Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

Chapter 752 - Blood Taisui (2)

Blood Taisui (2)

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The most important part of cultivation was the enhancement of various techniques, such as spells. The power of a newly cultivated Daoist disciple was worlds apart from a hundred years of cultivation.

However, if one was not good at learning or did not have much experience in fighting, they might fall into someone else’s trap. This was also the reason why many Daoist priests who had become naturalized Daoist priests did not dare to rashly fight demons and ghosts.

In the backyard of the Daoist temple, the Temple Master of Changling and Martial Uncle Ling Wu looked at Shen Ping’s Body-stabilizing Spell with slightly stunned expressions. They did not expect this disciple who had just entered the sect for more than half a year to actually have such talent in charms.

The Body-stabilizing Spell was the most difficult spell to master among all the spells. Even the disciples of the famous Daoist temples would need at least 20 to 30 years of research before they could learn it.

“Senior Brother, it seems that Ling Zhen’s talent in talismans is not low. The Great Yin Talisman Scripture is one of the inheritances of Ling Yin Temple. Although our Changling Temple is part of the Ling Yin Temple, we can’t cultivate all the spells in the Great Yin Talisman Scripture. Why don’t you make a trip and send Ling Zhen to the Ling Yin Temple?”

The Temple Master of Chang Ling shook his head. “Junior Brother, you don’t know. Recently, Ling Yin Temple has also produced a genius in talismans. If it was before, it wouldn’t be a big deal for me to risk my face to send Ling Zhen over. However, sending him over now will only harm him. As for the subsequent spells, I’ll think of a way. If it really doesn’t work, I’ll get the patriarch to appear.”

Ling Wu came to a realization. There was competition between Daoist temples, especially after the advice of the Great Zhao Imperial Preceptor. The competition between Daoist temples became even more intense, even if they were from the same lineage.

“Recently, there are suspected to be some ghosts in Shanyang County. The City God wants us to go over and help. Bring Ling Zhen down the mountain to train.”

“Yes, Senior Brother.”

On the official road leading to Shanyang County, Martial Uncle Ling Wu brought Shen Ping to a five-kilometer-long pavilion to rest for a while. “Ling Zhen, let me test you. Since you have mastered many spells, do you know which spell is most effective against Yin Ghosts?”

Shen Ping replied without hesitation, “Five-Elemental Lightning Curse. However, ordinary Yin Ghosts are also afraid of the Fire Curse. We’U first use the Fire Net Curse to trap them, then use the Lightning Curse to kill them. If we encounter stronger ghosts, we can use the Body-stabilizing Spell to help.” The comer of Martial Uncle Ling Wu’s mouth twitched. This was indeed the best way to deal with it, but it was too extravagant. Not to mention the Body- stabihzmg Spell, just the Fire Net Curse alone would consume more than half of his magic power, so he began to teach it earnestly.

However, he did not know Shen Ping’s magic power was several times higher than those of the same level. He was only slightly inferior to those disciples who had been in the sect for a long time in terms of absorbing vitality. “Martial Uncle, Shanyang County has the City God. How can our Changling Temple help?” Shen Ping asked him.

Martial Uncle Ling Wu pondered for a moment and said, “The ghost constables of the City God’s Nether Division can deal with ordinary ghosts. If they encounter ghosts with cultivation, they will need the help of the Daoist temple And the City God of a county needs to guard the Nether Division and won’ t take action easily. Shanyang County is under the jurisdiction of my Changling Temple. If they encounter some trouble, they will naturally seek help. This is also a sign of trust in my Changling Temple.”

There was something else he did not say. It was that one could obtain a lot of money by dealing with Yin Ghosts and demons. Moreover, Changling Temple would also be worshiped by the commoners. The City God of Shanyang County was on good terms with Changling Temple, so such a convenient matter would naturally be given to Changling Temple.

They arrived at the county city.

Constable Song had already led a group of constables to welcome them. After exchanging a few pleasantries, he led Shen Ping and Martial Uncle Ling Wu to a courtyard.

“This house is frequently haunted. Several residents nearby have died.” Shen Ping was stunned. This house was clearly the house that Xi Lengyan and the others had rented previously. Could it be that they had left behind a hidden hand?

Martial Uncle Ling Wu looked around the courtyard briefly and finally stood at the well in the backyard. “This place is where the evil spirits gather, and there’s a large amount of resentment in the well. I think a ghost must have used some method to specially nurture the evil ghosts here. “Ling Zhen, stick the fire talisman nearby. We’ll come back tonight.”

