Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 3360 - Chapter 3360: You’re the afternoon tea I want (1)

Chapter 3360: You’re the afternoon tea I want (1)

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In China.


Han qiqing waited for two days before she finally managed to contact song Shijun.

The song family.

Song Shijun had just returned home and thrown himself onto the bed when he suddenly thought of something. He turned on his phone, and han qiqing called.


“Shijun! I’ve finally contacted you! Are you back yet? I have good news for you! Super good news! Do you want to hear it? do you want to hear it?” Han qiqing’s cheerful voice sounded in her ear.

Song Shijun’s fatigue seemed to have been dispelled in an instant. He smiled and asked in a lighter tone,” what good news?”

Han qiqing deliberately kept him in suspense. &Quot; guess! &Quot;

Song Shijun lay on the bed with his arm behind his head. He thought for a while and said,” you’re so happy. I guess it’s either because of your brother or because of Xiaoxiao, right? ”

Han qiqing’s reply was,” hehe! &Quot;

Song Shijun narrowed his eyes. &Quot; Xiaoxiao? ”

Han qiqing smiled. &Quot; smart! 1’11 tell you directly. Xiaoxiao has invited us to Istan to attend the King’s birthday party! Are you surprised? Are you surprised?”

Hearing this, song Shijun was indeed surprised. He sat up in bed. &Quot; really?”

Han qiqing said,” do you think I’d lie to you? ”

Song Shijun lay back down. &Quot; Istan … That’s a very rich place. 1 heard that there’s gold everywhere? Then 1’11 have to go.”

“Of course I’m going! The most important thing is that the six of us can play together again!” From han qiqing’s tone, it was obvious that she wanted to fly over immediately.

Song Shijun smiled. &Quot; six people? Don’t you want to bring your ‘family’?”

Of course, han qiqing understood what he meant. She smiled and said,” I’m not! He’s not free, he’s been very busy recently, so why would he go? we can’t play together, so 1 won’t take him.”

Song Shijun didn’t believe her. &Quot; it’ll take at least three to four days to get there, right?” You’re willing to?”

“Why not? Hmph!” Han qiqing said as if she didn’t care.

Of course, song Shijun could tell that she was not saying what she meant. He said deliberately,” that’s right. There should be a lot of handsome guys there, and their styles are different from your brother’s. If you bring him there, how are you going to have any romantic encounters, right? ”

Han qiqing quickly said,” I didn’t mean that! &Quot;

&Quot; alright, we have a tacit understanding. It’s good that you know it in your heart. I won’t expose you. &Quot;

“I really didn’t mean it that way!”

Song Shijun laughed and decided not to tease her anymore. &Quot; alright, I’m done talking to you. I just got off the plane and I’m so sleepy. Let me sleep for a while. &Quot;

“Then go to sleep. Do you want to have dinner together tonight?” Han qiqing asked.

Song Shijun nodded and said,” sure, you pick a place. Just tell me. &Quot;

Han qiqing said,” okay, see you tonight! &Quot;

After hanging up, song Shijun put his phone down and closed his eyes.

However, after a while, he opened his eyes again and stared at the White ceiling in a daze.

In the afternoon.

Han qiqing made afternoon tea at home and took it to the company to find han Yuexu.

Han Yuexu was in a meeting. When the Secretary saw han qiqing, she smiled and went up to welcome her. Then, she respectfully sent her to the president’s office.

&Quot; President han is in a meeting. He might have to wait a while. Do you want me to go in and tell President han?”

Han qiqing shook her head and said,” there’s no need to disturb him. Let him have his meeting. I’ll wait for him here. You can go and do your work. &Quot;

Thus, the Secretary went out and gently closed the door..

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