

"You told me you weren't interested."

The brown-haired girl pulled a face. It was then when he noticed the brief look of sadness in her eyes and sighs. He handed it back to her.

"If you want it. Just say so, don't be stubborn."

"Thank you," Sumire mumbled quietly.

Ibuki positioned herself back on the ground where she was reading earlier. He sighed, well he supposed it's okay. It's not like anybody will come in here either. Shin made his way over to his desk and immediately got to work on marking the papers. After a while, he ends up with the girl's paper.

"Ibuki, you took another test?" Shin mumbled. This wasn't the test he gave her. Did one of the other teachers set it?

"Yeah. I did it this morning."

Meaning she wasn't in class this morning for a reason, huh? Did they give her the same test? Or a different one? Shin informed the other teachers.

Shin turned to the sheet, and his eyes widened. She's doing it on purpose. The more he marked, he saw it. Her answers start of rather clever then she brushes it off with vague and petty wording.

He put the pen down. "Ibuki, you know...the reason its called a test is to test everything you know on the matter."

"Of course, I know that." Sumire looked puzzled at his words. Does he have to spell it out to her?

"Then what do you call this?" He said lifting the paper up. "You can't fool me if you can read a book like that and recognize equations as difficult as those, then you're not of this level. Getting a seventy-five isn't right."

Or rather a seventy-five? She is hiding it too much.

"Oh, isn't that the average in this school?"

"The average is sixty-five for general studies here but--" Shin trailed off.

Sumire closed the book and stood up. "Oh, is that right? Then excuse me for a minute."

She took the test from his hands and watched as she added vague explanations to some of the answers worth five marks. Oi oi!

Shin snatched the pen from the girl's hands and grabbed her arm. "What are you doing?"

"You told me the average is different. So I'm changing it."

What? She is doing this on purpose. The blue-haired teacher crumples the test. "You're crazy. You can't be serious." He muttered and crouched down to the ground.

"Says the one who just destroyed my test. Guess it can't be helped." Sumire crouched down. "Nakara-sensei, have you ever read Shakespeare Hamlet before?"

"The story of tragedies, right? What about it?"

The brown hair girl closed her eyes and then opened them again. She placed her hand on his face, causing his eyes to widen. "Everything happens for a reason."

Shin heard that the girl liked tragedy books. But this is the first time he witnessed it.

"Nakara-sensei, even a matter like this that sounds stupid, has a reason for it."

"I can't understand that," Shin said.

A chuckle escaped the girl's lips. "I thought as much. But that's how things are supposed to be. Sensei you'll understand it too one day." With those words she stood up and with the book in her hands. "I will borrow this."

Once he was left alone, silence loomed across the room as the orange rays of light hit every direction. He who remained in the same position let's out a massive sigh. Damm, even now she is still someone entirely out of his reach.

She really is different, unlike the rest of them.

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