Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 2878

2878 You can praise me later (4)

But he also knew that she was worried about the old man.

To put it bluntly, he knew so much not because he was kind, but because he wanted to buy her peace of mind.

He didn’t want her to worry about others when she was with him.

Mu Xiaoxiao rested her chin on his arm, and in a child-like voice, she said, ” Yin Shaojie, I want to eat some roasted sweet potatoes.

Yin Shaojie couldn’t help but laugh. you’ve already eaten two. You still want to eat? Aren’t you afraid of farting later?”

Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless at his words that ruined the atmosphere and patted him.

you’re the one farting. This fairy won’t do something so ungraceful as farting.

Yin Shaojie chuckled. then you’d better not hit your own face later.

Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless.

After hearing what he said, she had an inexplicable ominous feeling.

The car drove to the sightseeing tower, which was more than a hundred stories high. From the top floor, one could see the entire night view of A city.

Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t expect that his first stop would be to take her to see the night view, and she was quite happy.

They got the driver to wait by the side of the road, bought tickets, and got into the elevator of the sightseeing tower.

The elevator was quite large and it was crowded with a lot of people, including two or three couples.

It was a hundred-story high building, so the elevator was moving very fast.

But …

A strange smell came out of nowhere and entered everyone’s nose.

It was hard not to think of something indecent …

Yin Shaojie also felt it, and his dark eyes subconsciously glanced at mu Xiaoxiao beside him.

Meeting his gaze, mu Xiaoxiao’s little face flushed red. She knew that he had misunderstood, and she shook him with her little hand.

The interaction between the two seemed to have attracted the attention of others.

“Ahem!” Yin Shaojie said awkwardly, his magnetic voice smiling as he said, ” sorry, I just had some sweet potatoes.

Mu Xiaoxiao paused, and her little claws suddenly grabbed him tightly.

What was he doing!

Her face turned even redder.

Fortunately, they soon reached the top floor. Everyone felt embarrassed and quickly escaped from the elevator.

Mu Xiaoxiao pulled Yin Shaojie to the side and hit him angrily. why did you jump out to take the blame just now! she chided him in a low voice.

Yin Shaojie looked at her. wasn’t it you …

Mu Xiaoxiao looked like she was about to break down. it wasn’t me!

Yin Shaojie laughed. I thought it was you, so I took the blame for you.

Mu Xiaoxiao felt like crying and tried her best to defend herself. it wasn’t me! Won’t others misunderstand and think that you’re taking the blame for me if you say that?”

Yin Shaojie couldn’t hide his smile. it doesn’t matter.

Mu Xiaoxiao said, ” it’s related!

At this moment, a couple was stopped by the staff of the sightseeing tower.

“I’m sorry, may I ask what you two have brought?”

The couple pretended to be innocent. nothing much.

In the end, the staff found the plastic bag in the girl’s bag. As soon as the things inside were taken out, a strange smell spread.

It was actually stinky tofu!

Yin Shaojie and mu Xiaoxiao looked at each other and couldn’t help but laugh.

This time, the mystery was solved.

They had all misunderstood. The smell just now … It was stinky tofu!

The people who were in the elevator saw this scene. Everyone had a look of realization, and some frowned, clearly disagreeing with the couple’s actions.

How could they bring stinky tofu?!

Yin Shaojie coughed and asked mu Xiaoxiao, ” do you still want to see the night view? Or … Should we go to the hotel directly?”

Mu Xiaoxiao glanced at him and deliberately said, ” back to Qianqian’s house!

Yin Shaojie quickly hugged her. don’t …

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