Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 326 - Ascertaining His Feelings (4)

Chapter 326: Ascertaining His Feelings (4)

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It only took Yin Shaojie a cursory glance to gauge the ability of these people.

He cast a disdainful glance upon them, clearly not viewing them a match at all, and he didn’t even get into a precautionary stance.

He also ignored An Zhixin when she leaped towards him.

Actually, An Zhixin was feeling both anticipatory and afraid, even though she knew that these “bad guys” were employed by Wang Shiyu, because she had never experienced such a situation before.

The plan was to block an attack for Yin Shaojie. In this way, it wouldn’t matter even if she wasn’t the one who had saved him seven years ago, for if she could save him just once right now, he would be in her debt and couldn’t ignore her anymore.

The plan Wang Shiyu came up with was this simple but required An Zhixin to endure the pain of a single knife attack.

How could An Zhixin not be afraid?

She had to block a knife voluntarily, letting it hurt her.

An Zhixin started to shake uncontrollably as she stared at the knives in the men’s hands. Her forehead was beaded with cold sweat as she worried over how painful a knife wound would be, and she became anxious over how to block the attack for Yin Shaojie at the same time.

Almost everyone had the experience of accidentally cutting one’s finger open. That was already quite painful; it would be even worse when she used her own body to block an attack like that.

How painful was a knife wound to her body?

She got really scared just thinking about it!

However, she remembered what Wang Shiyu had said. If she could only just save Yin Shaojie once, he would be in her debt and would stay by her side in the future. What was a little knife wound then?

On purpose, An Zhixin shouted loudly, “What are you trying to do? Don’t hurt him!”

She then saw him leap towards Yin Shaojie with their knives, and she scurried to rush towards him and embrace him with her back towards the “bad guys.”

She closed her eyes and waited for the imminent arrival of pain.

Yin Shaojie frowned as he looked down at her before sweeping a fierce glance towards the men. He lifted a leg and launched a kick at one man, who flew through the air. He leaned to the side and delivered a flying kick to the second man, and he punched the third who then flew through the air for several meters.

“Who sent you?” he asked coldly.

All the men looked at him in terror. They had never expected a youth to have combat skills of this caliber and crawled up and rushed off, not daring to continue the fight.

An Zhixin lifted her head in a daze, her expression dumbfounded. Why was… the situation different from what Shiyu had described? What was she supposed to do now?

This was what she was thinking as Yin Shaojie pushed her out of his embrace.

An Zhixin staggered backward, almost falling onto the floor.

Yin Shaojie said coldly, “Are you done speaking? I’ll be going now.”

It was obvious that he didn’t care for what she had said earlier.

“Wait!” An Zhixin caught his arm desperately, her chest tightening with anxiety. This was her last chance, and she couldn’t, couldn’t miss it!

“Shaojie… Do you really not have any feelings for me at all? You do have some feelings for me, right?”

“No,” Yin Shaojie replied icily.

“You do! You’re lying!” An Zhixin said agitatedly. “You were so good to me last time, so how could there not be!”

Would it take a kiss from her to ascertain his feelings then?

This crazy idea took over her mind.

She said, “You’ve remembered me for seven years just because of that kiss seven years ago, right? Don’t you want to ascertain if you would feel anything by kissing me? If you do feel something, doesn’t it mean that you have a spot for me in your heart?”

An Zhixin leaped forward to hug his neck as she said this, pushing her lips into his face…

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