Eternal Melody

Chapter 202 - The Path To The New World

This person seems so happy recently. The last few days she noticed it. Yuhi is smiling a lot more now. It makes her happy knowing that Yuhi is smiling now. But Sumire wondered what the cause was. When she first came here he still seemed distant and aloof. Is it a woman? They say that men change whenever it comes to love. Did Yuhi find another girl and that's why he is happier these days?

It wouldn't surprise her. While they are together nearly all the time. There are moments where Yuhi goes somewhere and leaves her alone for a good hour or so. Can love blossom in that short amount of time? Sumire did not know. But one thing is for sure he definitely changed because of her.

"Why are you making that stupid face for?"

"Why are you calling me stupid again?"

Yuhi sighed. "I told you before that if I call you stupid it is to confirm things." He trailed off. "Tell me what you're thinking."

When she saw the serious look on his eyes, Sumire knew she couldn't keep this a secret so she told him.

"I am happy that you're cheerful now don't get me wrong or anything it is great. But I feel sad knowing that your happiness was caused by another woman.."

Yuhi pulled her into his arms and kissed her earlobe and then neck. "Another woman?"

"Y--" What is he doing now? Even though she probably caught him out.

"What other woman have you seen me with?"

"Nobody I saw but you know when you go out for an hour.."

"To buy your pastries and anything else you crave for?"

"Then on the phone you sneak around."

"I don't want you seeing the photos I took of you."

Sumire was running out of excuses. How come he has a perfectly good and acceptable answer for everything?

"Remember to trust me Sumire."

"Well I do but you're just behaving strangely," Sumire mumbled.

Yuhi kissed her lips again. "The reason I am happy is because of you. I mean these days you take the initiative more so.." He ran his hands through his hair. "So it makes me very happy. I can see that you really do like me. I thought so before too but it wasn't until now where I confirmed things."

So it was to do with her? The reason why he smiles more is her?

He nuzzled his face on her neck. "You know maybe we should skip the adventure tonight and go home."

"Go home?"

"You keep tempting me. I am having a hard time not attacking you."

Sumire laughed softly. "I want to buy more things. We can go after this."

"Alright, I will take your word for that." Yuhi trailed off. "Stay here for a bit and browse. I will go over there."

"I can come--" He placed his lips on her fingers.

"It is too cold in the freezer area. But we can get good food there. Be good."

Sumire only nodded her head. Whenever Yuhi talks to her in a gentle voice like this, she ends up having crazy ideas in her head. It seems like that happens a lot regardless of what he does. Yuhi gently kissed her lips again and she tugged on his hand.

"Relax, I will only be there for a few minutes."

She was reluctant to let him go but nodded. He bolted down a lane and disappeared behind some large metallic doors. Sumire stared at the tray of food and put it aside as she sat down on a high stool.

From: Unknown

Are you still going to continue ignoring my calls and messages?

From: Star

I am not ignoring you now am I?

From: Unknown

I will come there soon.


You don't have to personally come here. I have this under control.

From: Unknown

Was dating Terashima Yuhi part of the plan?

Sumire frowned when she saw that message. It seems like that person already knew. She thought she could hide it from him, but that does not seem to be the case here.

From: Star

It won't interfere with my work. Besides, we made a deal didn't we? If I helped you, you would find out for me.

From: Unknown

We need to meet

From: Star


From: Unknown

Two days from now.

Sumire sent a quick okay to confirm and closed her phone. She sighed deeply. It seems like she needs to get a grip. If she doesnt and that person senses her weakness then the situation would end up bad. After Ru died she ended up behaving recklessly. But the funny thing is she hardly had any memory of it. One day she woke up and found herself chained to the wall, she was in an underground research facility of some kind.

The old her would have panicked and thrashed about, but the her then was lifeless. She simply stared at the ceiling and walls for hours. She even played with the idea of using the chain on her wrists to cause more injuries.

It was then when she met him, that researcher.


In a laboratory on the other side of the pacific ocean.

A tall man with black hair and pale colored eyes wearing a white lab coat, black suit and leather shoes stared at the phone in his hands. A single okay was the only reply he received for the last few minutes. That girl never listens, but then again she was always a stubborn one. He knew the moment that he recruited her that it would be risky to keep her by his side. But he took the risk anyway.

It seems like she has already met Hino, met up with her ex, and meeting Nakara Shin again. But he picked up a sheet of paper that had Terashima Yuhis picture and details. Is this one important? What kind of role will this one play in the process of evolution and the world's change?

The scientist called Eli had no idea. But one thing was for sure. "The Queen is moving again."

As long as she keeps moving and forging ahead, eventually, the path to the new world will open up. But in order to create something new, something will have to end. What choice will she make? He is looking forward to finding out.

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