Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 183 - Wanting to Ravish Her

Chapter 183: Wanting to Ravish Her

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The Great Master Yin was usually the one to do the commanding; since when had anyone commanded him? It was only this wretch who dared to do it.

Despite this thought, the Great Master Yin still picked up a blanket obediently and even placed it over her stomach for her.

He was used to setting the air-conditioning at a low temperature, and thus, it was on full blast in this room. He thought for a while and decided to increase the temperature a little, worried that she might catch a cold.

Now comfortable, the girl rubbed her face against the pillow, and hugging the bolster, she drifted into a peaceful nap.

Yin Shaojie squatted beside the sofa and couldn’t help but study her face. Her soft and exquisite skin looked as smooth as a baby’s, and her pores were practically non-existent. It was tempting to kiss her skin.

However, what drove him wild were her lips. Perhaps it was from having spicy food earlier, but her lips were red and tender from the spiciness, looking very seductive.

Yin Shaojie’s lips twitched. He mouth felt a little dry.

His eyes studied her lips intensely. She had ordered him about like a servant earlier on; it shouldn’t be a big deal if he stole a kiss from her, right?

However, he didn’t know if the girl had really fallen asleep yet.

Thus, he stared at her lips as though he was a hungry wolf going to eat up a little rabbit, and he waited for a few moments. Deciding that she was finally asleep, he leaned forward and gave a peck to those tantalizing lips.

He moved his head away after that little brush.

Yin Shaojie’s pupils dilated even more now. He had thought that stealing just one kiss would curb his desires, but it only made him want her more. He really wanted to do so much more to this wretch now…

He stood up hurriedly. Exhaling loudly, he calmed himself down, trying to keep the primal side of him from rearing itself.

He turned his gaze to Mu Xiaoxiao uncontrollably once more.

This lucky girl had no idea what was going on. She looked really innocent and was deeply and peacefully asleep.

It was a stark contrast to his current internal conflict and frustration.

He pinched her nose bitterly and grumbled softly, “Stupid wretch, how could you seduce people like that but sleep so comfortably yourself.”

Mu Xiaoxiao scrunched up her face in discomfort and swatted his hand away. She then moved her body to a more comfortable position and continued her nap.

Helpless, Yin Shaojie stood up and walked over to the office desk.

A quiet afternoon thus began.

As the little girl slept on the sofa, the handsome youth would steal a few glances over at the sofa as he worked on something on his laptop.

Just as Han Qiqing had predicted, the stylish parade from the morning had already been filmed and sent around the entire school. The news had even spread to students from other schools.

Naturally, Han Xue’er saw it too.

Thus, she flung her phone away violently again. This time, the damage was even worse. Her phone had hit the wall squarely, shattering open.

Beside her, a domestic helper trembled with fear, in a dilemma over whether she should pick it up.

Han Xue’er was extremely furious. Her eyes were red with rage, and her chest heaved vigorously as though she was experiencing an asthma attack.

The domestic helper was scared sh*tless and didn’t know if she should comfort her mistress. She thought that she had already seen her mistress at her angriest, but this was unexpectedly worse.

She could almost see a raging fire in her head about to explode.

It was terrifying, so terrifying!

“Are you dead? Pick up the phone right now!” Han Xue’er turned her head and roared, glaring at the helper.

“Y-Yes mistress…” The domestic helper moved to pick it up hastily.

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