Eternal Melody

Chapter 117 - Bloody Rose Part 1

Iro Road High School - An hour later -

A single reply to Yuhi's question was all it took for things to escalate.

Even when she went to the school, and started to paint. Her thoughts were far from the canvas in front of her.

To think that she would go to school after all. Somehow it really had felt like it had been a long time, with all the business work she received.

'Balancing my studies isn't easy. It felt as though I haven't spoken to Yuhi properly in a long time.'

Though there was that time earlier. Sumire felt her cheeks colour. How unfair, that really wasn't fair play at all. Then again, it seems like she still has to learn more about him. Terashima Yuhi is not a simple man.

"Emergency emergency. Asami, what do we do? She is painting a meadow of daisies instead of the fruits..or rather how she can come up with that in her head is amazing." Aika said.

"Aika-chan!... Sumire-chan, you should try to fix that up before the sensei comes over."

It really isn't fair play doing something like that at all. But, even now it was hard for her to forget Yuhi's touch.

"She can't hear us!"

"Don't worry Asami. I have this under control. Oh Terashima, late?"

At that comment her thoughts broke off, Yuhi? Uwaa but isn't he supposed to have errands to do? Unless he's finished them already. She looked up though, however not to spot a single strand of black,

"Huh? Where is.." Sumire didn't finish her sentence when she saw the expression on Aika's face.


"Just when I thought quite some time has passed since you were last in school." Aika trails off and nods. "Right right, and you Terashima live together now too. I understand...fuuu so? How is it? I'm sure you guys have already closed down the boundaries?"

"Aika-chan!" Asami exclaimed.

"Come now Asami, you're curious too."

Close down the boundaries...huh?

Sumire felt her cheeks colour at those words. She tried to hide her embarrassment with her hands. But it was far too late, Aika had noticed it.

"What? Seriously! Something happened? Spill? Who attacked first? Was it Terashima."

She really did wish Aika's voice wasn't so loud. Because everyone was looking their way now. "It's not like that...!"

Asami continued to smile. "Aika-chan is saying too much right now. But what she means to say is she is happy for you. Sumire-chan ever since you came here, you didn't seem to be happy. You always seemed to have such a lonely and hazard gaze in your eyes. It was difficult to approach you. Even when you befriended me, there still seemed to be something wrong and then all that happened. We didn't know anything because you didn't tell us anything."

All she could say in response to that was an apology. "I'm sorry."

Indeed it was exactly like what Asami said. Even when she summoned up her courage to befriend them, she still couldnt tell them anything.

So many people care for her. Or do they? How is she supposed to tell whether their kindness is real or not? How can she differentiate between right and wrong?

Asami shook her head. "No, it's quite alright. Sumire-chan, were happy for you. Be happy with Yuhi-kun."

At that her eyes went wide...they really are all misunderstanding. They think she's dating Yuhi, then again with her actions as of late it's only natural for them to think that.

The two of them are dating and yet it isn't as deep as what people think. She may have admitted that she loves Yuhi but …'I still can't let go of Ru.'

The nightmares still happen as frequently as before. 'I still can't move forward properly. Is that why I am investigating his death so seriously?'

Regarding matter she didn't want to lie about it. She doesn't want to lie about it, even if it's something she has to keep hidden and no longer say.

Even if that's the case. She at least doesn't want there to be any misunderstandings. "Asami-san, the truth is I'm...." But before she could say anything, she felt a sudden presence.

Her eyes widened alarmed.


"I'll go get a new canvas." Sumire lied and rushed out of the room in a flash. As she rushed down the hall, she pulled out her phone.


Two hours later -

In a dark alleyway not too far from the school, Sumire looked at her appearance with a troubled look on her face.

Could she really go back to school looking like this?

It's not as though she got hurt. But this blood, it's from all the others. The people now scattered on the ground and the floor across her. It is painful. In the end though there really is nothing that can be done about it. If ones live a cursed fate like this then it is only normal that something like this will happen.

As Sumire debated about what to do, a conversation from the past appeared in her head.

'Are you saying the sufferings you've gone through have been justified as well? That ...that can't be right. Even if there is a reason why all of that had to happen to you. Even if that's the case you shouldn't accept it easily. ....'

' Then can I get my hopes up?'

' It was because of those words that I did what I did. Thank you Ki'

'Yeah I understand. I can hear it loud and clear after all. But I get it, that there's something you still have to do. On that matter I actually have something to say too. That's why...'

If she is a cursed individual then she doesn't deserve any form of happiness at all. When there is light, there is darkness and she is carrying that darkness inside of her. Carrying and being burdened with the darkness of everyone who is involved in the underground world. As the leader, as the person on top she is shouldering all of this. That's why she doesn't deserve to be happy at all. That's how it's supposed to be.

That's how she made sure it remained and yet, in the end something like that was impossible after all. She grew attached and before she knew it, it was right there. The brown haired girl reached her hand out towards the sky. It is right there in front of her now....

The happiness she's always desired. But, does she deserve it? Sumire pulled her hand back. There is no need to ask such stupid questions. It is obvious already. The answer is no, she does not deserve to be happy. She does not deserve the love and kindness she is receiving from Yuhi. He would get mad if he heard her speak this way. She cannot let him now, even though it hurts so much.

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