Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy

Chapter 43: Successfully Refined

Chapter 43:Successfully Refined

The wolf's target was the cat, but it was scared of how strong the human could be, so it first decided to check the human.

Seeing the wolf come towards him, Alex immediately swung the blade. The Smiting Blade-driven sword came down at an incredible speed, and … did nothing.

The wolf had managed to dodge the attack and jump to the side. Seeing the cultivation he emitted while attacking, the wolf was sure that the human was not strong at all. In fact, he was weaker than himself.

Seeing that Alex couldn't do anything, the wolf went on the offensive. Alex got scared and started using another technique.

[Flame Mastery Scripture]

Alex had never used this technique during his fights against the monsters for one simple reason, there was no fire to manipulate. But now, thanks to the massive explosion, there was fire all around him.

With his left hand, he called a little tongue of fire towards himself, and immediately increased its size, and temperature. He shot the fire towards the incoming wolf.


The fire hit the wolf right in the face. The wolf immediately whimpered like a dog and ran backward. Its silver fur was now charred around its face.


It started to growl a little. The cat behind him was starting to huff and puff. It was dying, but refused to. It was staying alive as long as it could for its child. It could not die as long as the wolf was still alive and wanted it and its child's life.

The wolf was a little cautious this time. It once again started circling looking for an opening. Alex had brought another piece of fire and was invigorating it with his Qi.

The wolf once again came towards him and tried to attack him. Similar to last time, Alex once more shot the fire at the wolf. But, the wolf was ready this time, it immediately side-stepped the fire.

Seeing this, Alex suddenly pulled the fire backward and attacked the wolf. The wolf however was already near Alex. With one massive swing of its paw, it hit him right in his left arm, breaking the bones underneath.

"Ahhh!!!" he shouted. This was the first time he had felt such pain in the game. The fire caught up to the wolf and slammed it in the back where the previous wound was.

He could now only move his arm from the elbow below. Everything above that was starting to swell. It was hard but, he could still use Fire Mastery.

The wolf had created a distance between them after getting hit by the fire. This time, it even got hit on its old wound, making it start to bleed again.

The wolf needed to attack again. It once more swiftly ran at him with the intention of killing if possible. Alex however couldn't use the fire very well, and instead used it to deter the wolf.

The wolf wasn't going to be fooled. It came straight at his chest. Alex blocked the strike with his sword, but the force of the strike still broke a few of his bones.

The attack made him fly backward and land on the ground. The wolf immediately came upon him and started to bite his head. With the focus mode on, he could feel the teeth of the wolf start to crack his skull.

He was afraid he was going to die.


The wolf immediately stopped biting and ran away. The cat had used whatever remaining energy it had left to send the wolf running away.

Alex slowly stood up, his head bleeding profusely. The blood ran along the side of his face and was now dripping to the ground. Some of the blood even covering his right eye completely.

The wolf had fallen for the same bluff 3 times in a row now. It was incredibly angry. It was now preparing for one last attack to kill Alex for sure this time.

Alex was already on death's door, so he was sure if he took another attack from the wolf, he would die for sure. He pulled what little fire he could with his left hand.

He stabbed the sword on the ground and used his only usable hand remaining to wipe the blood off of his face and eye. The wolf started running towards him.

Alex wasn't going to die without one last stand. He picked up his sword, ready to give out one last attack when suddenly something happened.

Three notifications appeared in front of his eyes out of nowhere.


The wolf was right upon him. He had lost control of the fire due to his surprise. Seeing the wolf, he immediately used Qi manipulation to stop it.

The wolf was at a higher level than him, so there was no way for him to stop it. However, it did slow down the wolf for just enough.

Alex activated 'Smiting Blade'.


As if the flood gates were opened, Qi started rushing into the Steel Sword at a speed that was incomparable to the previous times. The sword started to glow in bright yellow color, with enough shine that it seemed to outshine the sun.

Alex turned to look at the wolf that was right upon him. Its right paw was ready to attack his head, but it was moving very slowly due to his Qi. Alex swung his sword and cut off the limb that was outstretched.

The wolf was about to cry out in pain when Alex's sword returned just as quickly and cut off its head.

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