Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 316 - You Seem To Have A Bone To Pick With Me

Chapter 316: You Seem To Have A Bone To Pick With Me

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A sinister smile appeared on Ye Sijue’s handsome face as he said, “I say, Great Mistress Mu, what are you trying to do? Why do I have the feeling that you have a bone to pick with me?”

Mu Xiaoxiao’s delicate little face had an innocent smile as she said, “Oh no. I was just thinking that it seemed like a long time since we had last met.

Ye Sijue nodded. “It’s been four years.”

Mu Xiaoxiao and Ye Sijue were not close friends like how she was with Yin Shaojie and Han Qiqing. Thus, even when she had come back to China on a few occasions during the four years, they had practically never met in that time.

Yin Shaojie followed Mu Xiaoxiao and sat beside her, curious about what she was planning to do with Ye Sijue.

These two were never close, were they?

Mu Xiaoxiao put down the fruit juice, and she smiled and said, “Four years is quite a long time. Since we haven’t met for so long and it is so rare for everyone to be gathered, why don’t we have some drinks?”

Doesn’t this bastard like to drink?

Then, I’ll let him drink more!

We’ll see if he still dares to take Yin Shaojie drinking again!

Raising his eyebrows, he squinted at Yin Shaojie, who was behind her, as if he was asking him a question with his eyes. Have I provoked this great mistress?

Yin Shaojie then understood that Mu Xiaoxiao was doing it for herself. He told her that it was Ye Sijue who had called him out for drinking, so Mu Xiaoxiao was taking revenge on Ye Sijue.

Thus, he smiled back and gave Ye Sijue the look that said ‘You’re on your own.’

Ye Sijue furrowed his brows. What was the meaning of that?

Mu Xiaoxiao turned to have Han Qiqing pass a bottle of alcohol to her. Yup. It was even a high alcohol volume whiskey.

Ye Sijue narrowed his eyes.

Mu Xiaoxiao smiled naughtily. She took the initiative to pour him a full glass, saying, “Come, let’s have a drink. Since I can’t hold my liquor, I’ll drink fruit juice instead. Bottoms up, alright?”

‘Bottoms up’ meant that the glass should be finished!

With the Great Mistress Mu’s urging, Ye Sijue could only pick up the drink and finish it.

However, as he gulped down the strong alcohol, Ye Sijue’s brows did not even wrinkle. He appeared very calm as if what he had drunk was water and not alcohol.

Mu Xiaoxiao was inwardly astonished. This guy’s capacity for liquor was too abnormal!

However, she was not disheartened as she continued to pour him alcohol.

With all smiles, Ye Sijue accepted the service that Great Mistress Mu was providing for him, and he drank every glass boldly till the very last drop.

After all, to have Great Mistress Mu pour drinks personally was an extremely rare opportunity.

After several glasses, Ye Sijue tilted the bottom of the glass upward to indicate that he had finished the drink.

“Xiaoxiao, it seems like you haven’t drunk your fruit juice?” He smiled.

He had almost finished a whole bottle of whiskey, but she still had not touched her glass of fruit juice.

Mu Xiaoxiao said shamelessly, “I just had dinner not long ago, so I can’t drink anymore. You don’t mind, do you?”

“I don’t mind.” Ye Sijue smiled, and he squinted at Yin Shaojie, saying, “It’s boring for me to drink alone. Shaojie, drink with me.”

He suddenly had a thought. If he made Yin Shaojie drunk, what would happen between the two later at night?

Just the thought of it was quite amusing.

Though Yin Shaojie could also hold his liquor well like him, there should be a way to get him drunk.

Seeing the smile on Ye Sijue, how could Yin Shaojie not know what he was scheming?

However, Mu Xiaoxiao had not noticed it as she was still looking to Han Qiqing for more drinks so that she could continue to pour alochol for Ye Sijue.

This time, it was not whiskey but vodka.

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