Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 307 - Xiaoxiao Would Be Disgusted

Chapter 307: Xiaoxiao Would Be Disgusted

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She pretended to be indifferent as though she didn’t care about it.

It would make her seem like she wasn’t expecting any returns from doing a good deed.

He should believe her then, right?

Also, it was natural for the other party to be even more mindful of a person’s kindness when the person denies any reciprocation, right?

An Zhixin twisted her hands anxiously as she awaited his reply.

Yin Shaojie only studied her, his thoughts unfathomable, but he did not say if he believed her.

He only answered mildly, “Yeah, I understand now. Thank you for your reply.

An Zhixin was stunned. She lifted her head and gazed at him, her eyes seeming to question, And then?

Yin Shaojie didn’t show any more warmth than he had before she had given her answer. “It’s late, you should go and sleep soon. I’ll be going first. See you,” he said in his usual tone.

“Uh, wait! You…” An Zhixin hurried forward and looked at him anxiously. “Where are you going? Don’t you live here?”

She had wanted to ask him about this for a few days now. Why didn’t she see him around? Where had he gone?

Mu Xiaoxiao had also disappeared along with him. Were they together?

She had many, many questions and was brimming with so much longing.

Now that she had finally seen him, An Zhixin didn’t want him to leave so abruptly.

Yin Shaojie avoided her outstretched hand. His expression seemed a little icy under the cool night sky.

“See you.” He only uttered these two words and stepped away as if about to leave, but he stopped suddenly and seemed like he remembered something as he turned around and walked towards the condominium.

An Zhixin’s heart swelled with joy. She thought that he was complying with what she had said and wasn’t leaving anymore.

She hurried to catch up with him. However, Yin Shaojie said not a single word to her as the lift made its way up.

When the lift reached her stop, he didn’t even say goodbye, goodnight, or any parting words to her.

An Zhixin walked out of the lift and stared wide-eyed as the door to the lift shut and Yin Shaojie’s handsome frame disappeared by the door crack.

She looked at him with longing. Yin Shaojie’s unpredictability and elusiveness, however, enchanted her even more, increasing her obsession with him.

In the lift.

Yin Shaojie didn’t notice that An Zhixin had already left, for he had been deep in thought about something.

He exited the lift when it arrived at the top floor. After entering the condominium, he headed straight for the cloakroom in the bedroom.

He sniffed at his clothes and found that they reeked of alcohol. If he returned home like that, Xiaoxiao would be disgusted.

Thus, he picked out a set of clothes and took a shower.

After the refreshing shower, he entered the cloakroom once more.

The cloakroom had two rows of wardrobes. One was for him, and the other was Xiaoxiao’s.

Yin Shaojie walked to the last wardrobe of his row and opened the double doors to it.

In this wardrobe, which was originally supposed to be his, it was filled with women’s wear, all with black lace. This was all the clothes that he had bought despite Xiaoxiao’s protests. Not one was missing.

If Mu Xiaoxiao was here right now, she would be very puzzled. Why were the clothes he had supposedly gifted to An Zhixin in his wardrobe?

Yin Shaojie turned around, walked towards Xiaoxiao’s wardrobe, and opened it.

The wardrobe had nothing in it and was empty. It looked exactly like that time when Xiaoxiao had opened it, just that she hadn’t known that the clothes that were originally here had been moved to Yin Shaojie’s wardrobe.

Yin Shaojie gazed at the empty wardrobe as his thin and sexy lips curled up in a mysterious smile as though he was planning an interesting surprise.

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