Epic Of Caterpillar

Chapter 1040 - [The Fated Holy War] 28/?: Dextery VS Thunder! Brontes VS Sagrid


A Young and tall man with pale white skin and sharp black eyes glanced at his surroundings. His hair was silky and black and made into a ponytail. His features were handsome, with a sharp chin. There was a certain feminine charm to his beauty, his eyes had long eyelashes, and his smile would often be seductive even to other men, but the only man he smiled at was Isaac.

Sagrid glanced at his surroundings with a calm and composed mind. He was an expert assassin, spy, and incredible agile and dexterous with all sorts of hidden weapons, he was a master of camouflage, stealth, and the ability to use all sorts of chemicals and poisons to imbue his secret weapons with…

He wore simple ninja-like clothes, which were in fact a powerful Divine Rank Artifact, he was filled with Kunai, daggers, and more weapons across his body.

Although he seemed composed, he was alarmed.

"Where am I?! What happened to lord Isaac…! Lord Isaac! I must go back to him…! Is this a trap settled up by that malicious demon?! And… Is this my opponent? Certainly, not a good match…" he sighed. As he glanced at the opponent in front of him.

A beautiful and tall cyclops woman, her body was packed with beautiful and hard muscles, her skin was copper-colored, almost shiny, and metallic, with many golden tattoos that made her look even stronger, to an extent…

Her single eye flashed with bright yellow-gold colors, releasing sparks of lightning all across her. Her calm expression seemed to be similar to Sagrid…

Her long and spiky hair seemed to be made of thin copper threads, and she had a grown of enormous copper-gold horns spiraling around her head… She wore simple and rather sexy clothes that showed off most of her body, she didn't need armor, her skin was her armor.

She wielded an enormous and glorious golden club filled with sharp spikes, which she often used to crush the heads of her enemies into splattered guts.

Brontes was the definition of a tank and a warrior at the same time as having flashing lightning speed, enormous explosive thundering power, and a great tenacity that not many could even compare to…

Compared to Sagrid, someone who was raised into a powerful and agile warrior that abused their enemies' weak points and used all sorts of secret ways of fighting, she was a terrible match to him…

She seemed to not fear to show any weaknesses because she simply didn't seem to have. The only way to overpower her was through… sheer strength!

Sagrid, however, was a man devoted to his master, Isaac, and wasn't going to let this woman be on his path. Even if he had to crawl, even if he had to roar and become a monster, he had to fight.

He wasn't a frail human anymore, but a Great God at Rank 9… Even if he wasn't specialized in raw physical combat, he should be able to fight almost on equal terms with her…

And with a bit of shrewdness in battle… He should be able to win!

Brontes inspected the man in front of her… He was probably stronger than Vretrion despite his smaller size.

"I am Brontes Copperheart, and I am your opponent. What's your name, young man?" she asked.

"…Sagrid." Said Sagrid. No other word was spout out of his mouth.

Brontes smiled.

"Come." She said with a defiant smile.

Sagrid squinted his eyes…


And disappeared.

Brontes' eyesight activated as she scanned the entire area in a quarter of a second, but she wasn't able to find Sagrid!


Through the power of [Absolute Divine Presence Nullification] a special ability he had awakened after reaching Great God Rank 9, Sagrid had the power to completely conceal his presence, even to the system itself.

Of course, this ability was not without a price, as it cost immense quantities of divine energy!

Would he be able to pull it out before he could finish off Brontes?!

"You're a rogue-type fighter, are you not? Oh, more like an assassin…"


Brontes moved at the literal speed of lightning as she received Sagrid's attack, his daggers coated in deadly and corrosive venom capable of even melting great gods were blocked by her club coated in flashing golden thunder!


An explosive shockwave of thunder befell Sagrid as he gritted his teeth!



Using the short-distance teleportation Skill, Blink, Sagrid was able to teleport away from Brontes in time, only for her thunder to twist itself and shape into a dragon, following him!


Sagrid flew into the air and used his ability, completely disappearing once more!

Even the thunder wasn't able to find him, and exploded into the spatial walls!



Sagrid used this explosion as his opportunity, reaching up to Brontes' front and trying to pierce her eye with a paralyzing poison-coated Kunai!

Brontes received the Kunai with an explosive thunder barrier, the Kunai was reduced to ashes!

"What?! That Kunai was a Divine Rank Item!" he thought, as he decided to disappear once more.

"I like it, I've never fought with someone as tricky as you. I might learn a thing or two… But don't worry, I have not gone easy on you at all!"


Brontes released an immense explosive shockwave of thunder all around her, Sagrid had no other place to hide and revealed himself to her!

