Eternal Melody

Chapter 119 - Bloody Rose Part 3

Hino shuts his eyes. "Your way of thinking and that reaction isn't wrong. Yuhi's always had that bad habit even when he was dating Torii, and that's why Morris slowly became pissed off with him. Even though at the start, he supported their relationship enough. However, Yuhi's actions caused him to become annoyed, and he laid his hands on Torii. Regardless he still painted that picture of her for the middle school art competition. It was clear as day that those actions did not intend to upset her. Ibuki, what about you? What have you received from Yuhi that shows he loves you? I'm sure."

"I ..." Sumire looked down.

What she has received.

There are quite a few possessions, and yet several memories come to mind now.

"Listen to me talk when I don't know much about relationships. But I want you to take these words of mine seriously. Especially since it concerns him."


"From this point onwards, I'll probably be saying a lot of things. And you'll disagree along the way. But this bit is the most important. In love, you can't expose the whole truth is what I think. Ultimately, the only people who know the whole truth are concerned with the matter. Always. You are the only ones who know your own heart. That is the unwavering truth, no matter what else anyone says."

Ah, these words, it sounds similar to something she said before.

An unwavering truth and conviction.

Something that you can only have if you hold belief and faith.

"Hino, could I borrow your guitar.." her sentence fell short when he squeezes her hands. Her eyes widened at the contact.

"I have a piano you can use. But, your amazing.."

Her gaze softened at the kindness of his words. "In the end, I'm still an idol."


Two days later - April XX -

Sumire decided not to bother Yuhi since he is most likely in the middle of rehabilitation. But, who would have thought that she would bump into Yuhi?


His eyes twitched in annoyance, as he extended his hand out and pinched her cheeks.

"What happened to being there for me?"

"Uh, sorry, but your rehab. I thought I would get in the way."

"Look here," Yuhi said with a sigh. "If you're not with me, I have a hard time."

Sumire blinked when she heard his confession. 'Yuhi has a cute side…'

The two of them found some nearby benches.

She rested her head on his shoulders. Hands enter wind against each other—a peaceful moment.

"You know, I think 'god' really exists."


"Mm but, I have a secret that I can't even tell too. I want one wish... one wish to come true. Maybe I can make it come true with you. No matter what happens. I want to be happy, even if it means going against the destiny that others laid out for me." Sumire pauses. "I want to be happy. I never thought something like that would cross my mind. Since I already accepted the destiny. It was supposed to be crystal clear like glass. The lonely future and path I would take. But once I met you, that changed."

The moment she met Terashima Yuhi. The gears of fate that had been taking shape started to evolve into something different. The entire time it was happening.

She was already aware of it, and yet she decided to stay in that small world. If she remained there with another person, then these feelings wouldn't leak out. But it was impossible, after all.

"I don't know about god or whatever. But those feelings of yours - you should have informed me first. I should have been the first one to know. You know, Sumire, I didn't tell anyone that I was in love with you this entire time. Even when I broke up with Makino, I was rather vague about everything."

"Ah, I thought that was because you were clumsy expressing your feelings," Sumire commented.


"Am I wrong?"

"That was part of the reason," Yuhi admitted with a deep sigh. "But what I said just now was the main reason. I never told anyone because I wanted you to be the first person to know. That I was in love with you, and how I never considered anyone else."

Her cheeks colored red. Oh. "Um. .. ..."

"Embarrassed?" Yuhi said, caressing her cheeks gently with his hand even though there is nothing innocent about their relationship anymore.

Rather at this point that they are confessing their secrets one by one. The word 'desire' has always been there for the two of them. So could anyone say there was anything innocent about their relationship? The answer is no.

"Un and a bit overwhelmed."

But despite this, he touches her and showers her with words of honesty and affection. She always feels that air of innocence.

Yuhi pulled her into his arms, causing her eyes to widen. "Sumire. I'm sure you have figured it out by now. What I intend to do soon."

"Yes. That's why I am very worried about you."

He is going to do something dangerous in a place that is so far away, without her by his side. That very thought scared her.

"I can't tell you not to worry. But I can reassure you. Do you know what you gave me when we met? This time, I'll protect you to the end. Even without memories, that desire was there from the beginning. Those were the feelings you gave me as the memories of my long and lonely past resurfaced. That was the ray of light that resurfaced and showed me the way. I lost myself to desire plenty of times. I made many mistakes. But I couldn't stop myself. To shake off those contradictions, I imposed many unreasonable demands on you, and I took away the smile that radiated from the bottom of your heart."

Sumire shook her head. "Your wrong, Yuhi. Although I can't say that your actions have never hurt me before, you're the one who brought back my smile; you didn't take anything from me. You've given me so much."

Yuhi smiles softly. "If you think so, I'm not going to argue. Besides, your mine, aren't you?"


"You know when it was time to let you go. I thought it would be enough if I could just watch over you. But you who lived as a normal girl, you who became an idol became even more of a radiant existence to me. How you desperately tried to help a young boy who was hurt. How you grew your hair out to prove your affections for me were still strong. I love them all."

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