Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 193 - His Home Is Her Home

Chapter 193 His Home Is Her Home Translator: AtlasStudios | Editor: AtlasStudios /Atlas Studios When Mu Xiaoxiao hung up the phone, Yin Shaojie saw her reluctance to part, and he suddenly stood up, held his hand out to her, and said, “Let’s go.”

Mu Xiaoxiao was puzzled as she looked at him and asked, “What for? Where are we going? Isn’t the takeout arriving soon?”

“We’re not eating takeouts anymore. Let’s go home to eat!” Yin Shaojie said dashingly.

Seeing that she was still puzzled, he spontaneously moved to her, held her hand, and pulled her up from the sofa.

“Go home to eat?” Mu Xiaoxiao looked blank as she still had not caught up to the situation.

Yin Shaojie laughed, “Dummy! There’s only one home we can go to. Let’s go.”

Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly realized. So he was referring to Yin residence?

“But… it’s late. Won’t we be disturbing Mama Yin and Papa Yin? Let’s not go back and just eat the food we ordered. The food will arrive soon anyways.”

Yin Shaojie rolled his eyes at her and said, “It’s my home. How is that disturbing?”

Mu Xiaoxiao agreed, and she allowed him to pull her along.

As Yin Shaojie held her with one hand, he called home with the phone in his other hand to get the kitchen to prepare a meal.

“Hey! Slow down. I need to change my shoes.”

Yin Shaojie released her hand. After the call, he remembered something. He then went into the kitchen to get a new can of cola, and he walked back to her and placed it in her hand.

“Ice your eyes later in the car.”

If Papa Yin and Mama Yin saw her in this state, they might think that he was the one who had provoked her.

“Oh okay,” Mu Xiaoxiao replied blankly. As she changed her shoes, Yin Shaojie held her hand again and pulled her as they walked out.

Mu Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but lower her head, watching blankly at how they were holding hands. She suddenly recalled that ever since she had come back to China, this was the first time he had held her hand as if he was afraid she would get lost.

Yeah, it feels like back when we were young. She was smiling sweetly in her heart.

Back at Yin residence, Mama Yin cordially came over and hugged Mu Xiaoxiao. “Darling Xiaoxiao!”

Mu Xiaoxiao’s stomach was already rumbling with hunger back in the car, and she could only think of eating. Especially with the fragrant smell of the dishes, she wanted to jump straight to the food.

“Mama Yin…” But facing Mama Yin’s loving care, she could not bear to push her away.

Yin Shaojie shot a glance at the old lady. He walked up and pulled out Mu Xiaoxiao, and he said to Mama Yin, “Mom, we’re hungry. Let us eat something first, alright?”

Mama Yin only then noticed Mu Xiaoxiao’s face, and she felt sorry and said, “Aiyoh, Xiaoxiao looks like she has lost weight, hasn’t she? Quickly, go have your meals. Why haven’t you two eaten yet?”

Papa Yin then signaled to the servants with his hands to prepare the meals.

Yin Shaojie pulled Mu Xiaoxiao to sit at the dining table. He scanned the table of dishes, and he took a bowl from the servant, scooped some soup, and placed it in front of Mu Xiaoxiao.

“Drink this bowl of soup. Ease your stomach first then eat some rice,” he urged her.

“Okay.” Mu Xiaoxiao replied obediently as she couldn’t stand the hunger anymore. She was already so hungry that she could eat a whole cow.

Mama Yin and Papa Yin sat at one side and watched them eat.

Mama Yin pulled his husband aside and covered her mouth as she laughed. She moved closer beside his ears and said, “Look at how close they are.”

When Mu Xiaoxiao was almost done eating, Yin Shaojie scooped another bowl of soup for her.

Mu Xiaoxiao pouted and said, “I’m full…”

“Drink some more.” His tone was insistent as he returned to his usual bossy self.

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