"Not even Great Gods of Thunder would be able to produce so much thunderous power! And this thunder is… both divine and spirit-based?!" thought Sagrid, as he used Blink repeatedly, but the thunderbolts ultimately hit him several times, burning through his body severely!


"Come on, are you going easy on me because I am a woman?" asked Brontes.

This, somehow, angered the young and handsome man…

"As if I were to care if you were a woman!" he roared, his entire aura of Darkness and Poison emerged from his body, as they fused with his equipment and formed a samurai-like armor!



Brontes was suddenly surprised, Sagrid had close-combat methods!

With two of his daggers at each hand, Sagrid coated them on his divine aura and materialized it, suddenly transforming them into two Katanas!

"Being sneaky won't work with this monster, I have to go directly to her… I will have to use this technique I've been practicing with Isaac-sama!" he thought, clashing against Brontes with his deadly venomous katanas!


Brontes moved at an incredibly, lightning speed despite what her burly four-meter-tall body could suggest.

She kicked Sagrid in the stomach and then raised her club, hitting him in the sides!



"Hm, not enough… Eh?!"


Brontes was suddenly surprised, as Sagrid turned into… a log?!



Suddenly, Brontes was slashed from behind by Sagrid!

"I was tricked!" she thought, as Sagrid had revealed that Brontes had been fighting a Divine Shadow Clone this entire time!

Her back was barely pierced, but blood still came out, and the venom of Sagrid's weapon seeped into it!

"I did it!" he thought triumphantly!

Brontes, however, caught him with her hand, grasping his neck!



"Is your venom an instant death sort of deal?" asked Brontes.

"Nnngnhh…! (Why is she still alive?! This venom should have killed her the moment it entered her bloodstream! It was extracted from Supreme God Rank Poison Attribute Divine Beasts!)"

Brontes suddenly revealed to Sagrid something terrifying. Her muscles moved to her command and so did her bloodstream. The venom suddenly sprayed out of her wounds until it was completely out of her system… by mere body manipulation!

"I have bathed in my wife's poison for months as a training. I have developed an incredible resistance to poison attribute…" she said.


"And your poison attribute comprehension is too low if it were the same as Nesiphae… I might be really almost dead by then… but you are not even 1% of comprehension on it…" sighed Brontes while waving her head.

"You're such a wasted effort." She sighed.


Sagrid grew angered and frustrated, as his soul shaped as countless daggers and bathed over her!


Brontes Divine Aura responded with an explosive barrage of thunder, dissipating the poison with ease, her Thunder Attribute Comprehension had already reached over 50%! She was incredibly powerful with her main element, Sagrid couldn't even compare! Her Thunder's strength was enhanced by so many times it completely surpassed anyone within her level!

Zeus was but a bacteria compared to Brontes in levels of thunder manipulation and comprehension!

Brontes' movements were sharp and precise as well! It was as if she wasn't at all a barbarian fighter like she might seem to look!

Sagrid had managed to escape her strong hand, which was crushing his neck, as he continued to bathe her in attacks using his poisonous aura! He began to throw at her several powerful artifacts as a distraction, elemental explosions of all types began to bathe over her body, as all types of colors filled her sight!


"You got many tricks there!" she said.


However, Sagrid emerged behind her, the real one! As the one in front of her attacking her was a Shadow Clone…! These clones possessed the same strength as the original body, but could only be summoned once! However, they were excellent for him!


Sagrid took out a strange dagger and slashed Brontes back with it!


An explosion of strange, space and time distortion shockwaves reached her, as she felt… frozen in time!


Brontes was still conscious, but she felt as if she had stopped moving…

Sagrid smiled triumphantly, he had used the powerful Time Stop Dagger, a treasure found in a faraway Realm World's Dungeon!

This powerful artifact had the power to stop a person in a time when it sliced it! The time, of course, was short, of only ten seconds.

But these ten seconds were more than enough for Sagrid to kill Brontes!

"It was a fruitful experience but, this is it!"

Sagrid began to bathe Brontes with attacks, her entire body was pierced with deadly toxins produced by daggers, Kunai, and other pocket-sized weapons, her soul began to fall apart!


However, suddenly, Sagrid heard her laughter at the second 3!

"Eh? Impossible!"


Brontes used sheer strength and thunder coating her body to break through the time stop!

As if it were a glass, she shattered the time stop space and jumped towards Sagrid!


Brontes had overpowered time through… sheer strength and her thunder attribute!

"Yes, it's over."


Sagrid's neck was shattered into pieces by Brontes hands, as his soul fell apart into pieces at the same time…

"Ahhh… I-Isaac-sama…"

Sagrid fell into pieces, as Brontes quickly gathered his pieces.

"This guy was tougher than I thought…" she said while vomiting blood.


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