Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy

1118 Battle on the 44th Floor

The purple and silver world beyond the cracks was fascinating, but that only brought some anger from within Alex.

‘Goddamn spirit, why did you bring me to a place where Dao won’t work?’ he couldn’t help but ask.

While Alex was distracted by the view of the Void, the green-robed girl moved. She rushed toward Alex, trying to attack him as a blur once more.

However, for some reason, she could not produce the same speed as before and Alex managed to react in time to dodge her attack.

He looked back at her with a weird look on his face. “What happened to your speed?” he asked. He looked around the room and an answer came to him. “Was that a Dao? Were you using a Dao this entire time?”

That explained how she was so fast, despite having never seen anything in the Saint Soul realm be that fast.

“Your fire was a Dao too, wasn’t it?” the girl asked. “You won’t be able to use it either.”

“Be careful of his blood,” the dark-skinned girl said. “His blood is strong.”

“We’ll just have to make him use up his blood aura, that’s all,” the green-robed girl said. “There’s a convenient place for us to dump his body too once we are done.”

“What about that thing from before? It saw us,” the pink-haired girl asked.

“We’ll let the leader worry about it later,” the girl said. “We can go into hiding if it reveals what happened here.”

The other two girls nodded. “Now, don’t try to attack him yourself. I will do the actual fighting, you two just aid me from the side,” the green-robed girl said and started attacking Alex.

A few vines grew out of nowhere that tried to crush Alex. Alex tried to cut it with his sword, but the vines were too strong for anything he used that wasn’t his blood.

He had to coat his sword with his blood before he could use it to cut the vines. At the same time, another attack fell on him from another side.

A wind slice struck him in the armor, pushing him a little back, but not hurting him at all.

Alex endured the force and swung his sword in the direction of the girls. His blood flew out of his sword, moving as a projectile that would crush anything in its path.

The girl used a technique and a tree with a thick trunk grew in front of her that took the majority of the attack from the blood. Alex’s attack fell the tree, but the remaining energy wasn’t enough to hurt the girls.

The Saint Soul realm woman struck the blood attack and sent it in the direction of the cracked space where it spread into a thousand different drops and lost connection to Alex.

Alex frowned and coated his sword with blood again. ‘I can’t do this many times,’ he thought. ‘I will soon run out of blood.’

He thought of how he could approach this fight, but before he could come up with anything, the pink-haired girl moved to the front and showed off her breasts again. As soon as Alex saw it, she used a technique that was meant to infatuate him with her.

Alex felt only pain at the technique being used.

“Fuck off!” he shouted at her as he sent out a Heaven’s Impact. The pink-haired girl lost consciousness for a split second, and Alex launched another attack.

Another tree appeared that blocked his attack, and the dark-skinned girl pulled back the pink-haired girl from harm’s way.

The girl came back to consciousness with a small headache. “What the hell is happening?” she couldn’t help but ask. “How is this not working? It works with every man.”

“Maybe he’s different,” the dark-skinned girl said with a serious face. “Maybe he’s not into girls at all, which is why your charm isn’t working at all. It’s definitely working on me.”

Alex was caught off guard. “Hey! Don’t go making me gay just because your charm doesn’t work on me. It’s only that I’ve seen a girl far prettier than you, so none of your beauty amounts to anything in my eyes.”

Two of the girls frowned at the same time when they heard that. “I’m going to kill him,” the pink-haired girl said.

pAnDa (nov)e1‚Äč Without any shame, she dropped all of her robes and appeared naked. She felt not the least bit of shame as she started making full use of her naked body to start charming Alex.

Alex couldn’t help but frown at the sight of that. The sight didn’t work on him entirely, but he was still a man, so the pain got bigger even if he did avoid being charmed entirely.

He dropped his sword and created two blood daggers that he threw at the two girls that were not naked.

The green-robed girl created another tree to stop the attack, but with two daggers coming her way, she needed to focus more. The daggers flew towards both the girls even when they were moving around.

As they were trying to defend, Alex hit all three of them with Heaven’s Impact.

The dark-skinned girl and naked pink-haired girl were hit the hardest, while the green-robed girl barely lost her vision for a split second.please visit panda(-)

At that time, however, Alex had moved and was rushing toward them. The green-robed girl had to stop the two blood daggers and Alex.

She knew she couldn’t just defend herself and had to actually fight back now if she wanted to save her friends. So, she was forced to use a skill that would use a lot of Qi at once.

A lightning bolt flew from her palm that struck one of the daggers, while the tree that she grew stopped the other one halfway, while the remaining attack hit the dark-skinned girl.

The dark-skinned girl immediately fell unconscious from the dual attack, and Alex was rushing toward her to make use of this moment.

The green-robed girl moved to defend her, but with how much she had to do just before, she was a step late to defending the unconscious dark-skinned girl.

She could only hope that his thick skin would save the old man from Alex’s attack.

Alex arrived right on top of the dark-skinned girl and simply punched her in the chest.

The green-robed girl created a vine from where Alex was to kill him once and for all. Saving the old man was already too late, so in exchange for taking a shot at him, Alex would now have to suffer an attack from her.

Alex’s punch landed on the dark-skinned girl’s chest piercing her chest easily, while sharp vines pierced through Alex’s body easily.

The girl was surprised that she had succeeded. However, it had been too easy.

Alex’s body suddenly disappeared into specks of light and the green-robed girl’s eyes went wide.

“What! A fake?” she couldn’t help but should.

She quickly spread her sense around and it told her where the real Alex was. She turned around just in time to see Alex materialize from thin air as his concealment ability was deactivated.

The green-robed girl’s eyes went wide when she saw what he had done.

Two blood daggers were in Alex’s hands, each piercing through the naked girl’s body. One through the chest at the front and another from the back of her head.

Alex looked towards the green-robed girl’s surprised face and moved his dagger down and up from her head and chest, splitting her chest and head vertically, leaving no chance for her to be alive.

He pulled the daggers out and grinned. “Good riddance, right? I can finally fight without any distractions,” he said.

Without any other words, he jumped toward the green-robed girl.

The girl couldn’t use any of her weapons or treasures, so she was in as much trouble as Alex was when it came ot fighting. However, because Alex had his blood techniques and Midnight, he was in a far better spot than her.

The girl ignored defending the dark-skinned girl. The old man could die for all she cared. For now, her own life was in a precarious situation, so she needed to focus all of herself on it.

Without the need for defense, she forced Alex into a one-on-one fight that neither of them could win.

The girl’s attacks were almost as strong as his own blood attacks, and Alex’s blood armor was able to defend against most of the girl’s attacks.

The fight dragged on for nearly 15 minutes as neither one of them got the upper hand.

Alex didn’t care for the dark-skinned girl that was unconscious. As long as he could defeat this girl, he could win. So, he gave his all to fight her.

However, after 15 minutes of non-stop attacks, something happened that the girl had been waiting for from the very beginning.

As soon as the girl noticed, she sent a wind slash toward Alex.

Alex quickly used the blood sword on his left hand to attack the wind slice, but to his surprise, it was his sword that was completely destroyed.

The wind slice continued forward, landing on part of his left hand, which was too weak to defend against a Saint Soul realm attack.

His arm was chopped off, falling to the side.

“Hah!” the girl said, heavily breathing. “You’ve finally weakened enough that you can’t stop my attacks now. I can finally kill you.”

Alex looked slightly agitated as he realized she was correct. Within a second, his arm grew back, surprising the girl very much.

“You’re right,” he said while frowning a little. “I will have to switch it up then.”

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