Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

Chapter 556 - Chapter 556: If You’re Unrespectable, I’ll Help You Be Respectable (2)

Chapter 556: If You’re Unrespectable, I’ll Help You Be Respectable (2)

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“Senior Jing Lian, my husband isn’t in Gray Stone City. He went to Sword Seal City a few months ago. Right now, he should be at Luoxia Peak.”

Wang Yun replied and said, “If it’s not a big deal, you can tell me first.”

Fairy Jing Lian pondered for a moment and said, “It’s like this. Two hours ago, my sect received an emergency call for help from Xuan’er. It’s in the Flame Cloud Mountain Range and is quite far away. If I go there, it will take a few days. Therefore, I want to ask Pavilion Master Shen to send a message and ask the branch pavilion in that area to send some people to check on the rescue.” When Wang Yun heard that something had happened to her good friend, Xuan Ling, she immediately stood up and said, “I see. I’ll send a message to my husband immediately.”

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist Wang.”

After the message explained the matter, Wang Yun felt that something was wrong. Although Xuan Ling was a true disciple of the Heavenly Lotus Sect and was a good friend of hers, even if something happened, her master could appear. Why would Fairy Jing Lian personally come? After some thought, she asked.


Fairy Jing Lian hesitated. In the end, she sighed and said, “This matter is very important. Only Pavilion Master Shen has the ability to save the lives of my sect’s disciples.”

Wang Yun could not help but look anxious. “What kind of danger did Fellow Daoist Xuan encounter?”

“They were kidnapped by the Yue Hua Sect’s disciples.”

As the Body Integration Supreme Elder of the Heavenly Lotus Sect, Fairy Jing Lian had heard of some dirty things in the Penglai Immortal City. Furthermore, many female disciples in the sect happened to meet the requirements. Such a ’ thing had happened a thousand years ago. However, they had done it secretly at that time and had only plundered the Foundation Establishment realm. Therefore, Fairy Jing Lian endured it after knowing that the Tai Hua Sect and those demonic sects were behind this. However, it was different this time. The one who had been robbed was a Divine Transformation true disciple of the sect and had even befriended the wife of the True Treasure Pavilion’s Pavilion Master. That was why she had personally appeared.

“There’s actually such a thing!!” Wang Yun couldn’t help but look angry when she heard this. “As one of the humans in the western district of the Abyss of Supreme Darkness, Tai Hua Sect actually sent a branch sect to plunder female cultivators to trade with the demonic sects. It’s simply infuriating. Hasn’t a senior appeared for so many years?!”

Fairy Jing Lian said helplessly, “Tai Hua Sect has an Itinerant Immortal senior. Who would dare speak up for injustice against such a powerful sect? Even other Itinerant Immortals would not clash with Tai Hua Sect over such matters. In the past, they only plundered those below the Golden Core realm, but ever since the alien races wantonly wiped out the human cultivators in the various cities, they became more and more unscrupulous. My sect also has such considerations when moving to Gray Stone City. But who knew that they would still target us?”

Wang Yun’s anger did not subside. She knew that the Tai Hua Sect was very powerful and had several Itinerant Immortals. As Shen Ping’s wife, she should not have let the True Treasure Pavilion get involved in such matters. However, she recalled when she was still a mortal, the scene of being forced to marry in ’ order to survive. If she had not met her husband, she would have long been buried in the soil. “Senior, don’t worry. If my husband knows the inside story of this matter, he will definitely help.” She had already made up her mind that if her husband was afraid, she would ask him for help.

Fairy Jing Lian hurriedly said, “As long as Pavilion Master Shen helps contact the Tai Hua Sect, my Heavenly Lotus Sect is willing to redeem the disciples of the sect no matter the price.”

Sword Seal City.

In the pavilion of Luo Xia Peak.

Shen Ping did not expect the Yue Hua Sect to dare to touch the Heavenly Lotus Sect’s core disciples. He told Yue Lingluo about this, “Is the Flame Cloud Mountain Range under the jurisdiction of our True Treasure Pavilion?” Yue Lingluo frowned. “Not entirely. There’s a small area in the north that belongs to the Devil Clan. There are many demonic beasts there. In addition, the reserves of the Flame Cloud Crystal Mine are very small. Therefore, after occupying the Flame Cloud Mountain Range, in order to avoid frequent battles with the foreign races, we took the initiative to give up that place. If the Yue Hua Sect attacks in that area, the True Treasure Pavilion won’t be able to interfere. I’ll go out personally now.”

Shen Ping waved his hand. “There’s no need. I’ll go. Send someone to the Yue Hua Sect’s mountain gate to ask for them. Also, inform the intelligence department to quickly find out where they brought those female disciples of the Heavenly Lotus Sect.” After saying that, he instantly disappeared on the spot. When he appeared again, he had already crossed a long distance and arrived at the Flame Cloud Mountain Range.

