Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: What Right Does She Have? The Right to be Pampered by Me!

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Willingly, Yin Shaojie let her pummel his chest, humoring her completely.

This scene stunned the crowd around them. They couldn’t believe the interaction that was going on, and they thought that perhaps they were seeing things.

Was the person in front of them Young Master Jie, who was usually domineering?

“Okay, do you want to stop already? Yin Shaojie reached out and took her in his arms. Her delicate form, cuddled against his tall one, accentuated her cute and helpless demeanor.

However, the cute and helpless little thing did not seem happy. Instead, it looked more annoyed.

Yin Shaojie rearranged her mussed-up hair. Looking at her with a look of suspicion, he asked, “Mu Xiaoxiao, what is this hairstyle that you are sporting? It’s so messy; is it the latest American trend?”

Upon hearing this, Mu Xiaoxiao’s lips curled in displeasure, and sweeping her glance at Han Yun’er, she stated coldy, “The credit is yours.”

“Me?” Yin Shaojie was confused. “What has it got to do with me? I’ve only just known that you’ve returned.”

Mu Xiaoxiao harrumphed, and staring at Han Yun’er, said, “This girlfriend of yours is really the best—I came in to find you, and not only did she give me trouble, but she also pulled my hair. Yin Shaojie, your taste in women is really great!”

That last sentence was extremely sarcastic!

Yin Shaojie had known her since she was a baby—her age was equal to the length of their acquaintance. He, of course, picked up on her sarcasm.

He directed his cold sharp gaze to Han Yun’er. In a chilly tone, he asked, “Han Yun’er, you pulled her hair? Who gave you permission? How dare you touch her?”

Han Yun’er’s furious facade was replaced by a withering look. She knew that she was about to be reprimanded from the look in Young Master Jie’s eyes.

“Y-Young Master Jie… listen to me, things aren’t like what she had said! It was h-her own arrogant attitude that brought it on! And what right does she have to call you by your full name! She was so disrespectful to you. It made me so angry that I…”

To appear just and right, Han Yun’er tried hard to think of any inappropriate behavior Mu Xiaoxiao had engaged in.

The edge of Yin Shaojie’s lips curled up in a smirk as he wrapped an elegant arm over Mu Xiaoxiao’s shoulders. Narrowing his eyes at Han Yun’er, he declared, “Haha, what right does she have, you ask? I gave her permission to call me like that! What right do you have to control how she addresses me?”

When she heard Yin Shaojie putting Han Yun’er in her place, what was left of Mu Xiaoxiao’s anger dissolved, and she felt much better.

Han Yun’er’s face was full of fear when she heard this statement. She had never been in such a situation before, and she had also never heard of any woman who was as pampered as Mu Xiaoxiao was currently. She knew this from stalking him ever since she had been acquainted with him, and she had had a crush on him since junior high.

All of Yin Shaojie’s girlfriends addressed him as “Young Master Jie” with no exceptions.

However, Mu Xiaoxiao was apparently an exception.

How could Han Yun’er swallow her pride?

What right, oh what right does this woman have to be the exception?

The edges of her eyes reddened. Tears started to fall, and she looked extremely pitiful.

“Young Master Jie… I really, really didn’t know that you had such a… special relationship with her… Sorry, I really didn’t know…”

Yin Shaojie turned his face away impatiently. He hated it most when women cried.

Mu Xiaoxiao also felt annoyed. She had wanted to watch Yin Shaojie reproach Han Yun’er to defend herself.

However, she had burst into tears instantly—how could he continue then?

However, Mu Xiaoxiao felt that Han Yun’er was quite shrewd and understood Yin Shaojie enough to back down at this moment.

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