Eternal Melody

Chapter 146 - Because Of Him

A long time ago, there was a time where she blindly followed all the rules. Blindly followed whatever her parents had told her to do, lessons in various activities that elite women participate in.

But despite following them, Sumire realized that those things didn't mean anything to her. No matter how much she tried hard in them, she got to work hard on her lessons no matter how motivated.

In the end, it felt fleeting to her. For her, it was something that could vanish at any moment. Something she won't be able to reach, something that didn't have any meaning to her. Whenever she participated in these activities, she realized that her world's colors had become even more monotone.

Like this, there is no meaning in anything. She couldn't understand why the friends she had then were so excited when it came to lessons. She couldn't understand their passion and drive, and along the way, she began to drift off from them. It was like that with Yuri, too, because she could not understand the girl's passionate feelings.

There was the matter with Atushi too, yet the brown hair girl knew what played the most part in the argument. By the time she understood it, Sumire saw no reason to try to approach the girl. ' I don't have anything,' indeed the words she had told Nao weren't a lie. However, there was something that had always been sleeping in her heart.

Those bright feelings she felt when she came to this place accidentally and watched that person's stage.

It was then something inside her heart had stirred up. It was because she saw such a bright world that she could compose that brightness into a melody.

Supposedly she took into account every individual feeling when she composes the songs, All of those traits into a song. It was because of that person that she began to have so many more different encounters afterwards.

It was because she met Terashima Yuhi that day that she realized something she neglected before.

One by one, she slowly realized that people who have dreams are not bad. They aren't superficial; they all work very hard.

"Yuhi-san, your concert was delayed quite a bit, right?"

"Mmm, since I had other things to deal with."

"I see."

"Something wrong?"

Sumire shook her head. "I'm feeling a bit light-headed. Could we rest for a bit?"

"Hmmm?" He brushed his hands across her forehead. "You seem feverish." Yuhi looked around and pointed to the benches. "Sit down. I will fetch you a drink."

Sumire nodded and walked over to the benches. The moment she sat down, she covered her face with her hands. She felt exhausted.

She pulled out her phone and looked at the updated male idol individual rankings. Sumire placed her hand on number seven…even though he hasn't been performing. Somehow his rank has increased a bit. It really is like the fans are telling him to come back.

7: Ichinose Arashi

Come back, huh?

Certainly, that person will be back, because he went through all that trouble.

That person-- the reason why Sano became uneasy and turned into a monster. It was mainly because of Ru, but what caused it was Ichinose Arashi. He was two years her senior and the center of the male idol group Nanairo Feather.

Back when they attended the same school, there were many rumors about them being a couple. Sumire never bothered to clarify them. Why should she? People can think what they want to.

'Even if I explained, there will be those who don't believe.' Why does she have to go through something so tiring? Let them misunderstand. But she supposes it was this attitude of hers that made Sano turn into a monster.

She couldn't blame him too much. What he did to her was terrible. But he wasn't completely at fault. She was the one who drove him to a corner.

Sumire pulled a pendant from her pocket out and clutched it with her hands.

'Everyone's waiting for you to come back, no…everyone's waiting for both our center and composer to come back. we can't be nanairo feather without you two.'

Sumire recalled Masaru-senpai's words after the festival. Her gaze softens, really since when did he become so straight forward with everything? That laughter of his...

For her, that person has always sparkled so very brightly. She ended up saying such words because she could see it clearly—a glowing aura around that person.

Heh, listen to her thinking about some other guy in detail. Yuhi is definitely going to get jealous. Even though she is dating him, perhaps she truly hasn't given him her heart.

Even so, Sumire knew that no matter what happens, she wouldn't break up with Yuhi. When she is with Yuhi, it is warm; it is the only warm place- her only solace. When everything in her life was falling apart, and she could no longer control her longing, he stopped her.

Ever since she came to Tokyo, every day is fun. Her gaze landed on her hand that was in a clenched fist position. It's alright; there is still some time left. She can still make some happy memories.

Her thoughts broke off when she felt Yuhi's warm hands across her cheeks. "You look very pale. Maybe we should go home?"

Her gaze softened when she heard his concerned tone. She shook her head. "It's okay. I have somewhere else to be today, either."

"Not going to school?"

"I have some business matters to deal with." Sumire sighed. "I am not fond of the business world. But my parents and ancestors worked hard on the Ibuki family legacy. So as the only one left, I need to preserve it."

"I see, you'll be meeting with Sano?"

Sumire chuckled when she heard his tone. "Hino-san will be with us, so don't worry."

"That makes me even more worried."

She looked at him, confused, and Yuhi brushed his forehead against hers. Their lips lightly touched. "Yuhi?"

"I can't stop you, but I want you to be very careful from now on." Yuhi sounded very concerned. She could tell from the look in his eyes.

He can't stop her, huh? But he could if he wanted to. Sumire knew that she would listen to him. However, Yuhi will not tell her that he does not want her to investigate; he will respect her decision. What a foolish person. But this is the person she chose to be with.

She chose Terashima Yuhi despite the pain of loving another person after what happened.

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