As his divine sense swept out, he quickly found the place where the Yue Hua Sect and the Heavenly Lotus Sect were fighting. There were still residual magic power fluctuations in this space. He activated the Pupil of Sea Beast.

All living beings within a radius of nearly 5,000 kilometers were within his line of sight, but he did not discover the aura or figure of the Heavenly Lotus Sect disciple. Shen Ping was not surprised by this. Almost two hours had passed since the incident. It was normal for them to leave the range of the Pupil of Sea Beast at the speed of a Void Refinement and Divine Transformation cultivator.

He looked at the location of the battle and compared it to the territory Yue Lingluo had mentioned. Then, he returned to Sword Seal City expressionlessly.

Yue Lingluo was already used to Shen Ping’s fast speed. When she saw Shen Ping sitting in the pavilion again, she asked, “How is it?”

Shen Ping picked up the spirit tea and took a sip. “It’s under our jurisdiction. The Yue Hua Sect indeed doesn’t take our True Treasure Pavilion seriously.” “It’s normal. Even if the Yue Hua Sect is afraid, they won’t really care too much about the True Treasure Pavilion. After all, they belong to the Tai Hua Sect. Although our True Treasure Pavilion is developing extremely quickly and has withstood the siege of the Devil Clan, Spirit Clan, and other foreign race alliance teams, without Itinerant Immortals, we won’t be noticed by the large sects in Penglai Immortal City. Itinerant Immortals are the true foundation of a large sect.”

Yue Lingluo looked at Shen Ping and asked seriously, “I’ve already sent someone to the Yue Hua Sect’s mountain gate to ask for them, but the possibility of being rejected is very high. Husband, are you sure you want to have a conflict with the Yue Hua Sect and the Tai Hua Sect?”

Shen Ping smiled and said, “Why? Do you want to see if my attitude is firm?”

Yes. This is no small matter. If a conflict breaks out and the Tai Hua Sect pursues the matter, it will be no less serious than when we were surrounded by the foreign races. In fact, it will be even worse than then.”

Yue Lingluo’s expression was solemn. “Although you have killed a Tribulation Transcendence expert and have extraordinary combat strength, Itinerant Immortals are different from Tribulation Transcendence.”

Shen Ping did not say anything, but the aura on his body was no longer restrained. The huge aura immediately made the space around the pavilion tremble faintly.

Yue Lingluo, who had already reached the Body Integration realm, was breathing heavily. It was as if there were several towering mountains pressing down on her shoulders. The omnipresent aura was like endless seawater squeezing her. “T-This is the Mahayana Realm. Husband, when did you break through?”

Shen Ping quickly retracted his aura and said with a faint smile, “I just broke through not long ago. I was able to kill a Tribulation Transcendence cultivator at the Body Integration realm. Now that I’m at the Mahayana Realm, it’s not impossible for me to fight an Itinerant Immortal. Even if I’m not his match, I can retreat unscathed.”

Yue Lingluo instantly revealed a smile and the expression in her eyes became much more relaxed. “No wonder you have such an attitude. It turns out that your cultivation has broken through. Since that’s the case, there’s no harm in starting a conflict with the Tai Hua Sect. I can take this opportunity to show off and let more cultivators in the Western District know about the powerful foundation of the True Treasure Pavilion.”

Shen Ping did not have such thoughts. On the one hand, he was indeed displeased with the Tai Hua Sect. He was even more displeased with such a thing happening. In the past, he would have to endure it no matter how displeased he was. However, now that his cultivation had broken through to the Mahayana Realm and the Beast Scripture had reached the third level of the beast bone, there was no need to endure it anymore. At least in the entire lower realm, as long as he did not face immortals, he was fearless.

On the other hand, he wanted to see the difference between his current strength and an Itinerant Immortal. They waited for thirty minutes before there was news from the Yue Hua Sect.

“The people from the True Treasure Pavilion did not even enter the mountain gate. A deacon in the sect said that the Yue Hua Sect had never had a disciple plunder a female cultivator, let alone a Heavenly Lotus Sect’s true disciple. I’m afraid we’ll need evidence. There’s still no news from the intelligence department.”

Yue Lingluo frowned, “Furthermore, even if there’s evidence, the Yue Hua Sect can deny that these disciples are from their sect. Or rather, they are disguised as the Yue Hua Sect.”

Shen Ping suddenly stood up. “There’s no need to go through so much trouble. Let’s go. Follow me to the Yue Hua Sect. I believe they’ll be much more awake when they face a Mahayana Realm expert..”

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