Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 195 - Something Came Up With The Fellow

Chapter 195: Something Came Up With The Fellow

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Seeing that Mu Xiaoxiao had walked out, Mama Yin quickly waved to her and said, “Xiaoxiao, come quickly and have some fruit. We have strawberries, your favorite.”

“Great!” Mu Xiaoxiao smiled splendidly as she walked over, and Mama Yin pulled her to sit beside her.

Then, a basin of fruit was stuffed in Mu Xiaoxiao’s hands as if it was all for her.

“See if they are sweet. There are also other fruits. If you like to eat those, just let us know,” Short of feeding Mu Xiao Xiao herself, she was showing her lots of love.

“Thank you, Mama Yin.” Mu Xiaoxiao was filled with warmth, which seemed to be erasing the painful feelings.

Mama Yin said, “How about you two sleep here for the night? Don’t go back to the condo, alright? The bedroom for the two of you is already prepared. There is always someone cleaning it every day. You two can come back anytime to sleepover.”

Mu Xiaoxiao was touched. She hadn’t known that Mama Yin would do so many things for her.

“Yeah, okay. Oh yeah, where is Jie? Where did he go?”

When she was coming out of the washroom, he was already nowhere to be seen. He couldn’t have left her here alone, could he?

Mama Yin said, “He answered a call just now. It seemed to be urgent. Look, he’s here.”

Just as she said that, Yin Shaojie walked toward them. However, his expression changed. He looked impatient.

Mu Xiaoxiao looked at him, puzzled. Did someone make him angry?

Yin Shaojie said to her, “Let’s go. We need to go to the hospital. The hospital called and said that something has come up with that fellow.”

“What happened?” Mu Xiaoxiao was tense upon hearing that, fearing that something bad may have happened to Lu Yichen.

Mama Yin heard that they were going to the hospital, and she asked worriedly, “What happened? Why are you going to the hospital?”

Mu Xiaoxiao explained, “A friend was injured and hospitalized. We have to go and have a look, so we’ll be back later.”

Mama Yin stood up and said, “Do you need me to come along?”

Yin Shaojie squinted at her and said, “No need! It’s not a big deal. It’s fine with just me and Xiaoxiao. You should sleep early.”

With that said, he held Mu Xiaoxiao’s hand and quickly left.

Mama Yin asked, “Then, are you still coming back to sleep?”

Mu Xiaoxiao turned and waved at her, and she replied hurriedly, “We will! Mama Yin, you should go to bed first. Once we are done, we’ll be back. You don’t have to worry about us.”

Before her voice faded out, the two were already nowhere to be seen.

After rushing to the hospital.

Mu Xiaoxiao was very anxious, as she ran from the car to the hospital.

There were many people in the hospital, and Yin Shaojie saw her nearly knock into people several times. He furrowed his brows as he pulled her to his side, hooked onto her shoulders and said, “Can you slow down? There are doctors here. The fellow can’t go anywhere.”

Mu Xiaoxiao couldn’t stop worrying. “The doctor already said that he couldn’t move his hands. Why is he rushing to get discharged?”

“Who knows!” That fellow is really a pain in the ass!” Yin Shaojie had a look of disdain.

Though the fellow was only hurt because of Mu Xiaoxiao, he still disliked him.

Besides, was there even a need to like him?

Absolutely not!

Mu Xiaoxiao glared at him unhappily, “How could you say that about him? He definitely has his reasons!”

When they finally reached the ward, they heard Lu Yichen’s anxious voice. “Doctor, I really need to get discharged. Please!”

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