Eternal Melody

Chapter 125 - One Of The Things I Like About You

Yuhi couldn't hide his surprise then.

"Kusaji..turned you down?" Yuhi mumbled. So he was right that Sumire liked Atsuro at some point, she asked him out. That thought bothered him, but first, he needs an answer.

"That's right, fufu! I'm not completely lucky when it comes to love, after all, you know. Good looks aren't everything, and just because you're close to a person doesn't mean it will go well."

Though Sumire said that in an oddly cheerful tone, he noticed something was wrong. He sensed the loneliness behind those words.

"He turned me down, and I really was hurt, but I had the other guys with me then in Nanairo feather, and they all helped me out a lot. Because of them all being there for me, I was able to cope with the pain and take a step forward."

With the other guys, she will be okay.

Those were the words he repeated to himself endlessly on the way to the airport that day, and even when he saw the brunette, he believed that to be the case. But thinking it through now, just one person isn't enough. If it's only one person besides her, she will think she is burdening or relying on them too much.

However, if it's loads of people, then it's a different story altogether isn't it? In the end, going to that place was probably better for her.

"What about now?"

Even though she said all that, he knew that it was different now. That matter of being rejected was already the case of the 'past' for the brunette.

"En, that's right...right now, it's slightly different. I said this recently. 'I love Yuhi, I sincerely do. Although people may call him violent and scary, that person is truly gentle. And so very fragile at times, almost like a kid. I feel warm knowing that he needs me. So that's why I feel like I'm doing this for myself. And I feel like Yuhi is the most important to me, too'."

At that comment, his entire face turned red. His cheeks colored embarrassed. What on earth is she going around telling people that for?

Sumire laughed softly. "The other girls were exchanging love stories. So I thought I would talk about you and me."

… Yuhi looked at her dumbfounded. Is it just him, or does she say those words far too easily? It is difficult for her to say love, but she says it without hesitation when it concerns other cheesy lines.

She will always have others...always going to have others who are beside her who aren't him. Yuhi understood that from the very beginning, Sumire does not belong to him alone. But he already made his mind up, Yuhi wrapped his arms around the brunette.

He felt the sound of her heartbeat, thumping just as loud as his.

"As usual, your selfish, huh? But I guess that's why I love you."

He loves her so much,

"Ah..what is this? A confession? Fuuu."

She tried to brush it off as jokey situation again, yet he tightened his hold on her. This time around, he will tell her everything.

"A confession, huh? Or maybe it's atonement. But I will listen to you."

Listen huh?

Yuhi felt several pairs of eyes on them and pulled away. He squeezed Sumire's hands. "Let's go somewhere else."

Sumire nodded.

Yuhi found a quiet spot behind the small church on the school grounds. The two of them sat down on the grass, and he sighed in relief. "Sorry about this, we ended up having to run."

"Don't worry about it, and it seems a lot of the visitors are your fans."

Yuhi raised his eyebrow at how casually she said this. Is she not jealous at all? Well, forget it, there are other things he needs to do now. There are more important things to discuss. It should be fine now. When they first saw each other again.

"What I told you almost a month ago now. I am sorry--- that's what I wanted to say. Yet I know it is because of me. Even with everything that has happened, Sumire, you never once hated me. Never once have you looked at me with those scornful eyes." Yuhi paused as he placed

Did you know? I dreamed of holding you like this again—your so close and yet so far away from my reach. Back when we were younger, I pushed you off that cliff because I couldn't believe it. The person you called for so desperately back then wasn't me."

Whenever he thought of what happened then, Yuhi felt very bitter. It was an accident. He did not mean to corner her like that, but it frustrated him when he saw her looking away. He did something unspeakable to her, and yet he still had the nerve to confess a month later.

Sumire sighed. For a moment, she did not say anything other than that causing him to worry. But in the next moment, she rested her head on his shoulders.

"You know, Yuhi, I do love you."


"I mean, I know I said all that stuff at the start, but I have always had feelings for you. Back then, I believed that even if we do meet again, it would only be as rivals on stage. I didn't think of a relationship with you because I did not think it was possible. You were so far from my reach." Sumire trailed off. "Ru, however, scolded me for thinking that way."

Mamoru scolded her? Why would he do that? Sumire did not do anything wrong.

Her gaze softened. "He got mad at me for belittling me. Even if I say that, you would still get mad at Ru for yelling at me, won't you?"

Yuhi looked away. "I know it is stupid of me. But you went through a lot back then. I don't think yelling and criticizing you about your choices will do any good."

"Yuhi, this is one of the things I like about you."

Damn, why does she keep catching him off guard like this? It is not like she is saying anything particularly. But for some reason, his heart is beating loudly, and his entire face is red. Right now, he feels like the biggest fool of all.

"Yuhi, did you drink your face is bright red?" Sumire asked innocently.

"Damn brat, quit teasing me," Yuhi mumbled. Why is she pretending? Of course, she can see the effect her words have on him.

Sumire laughed. "So cute."

Cute? Did she call him cute? Yuhi frowned when he registered these words. It seems like he has to teach her again. This brat won't be calling him cute later.

"Do you want anything to eat? Stay here, and I will get something from the stalls." Yuhi wanted to change the topic quickly.

"Then, I have a few requests."

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