Epic Of Caterpillar

Chapter 2074 Piercing Through Everything

Chapter 2074 Piercing Through Everything



Poseidon muttered as he vomited blood, Kireina sliced the fist that would have killed him with a mighty azure-colored blade, the slash continued its trajectory, hitting Oceanus and splitting his entire body into two halves!



Oceanus screamed in utter frustration, as his vessel crumbled apart once more. Not only that, his soul, this time, took a tremendous hit!

Crack, crack…!


"URGH…?!" Oceanus noticed his soul gaining a gigantic wound in the middle of it, he was even beginning to bleed out his Divine Energy. "This damn woman…! Her name was Kireina, was it?! Just who the hell is she?! Has Genesis given birth to such a monster in the time I've been asleep?!"

Oceanus couldn't help but feel utterly dumbfounded by her strength and powers. She possessed many abilities and powers he had never seen before, things that he was not familiar at all with either, as she was a "Child of the System", someone born after the System within Genesis was created.

Meanwhile, Oceanus is an "Old Monster" or as some call him "Ancient God", mortals that rose to Gods in the Ancient Genesis, before its destruction that led to the creation of its many Realms out of the planet's fragments.

He was someone that raised to this level of power with his own talent, strength, and wits. Although he was blessed with amazing talent and the mighty body of a Titan, it was clear who put more effort into their growth…

And because of this, it seemed utterly unfair that she could overwhelm him this far, when she was a baby compared to him, an ancient being!

"What's wrong? I thought you were tougher, don't make this boring now!"

Kireina rushed down towards Oceanus without hesitation, leaving behind Poseidon as he glanced at the rampaging fairy swim into the seas!

"She's diving into the seas?! Is she crazy?!" Poseidon said. "She's going to get all her energy absorbed by Oceanus!"


However, Kireina didn't care, reaching the seas and dividing through the with her [High Speed Swimming] Skill, which not only enhanced her ability to swim, but even her own stats when being underwater.


Within the endless sea, two enormous azure-colored eyes surged within them, facing the reckless Realm Menace, the water all around her started to increase its pressure to completely astronomical levels, attempting to crush her with the pressure alone!

"You've entered my DOMAIN?! You're now more than DEAD!"

Oceanus kept harnessing his powers, trying to crush her… yet!

"Hah, as if that were to work!" Kireina laughed. "[Divine Sea Goddess Swordsmanship]: [Undulating Sea Waves Slash Dance]"

Kireina simply swung her sword several times, upwards, downwards, to the left and the right, each of her movements also moved the seas themselves, Oceanus felt like his authority over the seas was taken away from him!


"W-What is she doing?!" Oceanus thought, feeling weaker. "She's slashing through the seas and cutting through my authority as if it were something solid?!"

However, Kireina was just starting!

"Now… Aquamarine, if you will…!" Kireina smiled, activating Aquamarine's powers. "[Absolute Sea Domain]!"


A powerful wave of Cosmic Energy surged from Kireina's body and Aquamarine's armor and sword, quickly, her own Authority took over the surrounding seas, leaving Oceanus baffled!


[You have taken over a large section of the Atlantean Sea!]

[This Territory has become your Domain, and you may control it however you desire.]


Oceanus couldn't believe what he was seeing! Kireina not only cut through his Authority as if it were a solid object, she took over the Sea seamlessly and…!

"Now, this is where the fun begins, Oceanus."

Kireina started laughing, combining several Skill Effects that Aquamarine possessed at once, and controlling the entire Domain as if it were an extension of her own body.

"[Ocean Vortex]! [Ocean Domain]!"


The Seas spun around rapidly. Oceanus quickly attempted to stop her as the rest of the ocean started attacking her Domain with countless attacks… but Kireina simply counterattacked.

"[Frost Prison]"


The seas surrounding her Domain immediately started to freeze at a ridiculously fast speed, all while her Domain shaped into the gigantic form of a drill!

"[Spiritual Divine Altar Domain]! [Rune Creation and Inscription Arts]: [Runic Fusion]!"


The drill then absorbed the power of Aquamarine's Divine Spirit Energy and then, using this energy, Kireina created millions of Runes which she fused into the drill…

And as if that couldn't be enough…!


Oceanus panicked! He started having a terrible feeling about this whole thing! Kireina was too ominous. And any of his attacks simply didn't even affect her.


The Titan quickly surged from below her, enormous crab-like claws and kraken-like tentacles surging from within the Ocean Floor, yet Kireina paid no mind to them.

"[Divine Rage of the Spiritual Oceans]!"

A smile surged in her lips, as the drill she created absorbed the powers of this Skill as she imbued it into the drill as countless of Runes.

The Divine Rage of the Spiritual Oceans was a mere attacking spell, but what would happen when you stack that spell over and over again over a weapon?

It suddenly becomes a nuke!

"Now, let's give it a bit of Cosmic Energy, shall we?"



[You have temporarily converged several Skill Effects to create the [Primordial Titan-Slaying Divine Drill of The Seven Seas: Aegir]!]

[The Divine Cosmic Spirit Weapon has begun to overflow with tremendous quantities of energy and power!]

[Duration: 5 Minutes.]

Kireina created a nuke that was both an explosive spell and also… a temporary cosmic treasure!

The drill suddenly directed itself downwards, and descended at lightning speed, piercing and destroying anything on its way!


"What are you doing?!"







It kept piercing and drilling through the ocean floor as Oceanus kept attacking her, he grew restless as he realized she was aiming to reach him… His very soul, hidden deep within the Realm of Atlantis.

"I know that fighting your vessels endlessly will simply not work, grampa. So let's just end this now, shall we? I have more important things to do after all!"




The entire Realm of Atlantis shook like it had never done before, not even when it collided with Ravenfolt!


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