Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 332 - You're Not Fit To Love Xiaoxiao (2)

Chapter 332: You’re Not Fit To Love Xiaoxiao (2)

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When the two reached the entrance to the small park, they saw a black Bentley parked by the entrance. Seeing that Mu Xiaoxiao was approaching, a man in suit received her, placing his right hand before himself as he respectfully greeted her. “Miss.”

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded. “Where is the thing that I asked you to prepare?”

The man took out a card from his pocket and passed it to her.

Mu Xiaoxiao took the card, and she waved her hand to signal him.

The man then returned to stand in front of the car.

Mu Xiaoxiao pulled Lu Yichen to a side, placing the card into his hand as she said, “There is 2,000,000 yuan inside. The password is… You can hold on to it and use it for Auntie’s treatment. If it is not enough, let me know again.”

Lu Yichen looked grave with furrowed brows as he said, “I can’t take it.”

Mu Xiaoxiao glared at him, her eyes still teary as they shined, and she threatened him, “Do you want to see me cry again? Take it! Are you going to take it?”

Lu Yichen was silent.

Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly went up to him and hugged him

Lu Yichen was rooted to the ground as he glanced down at her side profile. From such a close distance, it seemed as if he would be able to kiss her face if his lips were just a bit closer.

Although he did not move, his eyes seemed to hide stirring deep emotions.

Mu Xiaoxiao tightly hugged his neck, and she sounded reluctant to part as she sobbed and said, “Lu Yichen, you are the first friend that I made since I came back to China. I don’t know if I will ever have the chance to see you again… Just treat it as me being selfish for wanting to go and fulfill my dreams, okay? I like Auntie Lu. I wish to see her healthy. Plus… we’re friends, right?”

She released her hands, meeting his eyes as she said, “When you get rich in the future, you will help me when I need help, right?”

Lu Yichen’s gaze was fixated on her as he asked, “How do you know that I will definitely become rich in the future?”

Mu Xiaoxiao smiled. It was the first genuine smile she had that night.

“Because I believe in you. You’re so awesome. In the future, you’ll definitely be one of the best at your field.”

Lu Yichen’s deep voice became slightly husky as he said, “You really think so?”

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded her head vigorously, looking confident as she said, “Yeah! You’ll definitely make it!”

Lu Yichen’s hand that was holding onto the card tightened, and his dark brown eyes were gazing into hers, lots of emotions hidden behind his eyes.

Seeing that he was not refusing her, Mu Xiaoxiao knew that he had accepted it.

She opened both her arms and went up to him again for a hug. She sniffed and said beside his ear, “Lu Yichen, goodbye. I hope that we still have a chance to see each other again.”

This time, Lu Yichen raised both of his arms, to return the hug. He hugged her tight as if he didn’t want to let her go.

But, in the end, Mu Xiaoxiao still left.

Lu Yichen watched as the black Bentley slowly drove into the distance, his gaze fixated for a long time.

At the entrance to the Royal Jazz Bar.

Yin Shaojie and a group of people walked out from inside the bar. Everyone looked slightly embarrassed, but Yin Shaojie was looking grave. He looked down at his phone as he was dialing someone’s phone number.

Standing to the side, Han Qiqing said meekly, “Xiaoxiao should be fine. She could have gone home. Look, she sent a WeChat message to me, saying she reached home.”

But Yin Shaojie did not even take a single glance at the screen of the phone that she had brought to him. He was only focused on making calls again and again.

But, it was not picking up.

It seemed as if the person on the other side could not see his calls at all.

Yin Shaojie appeared to be incessantly jittery as he cursed under his breath.

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