Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: This Is so Exciting!

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Mu Xiaoxiao’s eyes sparkled immediately. “Yes!” With much haste and no hesitation at all, she nodded.

She didn’t want to return to class, and she also didn’t want to see Yin Shaojie.

“Then let’s go. I’ll take you out,” Lu Yichen said. Turning around, he started walking in the opposite direction.

Mu Xiaoxiao was perplexed. That wasn’t the way to the school gate. Curious, she asked, “Aren’t we leaving from the school entrance?”

“Of course not. The entrance is guarded; it’s not convenient,” Lu Yichen answered.

His vision was sharp. Spotting a teacher from afar, he pulled on her hand.

Mu Xiaoxiao’s reflexes were a little slower, but she still managed to hide in a nearby corridor before her form teacher walked past.

She patted her chest in alarm and whispered to him, “That’s my form teacher.”

Because she had almost been caught, her heart was still pounding.

She laughed uncontrollably and said, “That was so exciting!”

Lu Yichen glanced down and realized then that he was still grasping her hand. Letting go of it inconspicuously, he pretended that nothing had happened and said to her, “Let’s go now; be careful.”

“Alright!” Mu Xiaoxiao’s adventurous spirit rose in her, and her whole being was abuzz with excitement.

Then, Lu Yichen took her to a detached little building.

“Where is this place?” she asked.

“The physical education equipment room,” Lu Yichen replied, leading her to the back door. There was a passage there that lead to a wall.

Mu Xiaoxiao understood immediately, and pleasantly surprised, she asked, “Is the place beyond this wall outside the school?”

“Yeah. The wall here is shorter, and if there aren’t any physical education classes, there won’t be many people around,” Lu Yichen explained as he pulled out a ladder from a nearby corner.

While supporting the ladder, he indicated that she should climb up.

“How did you know about this place?” Mu Xiaoxiao asked as she climbed.

Obviously, she would be surprised that someone like him, who looked like a good student, would play truant.

Lu Yichen grinned. “I’m on the basketball team, and this is our secret passage.”

“Woah, you’re on the basketball team?” Mu Xiaoxiao began taking note of the scenery.

Seeing that she was already on top of the wall, he said, “Don’t move now that you’re there; wait for me.”

“Okay!” Mu Xiaoxiao replied obediently as she sat on the ledge and swung her fair, skinny legs.

Lu Yichen was very nimble and scaled the ladder in two or three moves.

Mu Xiaoxiao glanced left and right as she sat there looking at the scenery, wondering where this place was.

Lu Yichen swung himself over the wall quickly. At the bottom, he said to her, “Come down. I’ll hold you. Don’t be scared — it’s not high here, so you won’t fall.”

Even if she fell, there was a patch of grass below, and it wouldn’t hurt too much.

Mu Xiaoxiao wasn’t actually afraid at all. She usually climbed up and down all over the place like a tomboy anyway. Yet right now, when facing a gorgeous guy, shouldn’t she be a little more reserved?

“Then… I’m going to jump now!” She jumped off immediately after finishing her sentence.


He was trying to tell her to come down, not jump down!

Lu Yichen couldn’t stop her in time, and her lithe frame had already jumped down. He went forward to catch her hastily.

Luckily, the wall here was shorter, and Mu Xiaoxiao was not hurt, only losing her balance. She ended up hurtling into his chest and his embrace.

They were standing chest to chest now. However, only half a second had passed before she blushed and pushed off him.

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