Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy

Chapter 40: Invitation

Chapter 40:Invitation

Luo Mei's eyes became bright as she thought of something. 'Bone Tempering realm cultivator with only 1 pill made so far? His talents in alchemy must be very bad.'

"Daoist Yu, come join the Tiger Sect. I can immediately make you a core disciple and give you heaven-grade cultivation methods, techniques, and weapons. The sect will also take care of all your other necessities as well. All you will have to do is go on a venture with our sect elders and help them find alchemy ingredients from deep in the southern forest." She said, trying to tempt him to join the Tiger Sect.

Alex was surprised at the offer that came out of nowhere. He smiled a little and said, " Thank you for the offer, Daoist Yu. But I will have to decline. I wish to learn alchemy, and I don't think I will be able to pursue it as well as I currently am if I join the Tiger Sect."

"But, look at you. You are already at Bone Tempering realm and have only managed to make a single pill. I think you should give up on making pills Daoist Yu." She tried to reason with him some more.

"It's fine. I only made a single pill so far because earning contribution points in the first week as an outer sect disciple takes a lot of time." Alex tried to decline politely.

Luo Mei thought she heard wrong. "Can you repeat that, Daoist Yu?"

"Oh, I said that my first week as an outer sect disciple took me a lot to earn points. Which is why I was only able to make a single type of pill." Alex repeated.

Luo Mei asked inquisitively, "Are you saying that it's only been a week since you joined the Hong Wu Sect?"

"Yeah. Maybe 8 days, but not more. I did make my first pills 2 days ago." He said.

Luo Mei gave a wry smile as she asked, "umm… how long have you been pursuing alchemy, Daoist Yu?"

"Hmm… let's see. I believe it was the day after I started cultivating, so 9 days now. I took the entrance test for Hong Wu Sect on the day I learned about alchemy. "

Luo Mei's eyes were wide open. Even Meng Yun on the behind couldn't keep her stoic appearance anymore. 'He entered the sect 9 days ago and managed to make a pill in 7 days. What sort of alchemy monster is this?' she thought.

She repeated what he had just said in her head and her eyes went even wider. Her voice was quivering as she hoped she had heard wrong, " Umm… Daoist Yu. Did you just imply that you started cultivating 10 days ago?" she asked.

"Yes," Alex answered without thinking. And then he realized what he had said while going in the flow of the conversation. 'Sh*t. I accidentally revealed a bit too much.' He thought.

"Now I must really ask you to join our Tiger Sect, Daoist - No, Brother Yu." She started to rope him in even more.

"We will give you everything you ask for Brother Yu. Just join our sect." She hoped he would change his mind.

Alex frowned a little. "Please stop this Daoist Luo. I will not join your sect. I joined the Hong Wu sect to learn alchemy, and I will continue doing so. Please don't embarrass yourself any further."

Luo Mei stopped talking. Not even Meng Yun said anything when she heard this, she knew Luo Mei was in the wrong this time.

Alex took this opportunity and said, " Thank you for letting me walk with you till here, I should be able to leave on my own now. Hence, I shall part with you fellow Daoists. May we meet again." He started walking away.

Luo Mei and Meng Yun stood there not knowing what to do. She really wanted to have him join her sect, but she couldn't use force as that would only worsen the situation.

"Senior Sister, what do we do now?" Meng Yun asked from the side.

"There is nothing else we can do. So, we should leave this task to someone who can do something." She said.

Luo Mei looked at the disappearing figure of Alex and said, "C'mon, Let's go. I need to tell my master about him. He should be able to convince him." Both of them then disappeared into the forest.

Alex hunted for a few more hours. Although he didn't need to hunt monsters anymore after what the 2 ladies had given him, he still wanted to find more alchemy materials.

He started ignoring skin tempering realm monsters and only fought at anything above Muscle Tempering. He was so focused on finding the ingredients, that he forgot to log out for breakfast as well.

'Doesn't matter. I will just go for lunch directly,' He thought. After a couple of hours of more hunting, he returned to his room in the tavern.

He looked at the time, and it was 10 am. He logged out and went to get a shower. He left the bathroom a little while later and decided to wait for his two roommates.

Matt had a morning class, so he was already gone. Once Logan and Eric logged out, they went to the Cafeteria together and had their lunch.

Afterward, they went to their individual classes. Alex paid as much attention as he could in the class, but the business statistics class was just too boring for him.

Finally, once the classes were over, he went to the cafeteria to get his afternoon lunch. Afterward, he did his assignments, and other works until it was time for dinner.

Once the dinner was over, he finally went into the game. He logged in to his room at the tavern.

'Do I go back to the sector hunt some more?' he wondered. It took him a while, but they finally decided to hunt some more. Since he took a 3-day leave from the sect, it would be impossible to get another one anytime soon. So, he had to make the best of his last day out of the sect.

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