Eternal Melody

Chapter 132 - Worried

Soft laughter escaped Masaru's lips. "Exactly that. Although her staying by our senpai's isn't too bad either. You've always cared so much for her, and I'm sure that behavior reflects on those surrounding you. The lady is important to us, and she is the reason we all came together.

But we found a reason to stay together even when she left, yet it all came crumbling down. I am still quite fond of this team, and I'll try to keep everyone together, but I've never been suited for quite a role anyway." He walked off and halted. "The article will be published during the summer. When that happens, there will be a lot of fuss around the lady, too; you'll accept my proposition then."

With those words said, the golden-haired boy left, leaving him completely stunned.

His gaze lands on the painting behind him and the one opposite --... Ah, in the end, despite Sumires days becoming brighter now. There will always darkness lurking in the corner. The truth is Sumire already knows does-- his thoughts broke off when he spotted a familiar shade of brown.

Sumire? Yuhi knew that the brunette would not leave easily. But he did not think she would wait in such an obvious place.

She leaned on the pillar outside with a dazed expression on her face. She already heard it all; it seems. Yuhi walked over to where she was." What will you do?"

"That caught me off guard. So let me have a time out for a second…"

There was silence for a little while before he heard light and awkward laughter.

"I knew from the beginning. I understand that it's because of me, and at the same time, I can't do anything. Things will only get better if I return,' that's what most people would say. Indeed that may be the case. But its no good, even now I have no desire to leave here even if I do long to be with them. Those days are so very precious, and even now, I still store them from the depths of my heart. Everyone over here has become so very important. That's why I won't go."

Yuhi closed his eyes. "If I let you go?"

If he allows her to leave, then there is a high risk that he will never see her again. Sumire will return to her lifestyle there, and what reason would he have to see her again? What excuse would he need to

"Would you?"

"If the need arises then I will. Having nanairo feather disband isn't good for us after all, let alone you---" Yuhi stopped when she reappeared right beside him and grabbed hold of his hand.

For a moment, he froze. What is she doing?

"Right now, no matter what anyone says. I belong to you. I won't return to them. I wish to stay beside you, is that so difficult to believe?" Sumire said.

I belong to you.

Those five words repeated over and over like a spell in his head.

She says such bold things so easily. Ahh, really, this person truly is foolish. But at least she is smiling now. Sumire suites a smiling face better.

"Ah, your blushing."

Yuhi pulled the brunette into a deep embrace once more and brushed their foreheads together. "Take responsibility."

"So silly."

After that, he decided to have a quick smoke break. However, when he recalled the warmth from Sumires lips earlier, he chose not to smoke for long. He wanted to savor the sensation more. Yuhi found her in the middle of the corridor on the second floor of the main building.

His gaze fell towards the girl who was cheerfully speaking to Aika.

Sumire leaned forward. "That was fast."

"Mmm." He kissed her lips. "Anything happened?"

"I was thinking of lending the fashion department a hand. They need extra models."

"Then, I will join you."

While the fashion department mainly has female students, there are still male students there. If he isn't careful, one of them could try to make a move on her again.

Her gaze softened. "Then, okay." She trailed off. "Yuhi-san, did you notice? Your strangely clingy to me recently."

"Does that bother you?"

"No, I like it." Sumire laughed. "A bit too much actually. So if it is only temporary, then please stop now before I get addicted."

Yuhi blinked when he heard those words.

I did notice that something differed now. But even then, this change is something.

Sumire was always a cheerful girl. But due to what happened when she was a child, slowly, she could no longer act childish. She had to shoulder the weight and responsibility behind the Ibuki family name after her parent's accident. Discovering that she has abnormal strength and becoming a prominent figure in the delinquent world. With all that crazy stuff going on in her life, it is no wonder that she seldom smiles.

Crap...this is bad. She was cute before, but now she has transcended a whole new level of cuteness.

Sumire tilted her head. "Yuhi-san?"

"Well, could I kiss you for five minutes?"

At that comment, Sumire covered her mouth with her hands. "Uh, right. I wondered what you wanted from me." She looked around and made eye contact with Aika.

Aika rolled her eyes. "The stairwell over there is empty. But don't blame me if you get caught fooling around."

"We aren't fooling around."

"Yes, yes."

Yuhi tugged on her hand, and Sumire laughed. "Okay, let's go."

It did not take them long before they reached the stairwell at the end of the hall. As Aika said, it was empty. It seemed like no students went by here to get to any of the locations. It was the perfect spot for him to harass-- no kiss his girlfriend.

He did not kiss her right away, despite his eagerness to do so. "The reporters didn't harass you?" This was why he was reluctant to take a smoke break earlier.

"They didn't." She played with the buttons on his collar. "Yuhi-san, what are we doing?"

He chuckled at her words. "Sorry, is this a bit too much for you?"

"Well, it is a bit new to me. But as Shakespeare said, everything in this world happens for a reason."

Yuhi sighed. "Don't quote things from a book of tragedies now of all times. You will destroy the mood."

"Then should I quote Dazais no longer human?"


Sumire laughed. "I am joking with you."

Geez, this girl, and her teasing.

"Today, please don't leave my side. I am very worried."

Since earlier, Yuhi could not erase this feeling that something terrible would happen. He could be wrong, and that will be the end of this. But until somebody proves him wrong, he won't let Sumire out of his sight today.

"Is that not a problem? What about going to the bathroom.."

"Sumire," Yuhi said sharply. "Be serious."

The girl sighed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned forward. "I am trying to lighten the mood. I understand you are concerned for me, but please calm down."

Calm down, huh? That is easier said than done. What if something happens to her? What if those reporters corner her? What if they ask her about Mamoru, and she breaks down? It is too risky.

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