Eternal Melody

Chapter 149 - Invisible Light Part 3

"Damn my phone." Yuhi sighed and pulled away. "Hold on a moment Sumire, let me take this call outside."

Sumire nodded and watched as he walked over to the balcony area.

A deep sigh passed her lips. That caught her of guard a bit, she did not think he would suddenly do that. But then again what does she expect to happen when they are here all alone? She previously thought of Yuhi-san as a gentleman. Back then he did not do anything to her, so she assumed he was safe. But Yuhi-san is still a guy after all. In front of the woman he loves, it is normal not to have self-control.

Sumire scanned the room and noticed how messy it was. She supposes it would be okay to clean up. She quickly left the bed and walked over to the desk area. So much paper...from a glance she could see many papers written in english. Are these business documents? Unfortunately for her, she does not understand the english language very well. It was the only thing that hindered her when it came to business meetings. Maybe she ought to start to learn it. She maybe able to help Yuhi.

She recalled what he whispered in her ear a few minutes ago. The words I love you, huh? Whenever she heard Yuhi say it, she still felt peculiar. To think they suddenly became a couple. Quite some time has passed since they started to date, so now she could look back on things properly. It is hard to believe that she stubbornly gave up and surrendered to him.

No matter what he said before, she never took it seriously. When he confessed to her, she hesitated but ended up rejecting him. Its not possible for Yuhi to love her. Maybe he noticed her feelings and is pitying her? A part of her knew that was not true.

Yuhi is not the type of person who would do something like that. He would not pity another person like that since it would degrade them. Back then she already suspected that something was weird about him, about their relationship - the way he looked at her.

Sumire paused when she saw several sheets of papers. All of these sheets contained sketches of her.

Yuhi is too sly, when he does things like this how can she push him away?

She thought so before. But recently that word always comes to mind. He's too sly..saying that he loves her before they kiss. No matter how many times she hears it, her heart feels like it's about to burst out of her chest. So sly, saying words like that - even if she doesn't want to, she will be dragged in to his pace just like that.

She knew even without looking at the mirror how flustered she was. This is embarrassing. Seventeen years old and yet such a thing still makes her feel embarrassed. Just hearing the words ' I love you' from Yuhi makes her heartbeat. He says it a lot these days, or rather she can't even remember a day now where he doesn't say it. The reason he says it so much is it to reassure her?

Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi suddenly appeared behind her. "What are you doing?"


Sumire didn't notice that something was wrong until she suddenly found herself on the ground. "I think you're tempting me."

She blinked puzzled at his actions. What is this man talking about? Tempting? Who is tempting who-- Sumire paused in mid thought when she realized something. Yuhi-san was gently kissing her neck. Even for a person who is usually so calm, anybody would end up flustered.

The heat slowly creeped onto her skin. It seems like she provoked a beast. Maybe she shouldnt have worn these clothes? Her current outfit was a normal nightgown but with her shoulders and legs exposed.

"Mmm, you smell sweet."

Should she stop him? Or maybe she should let him be. Sure there is that promise with Hino-san, but its not like anything bad would happen if they broke it. "Alright---come at me!" Sumire declared.

At that comment Yuhi burst into laughter. "I understand, sorry-pffft hah." Yuhi laughed. "Seriously Sumire your too funny."

Sumire looked at the man puzzled. Yuhi was laughing very hard and she does not understand why. Maybe he is teasing her again?

"Thank you for thinking of me. But mmm, not yet." He suddenly changed his tone to a serious one and looked over at her. His gaze gentle and filled with warmth.

"With the current situation, I may have to go abroad a bit."


So thats why he has all those english documents, something big must be occurring over there.

"There is the option of taking you with me. But with your current situation it would be hard to."

Sumire looked down. "When do you have to go?"

"Usually around summer. But I want to delay it for a bit. If I dont I will be gone for at least a year or so. I want to be able to graduate in Japan."


"So don't blame yourself. I will stay here for you and for graduation."

This person is truly willing to sacrifice anything for her sake huh? She does not understand why he loves her so much, but maybe one day she will find the answer to that question.

"It's during nights like this where I wonder about my parents."

"Your family?" Sumire asked.


Yuhi-san was abandoned when he was a child. He grew up without the warmth and love from his parents. Does he miss them?

"I actually met my mother a few months ago."


"But she was on her death bed. Her last words to me before she passed away was about father. She explained how she was pregnant with me before my father married his current wife. When they found out about me, they wanted to get rid of me. So my mother did her best to let me escape. She ran into the woods and decided they would go after her and not think that she would leave me somewhere."

That sounds like the type of stories one hears about in movies. But Sumire knew how insensitive that would sound if she said those words now.

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