Eternal Melody

Chapter 141 - Fate

"You two were a couple, at least in the eyes of everyone who saw that performance. I'm sure if it was like that for me and the audience then. For the friends who surrounded the two of you, they already knew. . . I was rather envious. Sumire, it shall be even more difficult for you from now onwards. But think about it."

"But I love Yuhi. Sumire clenches her fist. "It may seem strange to say at this stage. But I can no longer return to Arashi's side properly like before. I probably came to that realization back then, too, but I felt as though if I quickly concluded things, somebody else would suffer.

If I got into a relationship with Arashi instead, Yuhi-san would end up suffering the most.

I know plenty of girls like him would have gone out with him. But it was already too late for me to go back when I found out that he was the one who did that painting.

When I realized that all along, I wanted it to be him, even the feelings I ha for senpai seemed so very distant to me. Yet yet, when I heard what the enemy plotted with se,npai, I ended all along up taking many reckless jobs. Tell me, Soujiro, what can I do? Things can no longer go on like this."

At this point, she could no longer hold back the tears from her eyes. Surprisingly she felt Soujiro pull her into his arms.

Her eyes widened. This is the first time something like this has happened. Usually Soujiro is so rigid and formal. He would not even hold her hand in the past. They only met recently again, so how come?

"There are no short cuts in love, my dear; this is just one of the many trials you have to face. I am already at this age. I have already passed the days where I could act boldly and carefree when it comes to love."

"Soujiro, you had foolish days too?"

"You would be surprised." She felt Soujiro combs her hair with his hands,

"You are still young; this is only one of the trials you have to face. This is only the middle of the clift; you still haven't reached the top."

"It sounds scary. Can anything be worse then what's happening now?"

"Do not think of the future and focus on your present. It's still frightening, so I shall stay with you. Do not hold anything back with me. You can do more than cry when you're with me, Sumire. I shall listen to your wishes, fears, selfish desires. Anything."

Sumire however, pulled away from him and laughed weakly. "I have to refuse you there. This will be the last time I cry in front of you."

Right now, she is barely managing to deal with all her emotions when she is with Yuhi. She can barely cope with her friendships with Asami and Aika. Sometimes it is difficult to speak to Hino, Shin, and Atushi. If she were to rely on anybody else right now, she would break.

"I see, then I shall respect that decision of yours."


Iro Road High School Art Main Building Rooftop - Three hours later -

It was time for the long-awaited performance.

Sumire took a deep breath as she glanced down from the ledge. There were many people gathered bellow.

From the very moment, she met Terashima Yuhi; fate decided it already.

Sumire wanted to see him; for the longest time, she had wanted to see him. She came to Tsukuhara high school indeed to meet with Arashi and sort everything out, but the second she heard of Quarto Lights involvement with the mysterious god of composers. Her attention almost shifted immediately. Before she knew it instead of focusing on Arashi, she desperately searched for any hint. ' You'll have to go to Tokyo, His main base of operation in Tokyo.

It was a stretch to say so the least because even if she went to Tokyo, there would be no chance of meeting him. It's a large place and yet even before she went. During the time, she was making her decision; he appeared before her again. Just like that, he reappeared in her life.

Sumire remembered it quite clearly, how she broke down terribly after Ru passed away, how she was taken away by Aki, and sobbed uncontrollably for days. Her world seemed to turn pitch black, and yet the second she heard was that he had been there.

Had come to see her, she found her strength to stand up. When she received that note, she didn't think he would show up. But he did, and they spoke, spoke quite a bit, and when it was time for them to part. He slyly whispered in her ear, ' I'll be waiting for you in TOKYO.'

Like a fool, she completely fell into his pace.

Had she not come here. Would things have been different when they met? Would these feelings that she could not tell him back then have disappeared? Sumire already knew what the answer was, no. Even if she didn't go, these feelings would not have disappeared. But more people would have been hurt.

Its because she met Yuhi, that she could find what she had been looking for this entire time. Even if they had no connection in their past lives, she is sure in this life they will remain together forever.

"Sumire," Yuhi called out, breaking her thoughts. "You sure?"

He was talking about the curtain. She decided not to use any of the disguise methods Yuhi planned. "I think I can do it since I am in a high place."

From here, she will not be able to see the audience. But she is afraid. "I have always had good hearing." Even if she cannot see their faces, she could still hear.

Sumire recalled it all too well. Voices of dissatisfaction and the disappointment in their voices.

Is it truly okay for her to stand here and sing? What if she makes a mistake again? What if people deny her existence? Ru, this is very scary.

How can I sing when you are no longer here? How can I--

Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi kissed her. It was not a gentle nor romantic kiss but a kiss filled with passion. For a moment, she completely froze, the two of them are a couple. But even now, such kisses surprise her. She is surprised, and yet she is content. The anxious feeling and fear from moments ago vanished in an instance.

When he finally pulled away, she covered her red-stained face with her hands. But Yuhi grabbed hold of it. "Better?" One word escaped his lips, but it was enough for her to want to crawl into a hole somewhere.

Why does he suddenly look more handsome? Is she going crazy? She must be going crazy; otherwise, she would not think such things right now.

Yuhi brushed their foreheads together. "Sumire?"

"Thank--Thank you Yuhi-san."

"Your welcome, good luck."

She can't argue or even act unreasonably with this person. She has a difficult personality, and yet this person makes her submit so easily. He does not have to dominate her as Sano did; no all he has to do is treat her with genuine kindness and affection.

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