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Chapter 2237 Vampire Hero

Chapter 2237 Vampire Hero


The Fragment of the Primordial Goddess of the Moon, or the [Divine Moonstone Fragment] as some Vampires called these precious pieces of the old Silver Moon that no longer seemed to exist, emerged before the Vampires, the captives that Ashatath had captured, tortured, and turned into endless food source of her wicked children.

And it was nobody else than Kireina who had let her free from her World Realm, alongside the Fragment of the Blood God's Will, which overlooked the scene in silence, in the shape of a small crimson bat.

"So you've truly decided to fight back, Moon." The Blood God sighed. "Choosing a Champion again… I still remember when you chose me as your Champion, to liberate my people, the Vampires, from the oppressive strength and domination of the Celestials and the other Races."

In the past, Abyss wasn't dominated by Vampires, it was mostly dominated by daylight, where Celestials roamed through most of the world. Vampires, Werewolves, and other Night Races often dwelled in the darkness, and didn't possess as much authority as the Celestials, children of the Primordial God of the Sun.

The Primordial Goddess of the Moon loved and pitied the Night Races, as they were her children, born from the darkness that the night brought, and whose she was their only, pale light.

Back then, the oppressiveness of the Celestials had already reached higher levels of aggression and discrimination, as they actively hunted the "Wicked Races" such as Vampires and Werewolves before they could even form proper families or sects.

Always running away and hiding from them, Moon took a decision. She was tired of the God of the Sun abusing his authority as the Ruler of Daylight, which had already continued making the Day much longer than the night as the eons passed.

The balance was broken, and she needed to do something, even if she had to betray the man she had grown to love as her husband.

She chose a champion, a young Vampire boy that lost everything one night, when the Celestials of the Sunlight Empire found his village hidden inside a mountain and massacred everyone inside.

He despaired, finding himself within a world of cruelty and discrimination against his own kind, he cursed himself for having been born a Vampire.

However, that very night when he managed to escape after his father sacrificed himself to buy enough time, as he despaired amidst the woods, a silver light greeted him, a calm, beautiful voice talking to him.

"I've heard your prayers, my child…" Her voice echoed. "Your heart is the purest amongst all Vampires I've ever seen, even amongst the Celestials, who have broken the balance of this world. You are the one destined to become my Champion. Take my power and raise…"

Back then she hadn't given him a Title, but the boy took the power, an opportunity for him to finally rise and become stronger, to cultivate both blood energy and the powerful divine moonlight energy together.

He became a liberator of the weak, a King of the Night, who surged like a wave that engulfed everything. The Sunlight Empire fell, but he never stopped, he kept fighting, and fighting, and fighting until there would be enough space, enough world, for his kind and only his kind!

The tales about him seducing the Goddess were only spread by his descendants that hated him, but the truth was that he was her chosen champion, a liberator of the Vampires and other Night Races.

Yet… as he overcame all his trials, and grew stronger, the power corrupted him, and he desired to not restore the world's balance, but to completely tip it to the favor of his kind.

The Moon Goddess, who had already fallen in love with the mortal, helped him ascend into the Blood God, and with their combined strength, the last war against the Celestials and the Sun God waged.

The Primordial Sun God was betrayed by his wife and her new lover, his mind was shattered into pieces, and his body and his star were sealed in the depths of the Underdark.

The world, which was once known as Eclipse, transformed, becoming Abyss, a world where the Night never ended.

Although his desires had come out of pure goodwill, wanting to take care of his kind, he became corrupted, creating evil vampire families that dominated everything.

From a once segregated race, the Vampires became the Apex Race of Abyss, the three strongest Families dominating everything.

Eventually, they discriminated one another, no longer unified against a common enemy, greed and lust for power grew within their dark hearts.

And as the Blood God mysteriously disappeared, and the Moon Goddess mysteriously died, the Vampires only grew more corrupted.

"When there is nothing but darkness, a light will always come forth." The Blood God sighed, looking at Allan.

A Vampire born with a pure heart, who had never killed innocents for their blood, who only wanted to protect his village and his daughter.

"You've chosen a new Hero, isn't it, Moon? Perhaps one much better than me…"

As he admired the scene, Allan saw the fragment of Moon merge into his body, this time, she did so willingly. She was taken away by a greedy vampire, and forced to become their power, which ended turning them into Moonstone Aberrations.

No, this time, Allan was truly chosen by her. Moon wanted to fight back, she wanted to rectify her decisions. She regretted deeply what she had let the Blood God do to this world. And wanted to change it, for the better of all the humble and innocent people out there, be it vampires, humans, or celestials.

But she alone couldn't do it, and Kireina wasn't going to cooperate with her without a price. Therefore, she decided to take things on her own hands, and chose a new champion, a liberator with the heart of a hero.

"You are the one destined to become my Champion. Take my power and raise. You will become the Vampire Hero of Silver Moon!"


Allan's entire body overflowed with the power of Divine Moonlight, his appearance and strength increasing, changing, and evolving.

"Papa?!" His daughter gasped, looking at her incredible father.

"Don't worry, dear. Papa is here for you." Allan roared; a giant sword made of Moonlight materialized on his right hand. "RAAAH!"


And a wave of Divine Moonlight consumed everything!


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