Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 3440 - Chapter 3440: A small side Story (3)

Chapter 3440: A small side Story (3)

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Upon hearing their surnames, mu Xiaoxiao was stunned. She smiled and said,” you have the same surname as my boyfriend. &Quot;

This was fate!

No wonder she liked these two children so much.

It was only then that mu Xiaoxiao seemed to realize that the two children’s facial features were very similar to Yin Shaojie’s.

And the strange thing was, the more he looked, the more he looked like it.

Mu Xiaoxiao asked,” you’re twins, right? Is it big brother and little sister, or big sister and little brother?”

The little girl licked her ice cream as if she had heard something fun. Her eyes curved into crescents.

She grinned and said,” no, guess! &Quot;

“You’re not twins?” Mu Xiaoxiao was very surprised. She had already been sure that they were twins.

No way?

These two children’s facial features were exactly the same. They looked like a family no matter how one looked at them.

She suddenly thought of something. &Quot; if they’re not twins, could they be triplets?”

The little girl still shook her head.

“No, no, I’m not his brother or sister.”

Upon hearing this, mu Xiaoxiao was shocked.

“Not brothers and sisters? Aren’t you a Tang or a Biao?”

How was that possible?

Even if they were not twins, they were still a family.

The little girl shook her head with a smile. &Quot; no, no. &Quot;

Mu Xiaoxiao had no choice but to continue guessing. &Quot; then … Are they neighbors?”


&Quot; kindergarten classmates?”


“Your parents are friends?”


The little girl suddenly laughed so hard that she leaned back. &Quot; sister, you definitely won’t be able to guess it! &Quot;

Mu Xiaoxiao’s brain, which she had always bragged about being smart, was suddenly a little dumbfounded.

“If it’s none of those, then what is it?”

The little boy who had been silent at the side suddenly said to the little girl,” stop teasing her. &Quot;

The little girl grinned and said,” it’s all because big sister is too cute! &Quot;

Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly understood. She pointed at her little nose and said,” you’re teasing me, aren’t you? You’re twins!”

The little girl pursed her lips and snickered. She raised two little fingers and said,” no, I’m two months younger than him. &Quot;

Mu Xiaoxiao said,” then you’re his sister! &Quot;

The little girl shook her head. &Quot; no, no. &Quot;

Mu Xiaoxiao was about to go crazy. &Quot; then what’s your relationship with her?”

The little girl let her go and was about to answer.

The little boy did not allow her to say it. &Quot; you’re not allowed to say it! &Quot;

The little girl was very playful. She dodged his hand and laughed out loud. She said to mu Xiaoxiao,” I’m his aunt! &Quot;

Mu Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded.

“You’re his … Aunt? In other words, you’re his father’s sister?”

The little girl stood up, leaned in front of her, and said adorably,” congratulations, you got it right! &Quot;

Mu Xiaoxiao was amused by her.

“So that’s how it is.”

It was no wonder that when the two children were together, it seemed that the little girl had the final say and the little boy let her be.

It was conceivable that when they were at home, it must have been the little girl who used her seniority to order the little boy around. The little boy could not do anything to her and could only obey her.

Just imagining that scene made mu Xiaoxiao feel that it was very interesting!

Their family must be very happy and blissful.

The little girl finished the ice cream and gave the remaining trash to the little boy.

The little boy didn’t say anything and threw it away.

Mu Xiaoxiao felt that their way of getting along was too cute. It was said that the little boy couldn’t do anything to her, but wasn’t it like an older brother pampering his younger sister?

Haha, a younger sister who was older than him.

Mu Xiaoxiao looked at the two children, who were as beautiful as jade sculptures and had such likable personalities. How good would it be if this was hers?


That’s right, Yin xiatian wasn’t young master Jie’s daughter, but his younger sister. She was the child of Papa Yin and Mama Yin. Haha, aren’t you surprised?

Papa Yin has been working hard to ” make babies ” since the first chapter!

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