Epic Of Caterpillar

Chapter 1997 Reinforcements Are Here!

Chapter 1997 Reinforcements Are Here!


Skadi glanced into the skies; her eyes focused into what was happening. Kireina had arrived out of nowhere and started fighting the monster all on her own, while keeping the Insectoid Army at bay. Yet, she wasn't coming down to help anybody though, completely focused on what was in front of her.

"Kireina… She's alive?! And she came here… from all things, I never thought this would ever happen! How did she even revive?!" Wondered Skadi, slowly standing back up, only to be attacked by many Insectoids that were rushing down towards her!


The insectoid spirit beasts had not been annihilated completely, and a few thousand had remained in Niflheim, now trying to take down their weakened foes. The worst of all was that even now, they were still very much tired.

"Ugh, these damned beasts!"

Skadi did her best to fend them off, utilizing her spear techniques to pierce their heads and abdomens, while she made her way towards Azurite, who was being swarmed by them.


However, more and more of these insects kept grabbing her clothes, biting her arms and shoulders, and dragging her farther and farther from her friend.

Azurite's delicate body was already gaining a few more cracks, unconscious, she as letting the insectoids bite her to their heart's content.

"Let me go! RAAAH!"

Skadi cried her lungs out, blasts of blizzards coming out of her body and freezing her foes, but an Insectoid Great King descended in front of her, stopping her from reaching her friend.


"S-Shit, another of you?!"

Preparing herself to confront the monster, a sudden mass of blue light descended from the skies, Skadi wasn't even able to properly process what happened before the entire Insectoid Great King was melted through a transparent, slimy acid veil…


"I made it here in time!"

The mass of slime quickly took the shape of a beautiful young lady, exuding a powerful Supreme Domain of Oceans, Spirits, and Slime. It was nobody else than yet another Supreme Goddess!

"Y-You're that Slime…!"

Skadi fell to her knees, incapable of standing anymore with all her wounds, vomiting blood.

"P-Please save Azurite…!"

"No worries."

Rimuru winked at her, as her two arms grew into long tentacles, her body began spinning, and in a few seconds, all the Insectoids plaguing them all disappeared, devoured by her highly acidic slime body!


And of course, Azurite's body was safe, covered in a slimy barrier, the insectoid biting her were already eaten, and anybody that got close instantly melted away…

"[Primordial Divine Slime Shapeshifting Arts]: [Healing Antidote Slime]!"

Rimuru created two droplets of shiny, golden slime, which she made drink to both Skadi and Azurite. The effects were almost instantaneous, as their bodies wounds recovered instantly, and even their souls seemed to have been strengthened.


"Y-You have my thanks…" Skadi sighed in relief.

"Don't worry about it guuu!" Rimuru smiled. "Now, now, let's go help everyone else!"

As Rimuru started flying across the Realm of Niflheim, looking for the survivors. In another area of the battlefield, a huge and seductive Lamia giantess, wearing heavy black armor and holding two enormous axes cut down three Insectoid Great Kings at the same time.

"[Apophis Queen Divine Battle Axe Arts]: [Snake Queen's Fangs]!"


Nesiphae mightily summoned gigantic snake fangs with her divinity and techniques, her axes devastating the insectoid great kings as if they were mere ants!

Her titanic body leaped from one place to the other, cleaning up any monster she found while bringing with herself any survivors, wrapping them on a bubble of Healing Poison.

"Hmm, there are still quite a bit of survivors. At the very least I'm glad I got you guys."

She felt relieved as she had rescued Meiji and his brothers, alongside Meiji's Spirits. Her big, purple-colored eyes quickly setting her target into yet another Insectoid Great King, descending towards her by pointing its sharp stinger!

"You guys never get tired of being beaten to death, huh?"

Meanwhile, at the same time, another thundering explosion happened a few kilometers away, as Brontes, in all her lightning and titanic glory, massacred over three hundred insectoids.

"[Celestial Thunder Titan Club Arts]: [Heavenly Thunder Axe]! RAAAHHH!!!"

Her powerful attack unleashed a blast of lightning and electricity, further boosted by Brontes' own [Spirit Heart], which had formed the moment she had landed in the Spiritual Plane. Her devastating attack destroyed everything in the vicinity, even melting the snow and leaving a charred, burned down landscape, with countless of shattered pieces of spiritual crystals.

"Phew, survivors secured."

Her huge eye glanced at the three figures resting in one of her palms, Raito, Palami, and Asure were now resting, having fallen unconscious after pushing themselves to their limits.

"You're safe now, my dear friends."

Meanwhile, in the farther snow lands of Niflheim, a huge polar bear was on his last moments, with a body covered in many wounds, and with the tenacious Insectoid King trying to take him down even now as Kireina's Undead Army waged war against the Spirit Beasts, the Polar Bear Warrior started to think that he wouldn't be able to live enough to find out if Lazuli was still alive…

"Ungh… Blasted beast…!" Uru vomited blood. "Y-Young Lady… Please forgive my weakness. I was… not strong enough."

Uru grasped his blood-covered axe, with his own blood as his huge arms were covered on many bleeding wounds, gritting his sharp fangs tightly as he faced death.

The Insectoid King roared furiously, moving its large insect wings rapidly as it descended towards Uru, pointing its sharp stinger, and aiming to impale him with it!


With a monstrous insectoid scream, the beast struck!


Uru closed his eyes, deep down, he was afraid of death, no matter how much bravado he gave to himself.

Yet… he had yet to die.

His eyes opened once more, wondering what had happened, only to find a huge wall made of ice crystals and spiritual flames converging together in front of him.


And two Fairies standing right in front of him, protecting him from the beast's stinger. One was unrecognizable, with fiery hair and red skin, but the other, her complete opposite, was instantly recognized by the old Polar Bear!

"L-Lady Lazuli!!!"

"I almost didn't made it… I'm glad to see you again, Uru!"

The giant Polar Bear instantly burst into tears…


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