Eternal Melody

Chapter 109 - An Easy Relationship

Following morning - RB Hotel - Tokyo - 07:00am

It did not matter to him who it was. Any girl would do since all of them are the same. An easy relationship is better than a normal one. By an easy relationship, he means a physical relationship. Physical relationships do not involve getting attached to people. They do not involve anything complicated.

"So, hey, I have a strange question for you, Nami."

The blonde-haired girl who was slipping on a shirt glanced over.

"What makes you want to see me?"

Nami rolled her eyes. "That is the stupidest question you have ever asked. Isn't it obvious? We have sex from time to time, and you're good at it. Your clean, and you listen to what I want."

"Wow, is that all?"

Do you not care one bit?

Since he parted ways with Sumire, Sano felt very strange. The girl's cold look at the last words she said.

'Just one more thing. All those girls you are fooling around with, none of them see you for who you are. Even if something bad were to happen to you, none of them would care.'

"Oh, I almost forgot something. You look like the type of guy who would cut off all ties if I said I didn't want to see you ever again."

"You make it sound like I am an easy guy."

"Well, that is what I am trying to say. Besides, it isn't a bad thing, do you think there are many easy and safe guys out there?" Nami shook her head.


Once they finished signing out, the two of them exited the hotel. "By the way, I don't think I can meet you for a while."


"I think I won't be able to meet you for a while."

"Is your boyfriend coming back?"

"No, my parents." Nami sighed. "Do you have the rest of the day off?"

"I'm free."

"Then, just for today, we can go to my place."

He dislikes girls who think they have everything under control. But today, Sano was not in the mood to argue. After what happened yesterday, he wanted to release some stress.

"Hey, look at that."

Sano glanced over and spotted a huge crowd gathering. In the center of this crowd were a familiar girl and a guy on his knees.

"Go back home! What on earth are you doing here?"

"Now, now, lady. Isn't that a bit too rude? I am still your senpai."

"I don't care, go back home, Masaru-senpai."

Sano blinked when he heard the name. Tachibana Masaru? That legendary figure. Tachibana Masaru, the third son of the Tachibana conglomerate. His parents enrolled him in a music school because they wanted to have a strong footing in the entertainment industry.

"Don't be so harsh." Masaru pulled something out of his pocket. It was a small box. "Didn't you want to have this?"

Sumire bit her lip and sighed. "Fine, you win."

Masaru chuckled and stood up. The man quickly explained to the crowd how it was only an act. If any other person said these words, nobody would believe them. But because this is Tachibana Ameno, it was easy to believe. Some people recognized the man, but none of them made a fuss.

He knew people were curious about Sumire. The girl did not dress like she normally would. She looked a lot more grown-up and mature. So people did not recognize her.

"Sumire." Sano called out.

Sumire glanced over at him, and then she quickly hid behind Tachibana. "Masaru-senpai do me a favour; get rid of that for me."

"Oh? I thought you were good at getting rid of people."

"I already dealt with that yesterday."

Sano's eyes twitched in annoyance when he heard her words. He glanced over at Nami, who was mumbling. 'I will wait at home if you don't show then we won't see each other for two weeks.' He watched her retreating figure and sighed.

Why did he bother calling out to Sumire for?

Masaru flashed him a bright smile. "I apologize for her rude mouth. May I know your name, sir?"

"Nagawa Sano."

At that comment, Sano suddenly felt a sting on his face. A slap and, in the next second, a burning sensation. The man had punched him with a lot of force, causing him to fall on the ground.

"Wha-- Masaru-senpai, what are you doing? You can't just punch him."

The smile did not leave Tachibanas face. "But Sumire, is he not the one who hurt you? Your first boyfriend, I believe. This guy got lucky; when you were dating him, I was abroad. If I was around then, well, let's just say he wouldn't have just received a punch."

Sumire deeply sighed. "Honestly, your too overprotective." She walked over to him and extended her handkerchief out. "Though I don't appreciate what you did the other day or since Yuhi was hospitalized, I don't think you deserve to get hit randomly. Take this and wipe the blood."

His eyes widened at her words. How come she --? Sano did not know what to think when it came to this girl anymore. Sano did not get a chance to reply since Sumire stood up and pushed the golden-haired man.

"Let's go already. Yuhi is waiting for me."

"I don't see you for a while and your all-over Yuhi.."

"Of course I am, he is my boyfriend. Quit talking. I miss him a lot."

Sano watched the pair until they disappeared. He could not miss the expression on Sumire's face when she mentioned Yuhi. What is with that? When they were together, she acted so innocently. She never said such bold things about wanting to see him, nor did she have such a tender expression on her face.

Why does she behave that way towards people other than him? Why is it them and not him? Sano wanted nothing more than to chase after her, grab her wrist and drag her away. How dare she treat him this way?

His gaze fell on the handkerchief in his hands. Is she mocking him? Is she pitying him by giving him this?

"You know, that was interesting to watch."

Sano sighed when he saw purple hair. "Hino."

"Sulking again?"

"Shut up."

Hino glanced over at the handkerchief and blinked. "Huh, so she bought that? I only suggested that on a whim…"

"It seems like your getting along with her," Sano commented bitterly.

"Well yeah, Im not a jerk."

A jerk, huh? He still does not understand what he did wrong.

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