On the same day, the two of them stayed in the house.

Seeing that Shen Ping could not sit still, Ling Wu smiled and said, “That ghost’s methods are not powerful. With the fire talisman spell, I can easily deal with it alone. You cultivated halfway and your mortal heart is not complete. Go out and play.”

Shen Ping hurriedly said, “Thankyou for your understanding, Martial Uncle.” Soon, he left the courtyard and went to the inn where he had stayed previously. As expected, he saw the maidservant, Chunxiang.

“Were you the ones who created the ghosts in Shanyang County?”

Shen Ping went straight to the point.

Chunxiang nodded. “I did it. M-Miss was taken away. Before she left, she entrusted me to look for you. She said that you might be at Changling Temple on Mount Daliang near Shanyang County. That’s why I used ghosts to attract the Daoist priests of Changling Temple. I didn’ t expect you to come too. It saved me a lot of effort.”

Shen Ping frowned. “Who captured Miss Xi? Where is she now?” Chunxiang was in low spirits. “You don’t need to know the details. Even if you did, you won’t be able to help much. If it weren’t for Miss’s entrustment, I would have left with Miss long ago.”

She carefully took out a piece of blood jade from her body. “This is the Blood Taisui. It’s an extremely precious treasure in the world. You should know that Miss and I are ghosts. We left without saying goodbye because there were forces chasing after us. Their goal was this Blood Taisui. I’ll give it to you now If you use it, you’ll become a Dao Bone genius. I hope you can avenge me and the young lady in the future.”

Shen Ping was stunned. He stared at the blood jade and sensed a familiar aura from it. It was either origin blood or blood that was similar to origin blood. So this was the Blood Taisui.

“Young Master Shen, don’t resist.” As Chunxiang spoke, her nails suddenly became sharp. Then, she cut open Shen Ping’s palm and placed the blood jade on it. The blood jade quickly fused into his blood.

Immediately after, the blood in Shen Ping’s entire body became boiling hot. Waves of strange hot energy surged into his Dao bone. In just a few breaths, his Dao bone transformed continuously and turned into a golden Dao bone. Layers of special patterns appeared on the surface, and these patterns seemed to be traces of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth.

Sensing the increase in Shen Ping’s aura, Chunxiang smiled. “Young Master Shen, my mission is completed. I’m going to look for my young lady now. You have to live well.”

Whoosh. Her figure disappeared from the spot. Shen Ping came back to his senses and hurriedly asked, “Chunxiang, where should I look for you?” “Mount Futu, Rebirth Hall.”

The voice echoed in his ears and slowly dissipated. Shen Ping was silent for a moment. He did not expect to obtain the Blood Taisui from Chunxiang as soon as he learned about it. This was too much of a coincidence.

“Could it be because of the green bracelet?”

He could not help but guess.

After leaving the inn and walking around the City God Temple a few times, he returned to the courtyard and suppressed the matter of Chunxiang in his heart. At night, miserable ghosts and vengeful spirits kept echoing in the well. They wanted to rush out of the well, but they were burned to ashes by the fire talisman incantation. They could only quickly retreat.

Martial Uncle Ling Wu directly rushed into the well and cleaned up the gathered vengeful spirits. The process was very smooth.

“Ling Zhen, continue to set up the fire talisman spell. Wait a few more days. If there are no ghosts condensing, this matter will be resolved.”

“Yes, Martial Uncle.”

Shen Ping’s mind was no longer on the ghosts. After using the Blood Taisui, his Dao bone had transformed and he could vaguely sense the laws of the Great Dao m the world. However, it was still a little difficult to comprehend and activate it. It was mainly because his magic power and spirit were too weak, but there was no limit to absorbing all kinds of vitality.

Apart from that, the origin blood contained in the Blood Taisui allowed him to finally activate his strange beast talent. This was the key. With these talents he could grow quickly in this world.

“Mount Futu, Rebirth Hall… Miss Xi, just you wait. Whether it’s the sex or the favor of the Blood Taisui, I won’t let you die.”

He knew that as long as Xi Lengyan did not hand over the Blood Taisui, the forces that captured her would not harm her life.

The next morning, while Martial Uncle Ling Wu was meditating to absorb the wisp of purple qi vitality from the sunrise, Shen Ping found an excuse to slip out and directly used his strange beast talent.


In the blink of an eye, he had arrived at Mount Daliang. He sat down cross- legged, looked up at the rising sun, and activated his talent, Devour.

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