Eternal Melody

Chapter 19 - Silent Observations

Tokyo Main Streets

Since they left the house earlier, Yuhi couldn't look Sumire in the eye properly.

Sumire wore a long sleeve white dress under a grey jumper-type, double-breasted plaid dress with a buckle belt around the waist. His cheeks burned red when he saw how much effort she put in. 'Is this girl messing around with him?' Then again, maybe it's him.

He found everything she does beautiful. Whenever she eats, or whenever she laughs. Every single action of hers drove him crazy. Sumire most-likely has no idea what kind of effect she has on him if she knew and continued this way then Yuhi would..

'Is she messing with me? This girl likes to trick people.' Still, his gaze fell on Sumire. She wore a bright smile on her face as she looked through the items in the side stalls.

Yuhi heard his phone beep and immediately answered the call. The person on the other end immediately ranted. Yuhi quietly listened and occasionally made some comments.

He wondered what his old sensei would say if he were still around. Would he reprimand him for getting too involved, too attached despite being someone completely different? Would he get lectured? Heh, yeah, that's for sure. He would get shouted at for sure. After all, even now, it truly changes nothing.

But if that guy were still around, he would also say those words. 'Even if we are bound with old rules and tradition. It doesn't mean you can't think for yourself. Boy, you can make your own decision.'

Back then, he didn't understand the deep meaning of those words. It wasn't until he met Sumire, and everything changed. Everything changed in his life, and that's why he really doesn't have any intention of letting her go. Even now, even when there are so many people around who can take her away from him.

Sure Ichinose Arashi's relationship with Sumire bothered him.

But right now, those guys aren't here. The real issue is indeed the fiance. Well, from the very start, it was that guy who he considered to be the greatest obstacle. After all, the relationship that the two of them shared was completely different, then the one she had with other guys.

"Yeah, I got it. Ha? What like I could fool around at a time like this. If that's really how it is, you ought to tighten up your security."

He heard a muffled response, so Yuhi sighs. "Don't get yourself sick over it. She already knows I'm sure. Yeah, I got it. I'll contact you tomorrow."

"Yuhi!" Sumire chirped. "These apples look fresh; we should buy them, right?"

"Mmm, whatever works for you."

"Then, I'll buy a handful."


Iro Road High School Student Council Room -

Sumire and Yuhi had no idea the impact of their actions. While they peacefully spent their days, somebody was left cleaning their mess.

'Damn those two.' A certain man with blue hair cursed. How could they miss a week of school? Shichiro's gaze fell on the documents in front of him. He isn't even a member of the student council; he is a teacher. But because Yuhi hasn't been around, this place is falling apart. Shin knew what punishment he would give Sumire. Make that girl join the student council.

Then again, would that be punishment? Those two would spend more time together. Today was the day where they worked with Koubou high school too.

Shin glanced over at the Koubou high side, to see it was empty.

The majority went down to the cafeteria for lunch. Nobody stayed inside the room to eat, aside from two diligent girls. The two were in the corner and were working on the assignments that their president had assigned them.

The doors opened, revealing a certain brown hair girl and black hair boy, huh?

"Huh? No ones here. How str--- oh, Nakara-sensei." Sumire nonchalantly said as she walked over.

He instantly realized she wasn't alone, and when he did, he sighed. Well, of course, they have been glued to the hip even more ever since then. It's quite normal now. Still, they don't hesitate to show it to everyone.

Shin didn't know what to think of seeing them together. He ought to get into teaching mode and scold them already. However, he merely nodded in acknowledgment.

He noticed their inter winded hands. Right, these two really should just start going out. It's a silent agreement between them that much is apparent and all.

When Shin saw the bags in their hands, his eyes widened. "I didn't think the king would agree to a shopping trip.'

'King' was a nickname he often used on Yuhi.

At first, Shin was scared of him. But eventually, he adapted to Yuhi's behavior. He was quite a lazy guy. Almost like Tsue--, ah. What is he thinking? Sumire isn't like that; she won't use someone as their replacement. It's just a coincidence that right now, the person closest to her is somewhat similar to that guy.

Sumire chuckles. "We were out of soy sauce."

"You can't have teriyaki burger without soy sauce."

His sweatdropped. "How on earth did you find it?"

He had made sure to hide it properly after what had happened last time. It seems like Yuhi knows that place far better than he does sometimes.

Yuhi yawned, "Ha? You bother hiding that stuff. Your rather petty."

Shin sighed. "I can't believe the nerve of you acting so casual. You two have missed a week of school." His gaze dimmed. "Who do you think is picking up after your mess?"

Sumire laughed. "Uh, that's why we came by to give snacks."

'Does Sumire think that is enough?'

"If you two are dating now or whatever, please just say so," Shin commented.

Sumire laughed softly again and used her sleeved hand to cover her mouth. "I think we ar--- ." The brown-haired girl smile once more when Yuhi tugged on her hand, " I'm kidding. We aren't dating, but I guess we are closer now."

That much Shin could see. But still, "I won't ask you two to stay today. However, the time limit is three days. I will use the excuse that you two were searching for a theme. I mean, your registered as partners, so it should be okay."

Sumire blinked. "Partners?"

"Huh, yeah, you two--" Shin's sentence fell short when he felt a piercing gaze. Yuhi's glare was frightening. "Well, you know," he said vaguely.

At that comment, Yuhi grabbed Sumire's hand. "We have to go back. We have more shopping to do. I will bring her back in three days."

"Okay." Shin agreed. He knew there was no use stopping Yuhi. Nobody can tame this animal.

Sumire's gaze softened. "Then, let me decide on the next place. I want some cake!"

"Don't overeat before dinner; you will get sick."

Shin silently observed the two as they walked out of the door. He did not miss the expression on Yuhi's face, a gentle look. It seems like Sumire can help Yuhi. The same goes for Sumire, Yuhi can help her. If so, then all he has to do is stand by and watch silently.

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