Eternal Melody

Chapter 209 - Request

"Sumire, jump."

When she hears Shin shout those words, Sumire felt puzzled, but then she saw the look in his eyes. Sumire walked over to the edge of the rooftop, and there she saw him from below. Her eyes widened when she saw who it was.


Ah, it feels like she has not seen him in so long, even though it was only a few hours. To think parting with this person would be so painful. Only a few hours went by, but it felt like forever.

Sumire took a deep breath and jumped down the roof.

The moment she did that she closed her eyes and then she felt it. A strong gust of wind seemed to wrap around her. She opened her eyes slowly and realized that she was no longer alone. Somebody caught her, but they were not on the ground.

Her eyes widened. "Y--Yuhi?"

"Mm." He didn't say much and looked her up and down. Then he kisses her forehead, nose, and eyelids softly. "Hey there."

Hey? Sumire looks at him, dumbfounded. What on earth is that weak reaction? More important, she glanced down and noticed that they were indeed in mid-air. A strong gust of wind surrounded them. "Your power?"

"Mmm, correct."

So Yuhi has an element type power? It did not take them long to reach the ground. Sumire wanted to savor the feeling of being in the air, though. There was something beautiful about it.

Yuhi cupped her cheeks and gently kissed her lips. "Hey, you okay?"

It was different from when Atsuro asked her this question.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Yuhi laughed when they broke apart from one another. "Your doing this now?"

"I missed you."

"Yeah." Yuhi nodded and gave her hands a gentle squeeze. "Me too."

All the turbulent emotions she felt from a few minutes ago seemed to have vanished in an instant. All she could think of now was Yuhi's gentle smile and his lips on hers a minute ago.

Yuhi looks over at the rooftop. "Atsuro is over there?"

"Ah, yes."

He looks her up and down, and then his gaze lingered on her hand. "I should disinfect this later."

Sumire blinks. How come he knows? Atsuro did say that he knows a lot about Yuhi. Back then, though, the two seldom spoke to one another, so she wonders how close they are.

"Sorry, Im late."

Sumire frowned. "Why do you smell like another woman?" She immediately backed away from him.

Yuhi sweat fell. "It was Touko; she hugged me."

Her gaze dimmed, but a bright smile appears on her face. "Is that so?"

"That's scary! What is that smile? Geez, you know you don't have to be jealous."

"I am not--" She stopped in mid-sentence when she saw the expression on his face. "What did she say to you?"

Yuhi sighs. "Well, she said something about getting back together as a couple, not just partners. But let me get this straight first. She is only doing that because of you. When I was together with Makino, Touko left us alone because Makino was not a threat to her. But she sees you as a threat."

Is that what this is all about?

"Second, Touko and I were not in love with each other. Like I mentioned before, we only got together because of our talents. I thought if I dated somebody similar to myself, it would help me get over you. But I was wrong, and it didn't do anything."

"Other than hurt you?"

Yuhi nodded. "I suppose so." Yuhi then proceeded to tell her the entire story why he ended up delayed.

When he finished explaining, she was furious. It seems like that woman won't leave Yuhi alone. If it is like that, then it looks like she will have to do something about it.

"Should we wait for those two?" Yuhi points at the roof, and Sumire shook her head. His lips curve to a grin. "Then I guess we ought to head back."

Sumire blinks. "Shouldn't we help? I mean, get to the bottom of all this?"

"No." Yuhis voice is firm. "I mean, I understand that you need to investigate and get revenge for Mamoru. But don't get yourself involved in the SF matters."

"Is this a command?"

"A request from your boyfriend."

Boyfriend huh? It still felt weird hearing Yuhi say those words. Yuhi is her boyfriend. Terashima Yuhi, who she looked up to ever since she was a child. The God of Music, huh? It was a cheesy and corny title. But Sumire also agreed with it. Nobody else but him could have this title. Nobody else in this industry could stand a chance against him now.

Other than her senpai Takahashi Yumi, no these days, it seems like Yuhi is just a slip away from surpassing that legendary person.

He is so talented, and yet she recalls what he said not too long ago at the hospital. It seems like he is tired and not as motivated anymore. She appreciates that he is willing to start a family with her but his career. Despite what he told her, Sumire knew it was important to him.


When they left the dream space, she does not remember how they left. One second they were talking and the next they were at home already. Sumire felt very bad about leaving Shin behind, not so much Atsuro. She recalls what Atsuro did to her hand earlier and sighs. That man does not change. She never understood what he wanted from her, either.

Yuhi wrapped his arm around her waist and mumbled against her ear. "Do you want to go back to sleep?"

"Well." Sumire trails of understanding what he meant. "Did you eat breakfast yet?"

She answers her own question by glancing over at the table filled with food. Sumire points to them, and Yuhi sighs.

"I want to eat together with you. You only had some coffee earlier."

So he noticed that? She thought he was still sleeping. "I guess we could have breakfast together."

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