Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 187 - He'll Be Fine

Chapter 187: He’ll Be Fine

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Mu Xiaoxiao panicked as she stared at the pool of blood, her face turning white with fear. She was so afraid that she couldn’t even bear to look at his wound.

How could there be so much blood if it had been just a simple fall?!

Sure enough, Lu Yichen’s right hand had a lengthy cut, and blood was bubbling forth from it.

“How could this have happened?” She looked terror-stricken as she stared helplessly at Lu Yichen, her hands trembling in fright.


They couldn’t let the blood continue to flow — they had to stop it…

Yin Shaojie was not far from them and had rushed over as fast as possible. His expression turned chilly when he saw Lu Yichen’s wound.

This wound was caused by a sharp knife!

He didn’t think twice as he yanked a passing student’s tie off and tied a makeshift tourniquet above Lu Yichen’s wound hastily, even forgetting that this dude was a person he had a beef with. With the tight band on, the flow of blood slowed.

“Shijun! Call an ambulance!” he shouted to Shijun, who was running towards them.

Song Shijun froze for a moment before he answered hastily, “Oh okay! I’ll call one now!”

“Wait, get the doctor from the sick bay here first, ASAP! Call the ambulance after that.”

“Got it!”

Han Qiqing had also arrived. She was in fright at the bloody scene before her, and tears leaped to her eyes as she looked at Lu Yichen’s pale face, feeling heartache at his situation. “Lu Yichen… Are you alright? What happened? What is going on?”

Mu Xiaoxiao, who was beside Lu Yichen, had long been reduced to tears. She didn’t dare to touch him, but she moved really close to him and didn’t dare to look at anything else but him, afraid that he would die.

Her voice was thick with sobs, and her voice shook as she said, “Lu Yichen, how are you feeling? Jie, what’re we going to do? He’s bleeding so, so much! W-will he…”

She was really scared but could only try to comfort herself by saying that nothing would happen to Lu Yichen if Yin Shaojie was here in her heart.

Yin Shaojie’s face was grave as he administered basic first aid on Lu Yichen, but this could only slow down the blood flow temporarily.

He looked at Mu Xiaoxiao beside him. His gaze was steady as he swept her into his embrace with a long arm.

In a low voice, he whispered words of comfort into her ear, “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to him.”

However, it was likely that his artery had been sliced from the amount of blood that was pouring forth. It would be dangerous if the blood flow was not stopped.

Mu Xiaoxiao leaped into Yin Shaojie’s warm embrace and hugged him close, her body still shaking in fear.

She buried her head in his chest as she pleaded in a choked voice, “Jie, you have to save him. Don’t let him die…”

Yin Shaojie kissed her head gently and said, “Of course, I’m right here.”

Perhaps that magnetic low voice of his had the power of comfort, or maybe it was the sound of his steady heartbeat. However, Mu Xiaoxiao gradually calmed down.

Bracing himself, Lu Yichen got up into a sitting position, not daring to touch his injured hand.

His lips were pale as though there was no more blood in his face.

He gritted his teeth and endured the frightening pain. He couldn’t help but stare at the embracing figures right in front of him, and his gaze seemingly clouded over with a sense of loss.

After a few minutes, the doctor from the sick bay had rushed over and administered advanced first aid to Lu Yichen to reduce the blood flow.

After more than ten minutes, the ambulance finally arrived.

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