Era of Castles: Starting with 99 Dragon Eggs

Chapter 228 - Bone Undead Transformation Blueprint

Chapter 228: Bone Undead Transformation Blueprint

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“To be honest, I’m a little envious of the attributes of this bone staff!”

Mike looked at the gem bone staff in his hand, and he felt a little sour in his heart.

He also had a piece of holy equipment, the Dragon Soul Ring.

Although the effect was not bad, it also had a saint-tier attack spell and a king-tier AOE buff spell. However, it could not give the dragon an overall boost!

Just based on this point alone, the value of this Skeleton Mage Kutt’s Holy Staff was higher than the Dragon Soul Ring!

“It can only be said that this holy staff is the skeleton mage Kutt’s natal holy weapon!”

“For hundreds of years, Kutt has been using his origin energy to nourish it. That is why its effect is much stronger than the ordinary holy equipment Dragon Soul Ring.”

Mike spoke slowly, his tone full of helplessness. He was not a Castle Lord of the undead camp. Although the Undead Dragon Caesar belonged to the undead camp, there was only one of it.

If he really wanted to own the Skeleton Wizard Kutt’s Holy Staff, it would be a waste of its value!

“Even if I can’t use it myself, I don’t really want to put it up for auction in the trading zone now!” Mike smiled helplessly.

This was not because he was worried that if he auctioned the holy staff to a certain lord of the undead castle, it would create a powerful enemy for him in the future.

In fact, with the overwhelming strength of the dragon army against the other top-tier army, this 13% extra combat strength was like a small wooden stick. There was no need to worry at all.

Mike was just thinking.

According to the current development of the Castle Lords’ forces, Even if all the Castle Lords of the undead camp used up all their assets to exchange for it, they would still not be able to match the value of the gemstone holy staff!

At this moment, Mike’s eyes suddenly moved. He thought of the dark elves that the little loli had told him about last night.

“It seems that we still have to find the dark elves in the underground world. They are currently preparing for war. They definitely need powerful weapons!”

“The effect of this holy staff is undoubtedly what they need the most! I’ll contact the little loli when I’m free.” Thinking of this, Mike put away the staff.

Then, he looked at the other spoils of war.

“Hmm? This time, we obtained quite a lot from destroying the Undead Castle and the graveyard of the undead.”

Mike looked at the materials that Tyrell had collected.

Energy stones, 9,542.

Strange crystals, 79.


Blueprints, 8.

A smile appeared on Mike’s face. Then, after storing the energy stones and strange crystals into the Forest Giant’s Ring, Mike appraised the 8 blueprints.

He identified the 8 blueprints one by one and finally obtained 2 folkhouse blueprints, 2 arrow tower blueprints, 4 military evolution blueprints, and one unique azure blueprint.

After appraising the azure blueprint, it was shown to be a bone undead transformation spell.

Mike casually used up the folkhouse blueprints.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Rows of beautifully decorated houses suddenly appeared in the perimeters of the Dragon Castle!

After the appearance of the houses, the decoration level of the entire Dragon Castle also greatly increased.

According to Mike’s understanding, decorative buildings such as folkhouses and noble houses could also affect the reputation of the Dragon Castle.

“After that, there are the blueprints for the arrow towers and the wall!”

Mike looked at the two blueprints in his hands. The arrow tower blueprints and the wall blueprint were priced at 50 energy stones and 200 energy stones respectively.

This was the market price of the auction area! There was no need to worry about not being able to sell them! It could also be considered as a bonus for the Dragon Castle!

“In the end, there’s only this special blueprint left!”

Mike looked at the azure blueprint in his hand with anticipation in his eyes.

“Appraise blueprint!”

Mike used appraisal on the azure blueprint. A ball of blue light bloomed, and the blueprint’s information entered his eyes.

[Skill blueprint: Bone Undead Transformation]

[Description: After using this blueprint, you will automatically master this spell!]

[Skill effect: Revive dead creatures at the cost of 10 energy stones, turning them into bone creatures!]

“Bone Undead Transformation?”

Mike’s eyes lit up. This must be the skill blueprint that the human necromancer obtained. The effect was not bad!

At the very least, for the development of the Undead Castle, it could allow the early-stage Castle Lords of the undead camp to develop at a speed that other Castle Lords could not compare to.

“It’s a pity… this is not destined to be my skill blueprint…” Mike shook his head, a hint of regret on his face.

At the same time, he felt somewhat helpless. Why were the two biggest gains this time all equipment for the undead camp!

Even if it was equipment and blueprints from the two neutral camps, he still earned a lot!

However, on second thought, the dragon battle team had originally attacked the graveyard of the undead and the Undead Castle. It made sense that all that dropped were items for the undead camp.

“Although it can’t be used, at least it can be exchanged for some money!”

Mike gave a helpless smile. This could be considered a form of psychological comfort for him

Following that, Mike put the Bone Undead Transformation blueprint up for sale in the auction area.

[Starting price: 1,000 energy stones]

[Auction time limit: 12 hours]

[Auctioneer: Mike]

The moment the blueprint was up for sale.

In the hyperspace trade channel, a huge commotion immediately broke out.

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